Although impossible to differentiate in the seed and germination period. The male cannabis seed is the black sheep in a grower‘s world.

Male seeds are given a bit of the back-stage by growers because the male plants do not produce buds, and no buds = big no-no. Growers eliminate males either by sowing feminized seeds or removing the males from the crop. One of the ways to distinguish a male from a female is to examine the buds, since buds on the males do not possess the hairs that are present on the females. If the males are not removed in time, the harvest will be poor.

Identifying males seeds from the female ones is big challenge since there is no presence of external markers on the seeds. Once the plants enter the growing phase the task gets relatively easier. Female plants tend to be shorter than the males. Pistils are the small hair like structures present on the females which capture the pollen released by the males, once pollination occurs the color changes.

Male plants tend to have ball-like structures that are present on the nodes of the plant, although this is not a fool-proof way of gauging sex, but the appearance of two or more such structures could indicate that you are growing a male. If seeds are required then male plants are allowed to grow and pollinate the females.


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