Anthropos Festival – United Kingdom – 13.06.2019


13.06.2019 - 18.06.2019


United Kingdom
Central UK

A new kind of festival with stunning visual art, diverse electronic beats and live acts. Workshops, lectures, discussions, healing area, welfare, live painting, artistic involvement, spa & sauna spaces! Human connection, ceremonies and deep meditation. Teaching and learning.

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Anthropos Festival 12019 13 - 17th June
Baldock, Hertfordshire, UK

We humbly invite you to the woods and the fields, out into nature: to re-wire yourself to the source. From an ancient seed an unforgettable and unique celebration is growing.
Join us in a celebration of all of humanity throughout all time: past, present and future.
Together we will explore the unique nature of our consciousness - our drive to create beauty through the arts and music, combined with our innate ability to gain wisdom through introspection.

Let us re-remember how to be human!

5 days of programme + camping (Thurs 13th to Mon 17th) and 3 days (Fri 14th to Sun 16th) of music!

Art, Music, Meditation and Learning, Art Gallery, Creative Art Space, Open Mic / Jam Stage, Mindfulness, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Zen, Lucid Dreaming, Healing, Massage, Free Sauna and Spa, Children's Programme, 15's and under go free!

Tickets available on:

Visual Artist lineup:
Alice Karveli
Cult Creations
Evelyn Jenny Entwistle
Evan Hollingdale Illustration
Frank Top Art
Guy Watts Visionary Pen & Ink Art
Jay Goulding Art
Joey Baker Art
Miles Johnston
Rowan Koshui
Ruary Allan
Ryan Lavelle
Sander Bos
Scarlett Butters Illustration
Severina Trot-progar Dejsiguar unikatni nakit
Taja Gorenc ART
The Art Of Theodora Capt
Torus Energy Artworks
Many more to be announced soon!

Music lineup:
Akasha Experience [Shanti Planti]
Alterra Project
Amaluna [Free-Spirit Records]
Ambient Fraggle
Bad Tango [Broken Robot Records]
Broken Eye [Broken Robot Records]
Brujo's Bowl [Triple Drop Productions]
CloZee [Gravitas Recordings]
Desert Dwellers [Desert Trax]
DJ Bayawaka [Merkaba Music]
Dj Iah [Tribal Sphere Records]
DJ Katty Grooves
DJ Shakti [Suntrip Records]
DreamFaerie [Shanti Planti]
Echoes Like Dust
Entheogenic [Universal Symbiosis Records]
False Identity
FireFarm [Independent]
Geoglyph [PsyJelly Records]
Globular [Feel Life Music / Shanti Planti]
Gone West
Hedflux [Luminus Music]
Jeremy's Aura [Omnitropic Records]
DJ Johnny Blue [Sofa Beats]
Keepers Brew
Kukan dUb Lagan [Feel Life Music]
Kwah [Broken Robot Records]
Land Switcher [Shanti Planti]
Dj Lorraine Psilocybe Tribe [Psilocybe Tribe]
MONK3YLOGIC [Broken Robot Records]
Mouldy Soul [Addictech records]
NaaN Music [Purple Hexagon]
Neurodriver [Broken Robot Records]
Opale [Ultimae Records]
Ott. [Ottsonic]
OverSoul [Psychoactive Records]
Quanta [Shanti Planti]
Robin Triskele [Liquid Sound Design]
Selecta Alice
Silas Neptune
Snowdrop [New Moon Grooves]
Solar Fields [Ultimae Records]
Spinney Lainey
Strange Antiquark
Symbolico [Merkaba]
Terra Nine [Tempest Recordings]
TINT [Independent]
Unconscious Mind(s) [Psychoactive Records]
More to be announced soon!

Meditation and related practices are integral to the Anthropos experience. Learn from qualified Mindfulness teachers, Yogis, Qigong and Tai Chi masters. Experience serenity in the extensive healing area!

