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Indian Spirit & Psychedelic Circus founder “Pizza” didn’t survive blood cancer

I first met Christian in the early 2000s. It was a pretty big thing for me back then, because I was an aspiring young DJ and he was the organiser of two major festivals: Psychedelic Circus and Indian Spirit. I remember how down-to-earth and easy-going he appeared, even though he was one of the big players of the scene. Later I recognised that this was the mindset of somebody who’s got a whole lot of life experience. During the years to follow I was lucky enough to work closely together with him in various projects. Pizza, as he was called by most people, was involved in a multitude of different ventures, from small local events to huge open air festivals. However, he never sought the limelight – he just enjoyed what he was doing, be it as an organiser or as DJ Synchron. He never got high on his success, and that is something I really liked about him. Later he became a father and little by little stepped back from the world of Psytrance. Still a good part of what is today known as the famous North German scene is his heritage.

Blood cancer. That was the shocking diagnosis. A search for a stem cell donor was launched, and the massive support for this campaign speaks for itself: His family, his friends, the locals of his hometown and the international scene loved Pizza. Nevertheless he departed for his last journey much too early. He was a really good fellow and we miss him.




Hadra founder “Driss” passed away and left a great heritage not only to the French Psytrance community

More than 17 years ago, Driss and some friends of his founded Hadra. He was utterly convinced that the key of our common future could be found in human nature, in generosity, in diversity, in the acceptance of each other. Psytrance culture had always been his family, his music, his passion. Founding Hadra was the way of his mission and of his will to offer to Psy values and people more respect and a well-deserved seat in a globalised and self-centered society.

Driss has become a guide to all those who crossed his path and much beyond the world of trance music. He was a real trailblazer, a raiser of new talents filled with audacity to stimulate every project he believed in until its blossoming. He was devoted, attentive, keen, he exuded happiness onto everyone around him. He had a strong personality but was humble and kind.

He always faced adversity with heart and resolution, and fought until the end. Driss leaves us now with our hearts filled with emptiness and sadness but rich in a wonderful legacy that tells us a lot about living in harmony.

This heritage is a great colourful family, not always in sync, but led by the same passion. Your heritage is Hadra and we’ll keep developing it always guided by your light, Driss.

“Take great care Amigo !”

Roberdo Raval

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