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When it comes to riding and writing in the psychedelic art scene, one of the most most lauded names ist Chris Dyer. This skateboarding Artist really owns the streets.

Chris Dyer is a Peruvian artist who is currently based in Montreal, Canada. As a skateboard graphic artist and also street artist he is internationally known for his visionary art on broken skateboards or canvases and murals worldwide. The main theme seen in his artwork is the cultural and spiritual oneness of humanity and beyond.

More recently he started spreading his knowledge and spirit not only through his artworks. He gives painting workshops and offers courses for artists. Therefore, institutions such as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts opened their doors for him and his inspirational paintings. Recent workshops combined art classes with shamanic ceremonies, happening in the jungle of Peru.

Skate Art and Street Art

Chris started skateboarding at a very young age and is still cherishing his passion today. By spraying, brushing or dipping paintings on broken skateboards that he had ridden and collected over the years, his art career got off to a good start. Soon, Chris worked for many different skate brands but nowadays, he does way less fine art board paintings, and has more recently moved into whole installations or huge painted walls. The motives are always colourful and spread a huge load of positive vibes – just like the one on the cover of this mushroom issue.

These days, spray paint is one of Chris’ main mediums. His intentions are to beautify the world and leave his trace as he explores the globe. In this way he developed step by step a very independent and truly unique style. His paintings are bursting with colours and combine profound psychedelic ideas with a highly energetic clarity. But there is even more: He pursues an approach that could be described as psychedelic Street Art.

How did you first get in contact with arts?
I was born an artist, I never had a choice! Its a creative energy I have to obey or I will not be happy or fulfilled!

How did you develop you personal „art genre“, the positive creations?
Positive creations is just my soul expressing itself through the different things that I do, may it be paintings, murals, skate graphics clothing, videos, etc, etc.
I want to make the world a happier place by offering more of my personal spirit code to those who enjoy it.

Would you call yourself a street artist – or would you define your work as an artist differently?
I try not to define myself much with words. I do art that can fall in the platform of street, visionary, skate art and so on, but at the end of the day I am just doing Chris Dyer art, and that is good enough!

What do you want to express with the artwork for mushroom magazine?
The painting is just a funny mushroom loving creature, we get to meet on our road sometimes. I have had my times with mushrooms, and through that, I learned I also need my time away from mushrooms. Its about learning and finding your balance. These days I am more of an ayahuasca ceremony kinda person, but always in moderation and with lots of healing intentions I respect psychedelics and the gifts they have for humanity.

Your work is very energetic and vibrant. How do you realize this touch of liveliness in your work?
Thank you. I am just changeling my personal energy into my work. So I am happy my essence can transfer to you in that way.

Are there any themes in particular that inspire you and that you express in your artworks?
I touch many subject matters, and get inspired by many different things. I try to keep my paintings changing and evolving, so they dont become boring to myself and my audience.

Can you tell us about the projects you will realize in the near future?
I have many projects, like my clothing brand Positive Creations, my travel show on YouTube “The Artventures”, live painting at several festivals (Like OZORA this summer), teaching workshops in the States and the jungle of Peru, painting murals everywhere, etc.. Check my webpage, if you want to learn more!
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