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Furthur Progressions is a platform for the release of progressive electronica in all it‘s wonderful forms. The project started in Leeds (UK) evolving from events thrown there and in London by the Furthur Project team. Some ambitious ideas and directions were taken, including the first day-time Progressive parties in London. It also brought the crew into contact with some of today’s leading labels and artists.

This basis of experience and wealth of talent along with the passion to continue to develop the experience within the most enlightening medium available to humankind, meant that the team often thought of starting a label, and in 2008 it became a reality!

The aim of Furthur Progressions is to combine being the first dedicated Progressive Trance label in the UK with love of the scene to become a platform for the release of innovative, effective, high-quality music. The label has been lucky enough to work with some amazing international artists and along with some UK Prog artists new and old, such as Cimi, Dog Soldiers & Dickster, the year 2009 witnessed the first release: The London Landscapes compilation. This has been followed up with EP‘s from Zen Mechanics, Motion Drive, Visua and Cimi. Now there are artists such as Cimi & Soulscape with the label, and DJ‘s such as Hamish, Sinan, Wicki, Neutrino and Bedouin, providing a fantastic selection of skills, music and energy!

2011 has seen the launch of the Furthur Progressions website which provides an easy-to-access area for news, releases, events, artist info and a shop for delightful clothing. Also there is a series of releases with the Perfect Day Remixed EP out on January 17th, where Aquafeel and Normalize give their take on Liquid Soul‘s masterful original. A collaboration between Cimi & Time In Motion is scheduled for February 25th, with Flegma‘s EP and a V.A. coming in time for the spring months and a Cimi album is in the pipeline as well.

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