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Psychedelic art is intricate detailed with many colors, often crazy, or mysterious. It draws from different influences tribal, or kinetic with optical illusions, and embraces a wider spectrum of surrealism. But at the heart of it is the expression of the spirit.

Psychedelic Art: The roots

“Coming from the word “psychedelos” which means open the spirit, the psychedelic art is the expression of the inner world or spirit.

The psychedelic art is any art triggered by the manifestation of the inner world. Thus, it may come in various forms, such as tribal arte, arte brute or raw art, kinetic art with optic illusions, art nouveau or surrealism with Salvadore Dali and Klimt as key artists. The climax of the psychedelic art was in the ‘60s, arguing for an open mind and consciousness for global solutions in the society. Its boundaries and origins are hard to identify since it is present in a large spectrum of areas, namely in literature, cinema, comics, music, fashion, advertising etc.

Nowadays, the psychedelic art could be expressed in the numeric art, street art or architecture.

“Don’t complain, paint yourself”

Psychedelic Art at Psytrance Festivals

psychedelic art

The decoration at Psytrance Festivals is highly characteristic for the scene, and in most cases the work of professional decoration teams, or an arrangement of several single artists. There is to mention Simon Hafele, aka Psy-Pix from Austria, a psychedelic artist whose work decorated quite a few festivals so far, from 2007 up to the present.

Psychedelic Art in Psytrance Media

psychedelic art
Amanda Sage

Ever been checking the websites of Festivals? Do you also think they belong to the most beautiful websites out there in the internet? Many event crews let professional graphic designers create the stunning background graphics and the various single graphics, that are part of parallax effects or little animations. Since these people are usually very much in the background, we digged a little and shed some light on a few of these artists.
For example, there is Android Jones, who made interactive installations at BooM Festival or Burning Man. He is mainly working digital, choosing energy and light as the matter to transform. He contributed to various movies, games and building installations, in persona and online.

psychedelic art
Jake Amazon

Then we have the french veteran Nico Psy Art, who created an uncountable amount of flyers, logos and web graphics for and around the Psytrance scene. From Portugal, meet meskalART, aka André Maia. Also very active in the Psytrance scene, he created numerous flyers and logos. You surely have seen a flyer or an album from Psikodelicious, aka Jacques Bynens, a psychonaut from Mexico, since he created various of these in his artists career. But you maybe just know him as DJ Dende.
Then there is definitely Hakan Hisim to mention. A true digital artist, working with light and electricity, he removed himself from the limitations of physical matter. In contrast to that, another stunning artist is Jake Amazon, who incorporated the canvas as his vehicle to defy time and space.

Another artist very appreciated for her psychedelic artworks that simply cannot stay unmentioned, is Amanda Sage. Also, there is Wolf, better known as Wolfs Body Magic. Bodypainting, playing in its own league.

Got curious? We collected all our articles about psychedelic art for you below, and couldn’t mention everyone in the text above – so take a closer look and have fun watch & read!

arne telisse stubnitz decoration

Arne & Telisee

Learn more about the decoration team that decorated festivals and locations like Psychedelic Circus, Vaikuntha, Voov Experience, the Juice Club and many more

scödy klangkontakt

Scödy – tribal mandala expert

Scödy’s first open air was the Shiva Moon in 1995. Severely inspired there he immediately began to paint pictures and craft small figures

Mimesis Decoration

Dive into the world class Psytrance decoration from Barcelona for events like One Love Festival, S.U.N. Festival, Connection Festival and more.

The fantastic artworks of Felix Stöver

Felix Stöver speaks to us from the Other Side. He died in November 2010. At the mushroom on tour events you can see his mind-blowing paintings for the last time