Marijuana seeds that are genetically altered to germinate into exclusively female plants are termed as ‘feminized seeds’. During the process of cannabis cultivation, if the grower uses normal seeds then she/he will have to weed out male plants before pollinating the females, the process of feminizing guarantees an all female crop. Feminization can be induced using rodelization or colloidal silver; both techniques harness the unique trait of self-fertilization displayed by the female marijuana plant.

Cannabis is not firmly one sex or the other, it’s an annual plant which produces male plants and female plants, however, this unique plant can create flowers from the opposite sex when placed under stress. This is a mechanism which allows the plant to survive harsh weather conditions, unstable light cycles etc.

Feminized seeds can be created by taking two female cannabis plants, one of which exhibits hermaphrodite tendencies (a plant that creates male flowers when stressed). Once the plant produces flowers, it is then crossed with pollen from the pure female plant, and since the pollen comes from genetic females, the possibilities of the plant producing solely female seeds are magnified.


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