Psychedelic Magical India

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I did spend more than 15 years in India and lived there 10 years….
I became artist there….
Psychedelic trance started there on the Goa beaches….
A particular spirit was there….
The mama chai who keep the bags, the childrens….
Today it is different more commercial but still really nice.
Hill Top is there for years and everyone enjoys its colorfull trees the sunday.
Goa is party life….Trance parties everywhere, every day almost.
A lot of international artists go there and play.
There is also trance parties and festivals today all over India.
I.Singh, Paraforce, Alien Dimension, Karma Digital….Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune….
Also festivals in the Himalaya mountains…..More and more, and really nice.
All the main cities have parties the week end, even if they close really early.
Indian peoples are really psychedelic in their minds.
You can find also in India a lot of professional music studio.
The trance scene did start there with Goa Gill and more, under the spirit on the saddhus.
A very strong energy is there.
In Goa there is travellers from all over the world, and a special magic is around.
Om Namo Narayan