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Serbia 1Parties start at:

Most clubs will close at:


Average entry for a party:

Entry costs from 2 to max. 5 EUR,
New Years Eve up to 12 EUR

Average price for a beer:

1,50 to 2 EUR

Average price for a water:

Max. 1 EUR

Door policy:

No track suit and no weapons 😉

Traffic controls and drug screening:

In Serbia they still use only tests for alcohol

Serbia 2Preferred music style:
During the year there are only 2–3 big events with “mega-stars” like Skazi, Dino Psaras, Astrix… but the Progressive scene is really up and coming these days. Progressive Psy Trance and the TesseracT sound can be heard in
5 different cities which is really nice, it never used to be like this.
Important party organizers:
There are no festivals in Serbia, but the biggest party organizers are: Xperiment, Soundscapes, Save The Rave, Addicted Org.

Most popular label:

TesseracT studio Records (Progressive Trance, Psy Trance, Progressive House, Chill Out and all good electronic music)

Popular producers from Serbia:

Talpa, Zyce, Flegma, Nerso, E-Clip, Sideform, Lyctum, Ectima, Alternative Control, Freaked Frequency, The Riddler, Vertex, Pion, Float, Species, Middle Mode, plus Funky Dragon (who now lives in Austria)

Serbia 3Other fun activities:
What will be interested for travellers is the river of Danube which passes through the capital city Belgrade. Here there are kilometres of boat clubs, nice music is played by mostly ethno folks, also some House sound can be heard – party’s all night long, Belgrade never sleeps!

Did you know that…?

Serbia is proud of the scientist Nikola Tesla who invented wireless transmission in 1886 plus more then 700 congenial patents, many of which we use today. Mihajlo Pupin made the modern phone, Novak Djokovic is the number one Tennis player in the world.




Nikola Kozic aka Zyce

Alternative Control

My favourite typical regional food is Pasulj,  (Serbian Cyrillic: Пасуљ). It’s a white or brown bean dish, considered a traditional dish of the Serbian and Bosnian cuisine though it is nowadays popular throughout many Balkan nations. It is normally prepared with smoked meat such as smoked bacon or smoked sausage. The bean dish is eaten mostly during cold periods of the year because of its high fat content. Another version are baked beans, in Serbia known as Prebranac.

Alternative Control

Alternative Control

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