Glass blowing artist Kevin learned a wide array of techniques and ultimately found his unique style which focusses on a subtle application of colour through gold and silver fuming.

Gold and Silver Fuming Bongs

Hemp5 met full time Bong Art artist Kevin who currently resides in Oregon. Over the years of working with several highly skilled artists he has refined his unique style of coloured glass with a focus on gold and silver fuming.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My best ideas I get when I‘m not blowing glass- when I‘m playing music or snowboarding, and my mind is clear.

Who is buying your bong art?

A wide range of people, mostly in their 20‘s but I sell to some galleries and shops as well.

How do you blow coloured elements in the glass?

It‘s a process where you put gold and silver (separately) in the flame causing it to smoke, glass is held in the smoke and then colored by it. There are 2 sets of colours; transmitting and reflecting. What that means is when you look through silver you see yellow, and when you look through gold you see pink. But, when you look at light that is reflecting off of silver it can be white, yellow, blue, or even red and sometimes green. Gold reflects an orange/ gold colour that can also be greenish. And when you mix gold fumes with silver fumes on the glass, you can achieve a broad spectrum of colours. It‘s fun for a person who uses the piece to because it starts out looking pink and yellow, but then slowly with use changes to show all the blues/ greens/ purples/ etc.

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