Hexagon Independent Clothing

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The journey started in 1995, at their first Full Moon party in Thailand. Finding themselves amazed by tribal prints, UV fractal clothing and smiling happy people all around. The journey was not going to end there. They gave their heart to the rave community and joined other travelers on their way around the world.
Trance was now a part of their everyday life, with a whole new look to fit. They’ve never felt that good wearing something: those clothes gave them freedom and a sense of belonging at the same time, giving them the keys to a whole new community of loving and unique people. The next stop was Bali, where they met the owners of the first brands they brought back to Europe. Life-lasting friendships were born, and so was Hexagon. They opened their first shop in the famous Camden market at the beginning of the new millennium and merged the new found independent brands of the traveller community with the oozing London underground energy. The Hexagon clothing label came a few years later: a small scale production of quality clothes mixing the underground electronic culture with daily urban life in the city.

Hexagon Independent Clothing
Hexagon Independent Clothing

Hexagon today

Today, shape-shifting through the years but maintaining a strong connection to the source and the same love and passion Hexagon had when they started. Their focus has moved from Camden to online, still rocking it on the festivals across Europe and selected shops, reaching a much bigger audience than before. Bringing you the best independent brands from all over the world with a great and friendly online experience and a fair customer service. Other brands with the same ethics joined our vision of distributing unconventional clothing globally while keeping it human.
For now, enjoy!

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