Workshops, Speakers, Lecturers and more:
> Consciousness and One by Dr Adam Barret
> Psychedelic Stories by Anya Oleksiuk
> Ayahuasca Ceremonies: Psychiatry and Spirituality Interwined by Benjamin Mudge
> Mysteries and strange phenomena in evolution and genetics by Bianca De Sanctis
> Soma revisited: using the stack to create protocols for consciousness augmentation by Carl Smith
> Healing from trauma with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy by Dr Chloe Sakkal
> Neuroscience of DMT by Chris Timmermann
> Lucid Dreaming by Daniel Love
> Anthropology by Dr G. Burr
> Reconnecting to nature through ecopsychology, meditation and love by Kay Haw
> What does it mean to claim that psychedelic experience is educational? by Lindsay Jordan
> Minimising the negative effects of forest fragmentation, including arboreal bridges, agroforestry and community outreach by Lucy Holland
> Reflections on gender in visionary/psychedelic culture by Maia Snow
> Embodying the Mind optimising human experience with psychedelics, breathing methods, somatic practices and technology by Marta Kaczmarczyk
> Neuroscience behind yoga and meditation by Martha Allitt
> Honest Non-Monogamy by Mel Mariposa Cassidy
> Music Archeology by Rupert Till
> Nature and Psychedelics: Exploring the Connection by Dr Sam Gandy
> Bioacoustician specialising in marine mammal communication. Underwater sound, animal communication, culture and intelligence by Sara Niksic
> Shifting perspectives: the psychedelic experience in film and tv by Sasha Frost
Many more to be announced soon!
Talks, Lectures and Discussions. A diversity of incredible minds, ranging from scientists, internationally acclaimed authors, influential speakers to general wise souls.

Other incredible acts including awesome fire shows and ceremonies!

Getting to Anthropos (Baldock, Hertfordshire): By car less than an hour from central London, smoothly up the A1! Catch the train from London in half an hour to Baldock! 3h from Bristol + Manchester and 1h40 from Heathrow Airport or Stansted if youre flying internationally. Free shuttle from Baldock station! Find others travelling from your local area by joining Anthropos lift sharing.

Our values are Growth, Exploration, Balance, Connection and Celebration. We believe in building a sustainable future which is inclusive and diverse. All crew involved aim to have a positive impact on not only the festival goers subjective experience but also culture beyond that. Environment awareness is at the heart of our festival. We want to explore new ideas, to think about where we might be able to move to as a humans, together. Highlighting the very best of the human experience, we believe that everyone's voice is important and brings something unique to this reality that we shape together.

Get involved!

The approach for running this festival:
No single use plastics, recycling bins, only using green or renewable energy sources (solar and biodiesel use only), only reusable serve ware, a recycling deposit, leave no trace policy, carpooling encouraged partially by our car parking policy which offers free parking with all seats taken, welfare and medics as well as 24h security. For more info please check out our Eco Approach on

We All Are Anthropos

Anthropos Retreat (7-12 June)

Growing, exploring and creating together
Event page for Anthropos Retreat:
For more info visit the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE

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4 days ago

Anthropos Festival

We hope you had a fantastic Earth Day! We celebrated and worked in the sun ☀️
Have a look at our Green Initiatives that we do to stand with nature 🐝
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We hope you had a fantastic Earth Day! We celebrated and worked in the sun ☀️
Have a look at our Green Initiatives that we do to stand with nature 🐝

4 days ago

Anthropos Festival

With great pleasure, we introduce two of our guest performers and teachers.🙏

Lisa & Callumllum bring to the stage an eclectic and dynamic hybrid of hula hoop and juggling. They have been working together for over 3 years and since starting they have gone on to perform and teach internationally, even as far away as China! 🛩
Their fusion style between flow arts and juggling provide for impressively synchronised routines combined with large visual patterns, providing an amazing spectacle for their audiences.

Catch them performing on stage to some of the headliners and don't miss their hooping workshops if you want to learn or level up! 🤩
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