Magic in Sand Dunes of Latvia

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Latvia is a small forest country located right on the Baltic Sea. Unique natural location gives amazing endless view of your deepest trip. Historically Psytrance entered Baltic shores back in 1998, when 3 psybirds came back from Europe to their homeland Latvia – Zaicy (Sasha and Igor ) from UK, bringing Resonoise vibes, and Alex Bond from Germany – presenting legendary Spirit Zone. That was the beginning of psychedelic trance culture development in Latvia and gave a basis to many parties and open airs in the future.


Important Artist from Latvia:
Alex Bond, Zaicy (Sasha and Igor), Banjankri, Anavox (Tulpa), Man@Space (Old Pal), Vikiss, Power Up, Arno Skipars

More artists:
There are few 'newcomers" - smaller groups of psytrance enthousiasts in Latvia, such as Damaksnis, combining Latvian folk culture with psytrance concept, and Leto - ethnical entree to psy. Within last 2 years both made 2 events each. As well to mention are Liquids who also contributed to the psytrance development to Latvia, back in 2003-2008, but not active at the moment.


Important Party/Festival label from Latvia:
Velesa Festival
More Parties/Festivals:
Smaller and new in Latvia events such as Leto Festival or Damaksnis are held as well on the seaside, presented a bit differently but still very family -like.


More Deco artists:
Vickis (Viktors Keino) - very professional VJ and DJ as well.


Preferred music styles inLatvia:
all types of psychedelic trance
When parties are starting? When they are closing or have to close?:
main time is open airs time, june, july, august. few events might be held during winter indoor/check
Tell us about prices. Average entry for a party (small - mid - big-sized), beer, water etc.:
festival entree prices vary from 10-25 Eur, indoor events: 5 - 10 Eur. Beer / water - all less then 1 Eur.
Are there traffic controls after parties / festivals, which kind of tests are used?:
no screening


Points of interest:
music and art, dancing, goa spirit, spirituality, magic, natural healing, natural life style, forest meditation, traditions, family, yoga, eco technology, futurism
Best places for activities:
All Natural Parks and Bird Reservoirs, Seaside, Old Town
Best place to stay:
according to your financial possibilities, but any place is Latvia is quite nice
Best place to eat:
Lido, Chilli Pizza, and very special place: XCHAI Riga


Website #1:
Visit Latvia
About Latvia
Website #2:
Gauja National Park
interesting park to visit
Website #3:
Andrejsala - subcultural art place of Riga
some other interesting place to visit if you belong to alternative music/art scene


Something curious from Latvia:
explore the country - beautiful nature and tasty food are awaiting! But also visit Old Riga and places like Tervete, Sigulda, Kuldiga, Kolka, Ventspils.


Tulpa (Anavox)
ex Riga, now Amsterdam
His/Her role in the Psytrance community:
DJ / producer, organiser, graphic designer, concept creator
Info about the author:
My name is Anna Martinova, as known as Tulpa in The Netherlands or Anavox is Baltics. I live in Amsterdam since 5 years, and now closely work with dutch and mexican psyscene. But i came from Riga, capital city of Latvia, and since 2000 there i begun my psychedelic adventure, being active in DJing (started as Moonchild, later as Anavox), event organisations and cultural support in Baltics. I held many indoor events between 2000 - 2008 and since 2008 established Velesa Festival and moved to Germany first and later to the Netherlands. Since 2008 every year during july Velesa crew create 2 days and nights open air on the seaside, right on the river delta going into the Sea, covered by virgin forest inside Venstpils natural park. We had decorators as IhtiAnderson, WestGold or Geomatrix, musicians and DJs such as Mirror Me, Ibojima, Whrikk, Mantra Flow, Protonica, Gaiana, Back to Mars, Glosalalia, Gu, Dohm, Re-Horakty, Schizoid Bears, LSDave, Marc Gollu, Bugswap, Moonbird, Phsiris, Resiliance and many other international and baltic DJs playing at our annual seaside event. I proceed expand my experience as active psytrance DJ all over the globe, held events in India, Mexico, Japan. I started new chill out project recently named Dusha, meaning Soul. Released first album of Dusha on BioMechanix Rec, the second is coming up.
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