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India – Goa! The Psychedelic Cradle

Goa is the birthplace of Goa Trance out of which Psytrance and all its subgenres evolved. It started there in the 80s, and then spread around the globe. These days, it’s a lot more commercialized, but it still is one …

India: Shiva rules…OM NAMAH SHIVAYA!

India has experienced a kind of resurgence in the Trance Scene over the last few years, with most of the famous artists – Raja Ram/Lucas, Tristan, Ajja, Avalon, Dickster, Laughing Buddha, GMS, Earthling, Astral Projection, Zen Mechanics, Ace Ventura, and …

Goa beaches Sunset

Best places in Goa 2016 with DJ Goa Jonas

Namaste! Welcome to Goa, the birthplace of Psytrance!

Psychedelic Magical India

I did spend more than 15 years in India and lived there 10 years…. I became artist there…. Psychedelic trance started there on the Goa beaches…. A particular spirit was there…. The mama chai who keep the bags, the childrens…. …

INDIA – A Stage of Reflection and Identity

The Indian psytrance scene is going through a phase of self-discovery and reflection. Having been host to the birth of the psychedelic trance culture itself and its subsequent evolution, India has over the years become a prime hub that attracts …

Experiencing the magical outlook of northern India

The music scene in north indian is ever expanding and is in its developmental stage.the Psychedelic culture is very fast progressing as more and more people are getting exposed to the western cultures.the northern part of india is without any …

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The seed of a new wave of Indian Psytrance seems to germinate judging by the events and vibe of this season. Following the superior standards set in previous terms by revolutionary labels like Omveda and Temple Twister Records (each of …