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The projections and mappings of Illuminated Art reach truly cosmic dimensions and make him one of the most popular light artist of our scene. Besides clubs and festivals all around the world, like e.g. Fusion, Tribal Teck, Tam Tam, Psy-Fi , VuuV Festival, Indian Spirit, Sonne Mond & Sterne or Feel he is also doing installations at gala and award events.

How would you describe your work as Illuminated Art?

My projections make small details either stand out or disappear. In this way rooms are teleported into entirely new dimensions. Light has a strong effect on your subconscious and I think it is my responsibility to create a beautiful experience. To do so, I prefer pleasant colours and shapes that inspire and stimulate the fantasy of the observer.
For you as a light artist, what are the most exciting technical developments at the moment?
This year I worked a lot with large-scale projectors, a friend of mine builds them himself. They enable me to create pictures that are 100 metres wide, or even more, while maintaining a level of sharpness and brilliance that is simply stunning. It’s very important for me to paint all the motives myself, and also to create the content for my mappings myself. To do so I use a simple white pen, for instance, that enables me to combine my old skills with possibilities undreamed of. Everybody can steal a picture from the internet and edit it with some plugins, I don’t think this approach has any soul.
In the 90s you not only set up your first decoration projects and projectors, but you also used to DJ quite a bit. Are you still active in the world of sound?
One forthcoming project is a performance where I’ll do analogue projections on dancers. It will probably be accompanied by a musical live act of mine. During these last years I’ve been touring around so much, I just didn’t have the time to make music, but at the moment I’m actually really keen to produce some tunes.

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