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“604” – the worldwide known code for everything related to our favourite music genres Goa and Trance.
The numerical equivalent of “Goa”, the celebrated psychedelic trance genre and state in India. And could we possibly ever get enough of that? I don’t think so. It’s time for a holiday.

Unbelievable, what unusual and crazy holidays we can look forward to, this upcoming summer: In addition to religious or spiritual holidays, the „Lazy Day” and in May the “Lost Sock Day” actually will be more or less celebrated. This day seriously is all about one of the most bizarre mysteries of everyday life, the disappearance of footwear – everyone has experienced this. Every year in July, the rather tempting “Mojito Day” takes place in the USA. So there is also a homage to a drink that most of us like to enjoy especially on warm summer nights. And not to forget: Soon it’s „International Cat Day”. Even the Potheads among us have heavily enjoyed 420 this spring.
So we came up with an idea…

“We need a holiday for the Goa scene! And the date is already set.”

We need a holiday for the Goa scene! And the date is already set. Following the Goa code 604, the „smoking“ equivalent to 420 or also roughly the dabbing code 710, June 4 literally suggests itself as the „International Goa Trance Day”. Based on the US American date notation, 4th of June or 6-04, of course. And 604 is Goa. It’s a match. Perfect for the beginning of the festival summer, June 4 would be the day of every year when the musical and social achievements of the Goa and Trance scene would be celebrated worldwide.
We have the following scenario in mind:

„Spreading the celebration of the international Goatrance day!“

Thousands of music lovers, hippies, trancers, Psy freaks and party animals all over the world are celebrating their favourite holiday: 604. Since when and why the code 604 has become common parlance is not clear. This makes it all the more fun to discuss a variety of theories at a psychedelic party.

And a matching Social-Media-Account for our brand new holiday has already been secured by a thoughtful Psy-naut, too: @InternationalGoaDay exists under the title “International Goa Trance Day – 604” already since a couple of years on Facebook. The site operator probably also thinks the idea of the holiday is a brilliant one, even if there are few likes or is hardly traffic on the page so far. Yet the short info sums it up: “Spreading the celebration of the international goa trance day, 4th of June!”. So, you can start to like the page now and spread the good news during the upcoming festival season – the first step towards a real holiday of the Goa scene has been made.
Time to celebrate: Happy 604 everyone!

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