Klopfgeister – Trust your first impulse! If you feel something while producing, it is good

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Klopfgeister from Hamburg reveals, how he discovered Goatrance and what kind of emotions he wants to trigger with his music. As „Nightsoul“, he has recently started a new project for experimental styles

„Trust your first impulse! If you feel something while producing, it is good”

Interview with Klopfgeister


What are your musical roots?

Klopfgeister: I started learning to play the flute and the piano, when I was a child. No big talent in the making, but I had a lot of fun. At the age of 16, I started DJing – just for myself. I felt frightened to DJ in front of people. Two years before, I had heart techno for the first time. As a rap fan, I thought: ,Hopefully, techno isn’t taking over.’ But when I was at a techno party for the first time, I knew immediately: ,That’s my sound.’ I grew up in Frankfurt, where the style, that later became popular as Goatrance, was just called Frankfurt-Techno.

Which kind of emotions do you want to trigger with your music?

Klopfgeister: Fun, joy and ,don’t take life too serious!’ I want people to get charged with positive emotions. That’s my goal rather than people using trance as an outlet for negative energy.

What kind of production methods do you prefer? Digital or analogue?

Klopfgeister: I recently found some toad sounds in the internet and cut the sounds. Or I cut some dinosaur-roaring out of a movie and play it reverse. I like every sound, that causes attention. To me, it doesn’t matter, which methods are used to create these sounds. Nowadays, the digital tools already generate a decent quality. They are learning to play the analogue warmth in that way, that it sounds authentically. Similar to a robot, that understands irony. In the past, I tried to avoid any noises in my music. Today, I sometimes even use these noises as a style element.

What are your current projects?

Klopfgeister: I have another project in the pipeline called Nightsoul. In January, I produced almost an entirely experimental album. The first release will be a remix for Safi Bros on the label L.S.D. – Liquid Sound Design run by Youth, who is by the way also the producer of Pink Floyd and founder of the first Goatrance labels in the 90s. For sure, a new Klopfgeister album is in the pipeline and many EPs.

What kind of advice would you give young producers?

Klopfgeister: If you feel something while producing and think, that it is good, it is good. Don’t let friends influence you too much, because they often have a completely different taste. Trust your first impulse.


Klopfgeister on Facebook

More about Klopfgeister you can find on the Klopfgeister Facebook page.

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i love Meg! 💋


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Uh! Hit me!

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