Hybridization occurs both in plants and animals, but plant hybridization is much more successful than animals, because of the shorter fertilization cycles and easier modes of pollen dispersal as compared to those of the animal kingdom.

Each cannabis strain has its own et of negative and positive traits, the process of hybridization merges the most favourable
traits of different strains to create a new super strain, think of it as producing customized dope. In order to create hybrid
seeds, two strains are selected, then a male from the first strain and a female from the second strain are kept in an enclosed space to facilitate pollination. Alternatively manual pollination is considered to be the ‘safer bet’ in ensuring that only pollen from the selected plants are utilized. In selecting strains for hybridization the grower may choose any one of the following:
Clone-only strain: The grower creates clones of the selected plant containing genetically identical clones.

Stable seed strain: If the grower wishes to grow an entirely new strain, the selected parent strains will be cross-breed
over a number of generations until seeds are acquired. Unstable seed strains: These can be churned out at a faster rate, but
there is no guarantee that the resulting plant emerging from unstable plant will contain the required characteristics.


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