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Productive at the edge of hyperactivity
Globetrotting Psytrance veteran Dick Trevor about his first new studio in 16 years, about the difficulties of completing an album, about djing and playing live, about gangsters and fridges.
Straight off the bat, what are you up to right now?
I have been on the road non-stop, playing all over the globe and not really had a permanent base. Right now I‘m getting a new studio built for the first time in 16 years! It‘s also given me the opportunity to go and work with friends in their studios. I have been working with the likes of Ajja, Laughing Buddha, Groove Addict (a new Nano signing), Hopi and a few others. I am also helping out with the upcoming Shpongle live shows which is always a blast.

Are we ever going to see a Dickster solo album?
Maybe….if I stop giving away tunes to compilations or people‘s albums! Seriously I would love to get one done although nowadays an album doesn‘t have the same effect as it used to because people don‘t buy CDs anymore, they just download individual tracks. I would also want to make it a bit diverse. Also I think you have to write a dance album reasonably quickly as by the time you have got to the end, the first ones you wrote seem a bit old… once I get my new studio up and running there may be a flurry of inspiration!

Djing vs live, what do you prefer?
I love djing, in fact you are not limited to just playing your own music but the live thing is getting more fun with exploring the new technology available and tweaking it about a bit.

You have been a part of the Green Nuns of the Revolution, AMD, Green Oms, Circuit Breakers, Burn in Noise, and many more groups. What is it that you enjoy about working with others?
On a practical level it also means you have a deadline to finish it with that person within the time you have together otherwise on my own I‘ll just go on for days umming and aaring about sounds!

What would be the weirdest scene in your biography?
One day in Israel a few years back… involving gangsters and fridges.

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