germinate seeds flower power kielAgain and again our editorial team receives the following question from growers: Could we germinate seeds in water? We lift the veil of this myth.

Germinate seeds properly

Some growers put cannabis-seeds into water – but not in order to let the seeds germinate. The seeds are merely softened a bit by the water (or camomile-tea or the like), what may improve the ability to germinate, especially with older seeds, which have been sleeping for a while. Yet the disadvantage of this method is that the seeds will become more susceptible to mildew plus necessary nutrients may be washed out of the seed shell.

In order to let seeds germinate without putting them into the substrate directly, one can use two paper towels, tissue, toilet paper, or similar cellulose. The cellulose gets moistened and put onto a plate, upon which one may distribute the seeds. Then cover it entirely with another tissue and build a sandwich with a second plate. The whole thing should be stored in a warm place and within four days there germlings should be visible.


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