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We would describe Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (HBW) as an unpolished version of LSD. HBW typically lasts six to eight hours, while an acid trip can easily go on for eleven hours. The effects of HBW can be described as more ‘raw’ than LSD. HBW tends to make one feel a bit sick in the beginning. That usually doesn’t happen with LSD.

Although HBW is less visual than acid, it can definitely induce mild open eye visuals and vivid closed-eye visuals. It puts you in a mystical, dream-like state.

HBW can give you a body load, and almost forces you to sit still. This automatically makes the trip more introspective. Some people find this confrontational and maybe even uncomfortable. Others find it pleasant and meaningful.

You can read more about the comparison between HBW and LSD on our blog (which by the way also features some handy tips and tricks on how to deal with the notorious HBW nausea). But hey, psychedelic experiences are unique and individual. So we’d say: try it and see for yourself!


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