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Goa is the birthplace of Goa Trance out of which Psytrance and all its subgenres evolved. It started there in the 80s, and then spread around the globe.

These days, it’s a lot more commercialized, but it still is one of the hotspots for amazing Psytrance parties. Most of the global Psy-scene and the biggest Psy acts meet on its beautiful beaches, and other amazing locations every year to celebrate some of the best parties on the planet.

Hot Spots

The parties in Goa have had their ups and downs since 2000. There were some political complications, which caused parties to stop at an early hour, but the last few years the parties have been going all night again. The party scene is one of the best in the world as Goa has an amazing vibe and energy to it, which is incomparable to any other place.

Hilltop_1One of the most famous party spots is the legendary Hill Top, which has been one of the places, where parties have been going on for more than 20 years. One of my favorite places is the 9 Bar on top of Vagator beach, which used to be the meeting spot for sunset in the old days with a beautiful view over the ocean. A newer location is Westend, which is a nightclub in the Hills on the way to Panjim, where there are parties on a regular basis, which sometimes even last a few days. Additionally, there are some fabulous annual festivals, featuring some of the world’s best artists. In February, for instance, there is the Hilltop Festival in Vagator (10h – 13th) and shortly afterwards the Galaxy Evolution Festival in Morjim.In December, there is the annual electronic music Festival Sunburn, featuring not only Psytrance, but also other electronic music, including popular artists like David Guetta and others.
What Goa is famous for, are its beach parties and the number one place for that is Shiva Valley in South Anjuna, but there are many others like Curlies also in South Anjuna, UV Bar and two years old bar Chronicles on Vagator beach. If there is no Party on, most people hang out in Chapora and have a good time enjoying drinks and good conversations, or there is always O‘Manuelo’s on south Anjuna where you can also find a lot of the Antaris crew for some evening drinks, some even call it the Antaris Embassy in Goa. One of the best beaches to go to is the Ashwem beach in Morjim. It stretches for miles, which makes it less crowded than others. Another beautiful spot is Arambol, which has a sweet water lake that is 200 meters from the ocean and an amazing Banyan tree in the jungle, which spans across a few hundred square meters. Some of the water sports to do are surfing and boogie boarding, and if you would like to ride on water bikes or fly with a Parachute pulled by a speed boat you should pass by Baga beach, which is much more touristic and offers all of that.

Arpora market on goaSome of the best breakfast spots are Mango shade, Orange boom, Lila Cafe and German Bakery – all located in Anjuna. For lunch, I personally love the Bhajis and Thali in Joe Bananas, where they also serve the best milkshakes on the planet, in my opinion. The best Greek place is Thalassa in Vagator and right beside it there is an Israeli restaurant, called Fusion, which is also very recommendable. My favorite Italian restaurant is Basilico in North Anjuna and not to forget the great French place Baba Au Ruhm, which serves an amazing breakfast. The Indians are very friendly and open, but you should always treat them with respect. Don‘t forget you can just about always bargain about the price. Don’t miss the world famous Wednesday Flea Market in South Anjuna and also the Saturday Night market in Arpora with live bands playing and many interesting shops that sell jewellery, clothing, art, food and all sorts of other handy craft things.

Groove Setters

International Psytrance artists covering its entire subgenres from all over the planet spend their holidays in Goa and play on its beaches and clubs. Ajja, Tristan, Earthling, Arjuna, Ridden, Drip Drop, Southwild and Avalon just to name a few, as well as some of the world’s best DJs in the scene including Raja Ram, Govinda, Nigel, Rowan, Guiseppe the head of Parvati Records, Justin Chaos, Celli, Chicago, Goa Jonas and so many more…

But also native Indian artists are proving to be promising talents and are traveling around the world to play on the best Psy events on the planet. To name a few of the live acts: Spinal Fusion, Starlabs, Farebi Jalebi, Flipknot, and many more as well as some really amazing DJs, Starling, Janux, Nittin.


Laguna Anjuna: hotel in Anjuna with a lovely garden and swimming pool at
Sun and Sand: great guesthouse right next to the Anjuna Flea Market at Sun and Sand
Lotus Inn: great hotel in Anjuna with nice Psytrance parties every now and then at Lotus Inn
Useful link to find rooms and parties: hilltopgoa and
Useful link to find parties:

Text: Jonas Kersten aka Goa Jonas
This article appeared first in our printed edition.

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