Different Opinions of Hemp from around the World
A Map exploring the popular notions societies from different locations hold towards cannabis.

Mainstream media always runs a ton of stories (which may or not be true) regarding cannabis, this in turn shapes the viewpoints many people have of the herb, and by now everybody is aware of the manner in which media moguls distort the truth…but what does the general population REALLY think of marijuana? We found a group of people who share with us the honest opinions held by their fellow countrymen.

UK / England
“In England there is is an abnormally extreme disconnect between the law and public opinion of certain drugs. Weed is a little bit of an enigma here. No-one has ever tried to demonize it is in any serious way because despite the law, there is an unblinking understanding of the fact that it is ubiquitous and mostly innocuous, certainly more than much that is legal.”
–Brian Williams

“In Germany, despite a restrictive political situation, weed consumption is mostly socially accepted. Politicians and celebrities openly admit their faible for the leaf. Small amounts are tolerated by authorities, yet, despite a lot of legalization talk in politics, it remains illegal. If you take an evening stroll through Berlin you are bound to smell the characteristic odor here and there, especially in parks like the Mauerpark. We will see if Germany will follow their american idol and legalize pot in the near future. I doubt it will happen within the next 5 years.”
—-Philip Rebensburg

“In Amsterdam it‘s easier to smoke and to get weed, and there it is not really a negative thing. Almost everyone I worked with was fond of either having a joint every day or every other day, so admitting to smoking weed there was more like showing you had something in common with your colleagues. Joints are popular in Amsterdam…”
—- B. V Eijk

“Cannabis in Sweden is really a Black-or-White subject. Either you‘re a cannabis romanticist, or you think that Cannabis is a
‚death-drug‘. While the Law says you can‘t even have THC in your blood, the public are still quite tolerant towards it. Users
exist in every level of society – it‘s just not that apparent. So with an ever increasing popularity within the new generation, along with the global emerging medicinal acceptance, one might think that even the law eventually would soften and accept the herb in a wider fashion.”
—Krishan Romeda

“In Greece marijuana is far from decriminalised with a legislation policy that could be described as barbaric which has as a
result users being stigmatised. The legislation policy regarding weed is somehow based on obsessions and moral panic. However
the situation is gradually changing as more and more Greek people are starting to support the use of Marijuana for recreational and medical use and distinguish it from hard drugs. The increased attendance in recent pro-legalisation festivals and events in Greece has shown that the Greek society is ready for a change.”
—-Tilemachos Vlachos

“Weed here is widely accepted, and decriminalized to a certain level. You can have max 10g on you, and you will only get a fine, but on the other hand park a car the wrong way and they bust you. Still most of the older people here are somewhat indoctrinated by the alcohol culture.”
—Johnny Reverb

“While use of hard drugs appears to be on the decline in Portugal, there has been a slight increase in the overall prevalence
of cannabis use since decriminalisation was implemented. Recreational use is forbidden by law, but it appears that its use is
generally socially accepted, although more conservative areas may be less tolerant, but in general no one seems to be bother
with anyone who consumes it on public areas.”
—Paulo Saraiva

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