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What was your breakthrough as Hypnocoustics?
The work of Alex Grey really inspired our first release ‘Buddha Nature’, in which we tried to capture the more esoteric, contemplative dimensions of Psytrance. This was a very well received track and a good introduction to the sound and character of Hypnocoustics. As for ‘key acquaintances‘, DJ Liquid Ross and DJ Ipcress have been hugely supportive of the project, we‘re very grateful for this.
How did your sound evolve?
We had both been producing Trance and other styles of music before Hypnocoustics. Experimentation with writing more progressive styles of Trance, Drum’n’Bass, Downtempo and recording live bands have helped in exploring different production techniques and wider musical ideas. Hypnocoustics is a culmination of these different experiences as well as the music we have grown up with, of course. We also have a clear idea of the style of Trance we want to hear on the dance floor – driving psychedelic tracks filled with energy, groove and lots of musicality to inspire the imagination!
So that is your motivation?
Yes, writing full power journey music has always been our passion and inspiration regardless of the „fatness’ battles that seem to rage on in Trance music – and we want to write tracks that last the test of time and don‘t just become more disposable dance music. Delivering special musical moments that draw us together and form part of a shared collective vision, that is what motivates us!
Any news from your studio?
We‘ve had quite a busy year so far with two EP releases (Ashtamangala EP – BMSS Records / Black Box EP – Free Spirit Records), and gigs across Europe. We‘ve just played at Cosmo, Glade and Sunrise Festival in the UK which was pretty exciting for us. We‘re hoping to set some time aside after the summer season to focus on an album for later this year / early 2013.

How do you prepare your live material?
We like to try and deliver something different every time we play, to keep things interesting for those who may have seen us once or twice, but also for us! This usually means we play some new unreleased tracks, also we prepare a different sets depending on the occasion. Using hardware (a Virus) and FX (triggered using Ableton / Logic) are good ways of adding extra interest, impact and colour to a performance. It‘s very interactive and often the reaction from the dance floor can be felt physically when we‘re performing and delivering live sounds. Other than this, a cheeky smile goes a long way!

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