09.08.2023 - 13.08.2023

Apsara Festival


Apsara Festival is a psytrance festival, focusing on old and modern goa-trance, hosted by Suntrip Rec

Festival details

(Info from the organizer)

Dear Apsarians!
Since our last edition in 2018, we kept getting that question: "when will be the next Apsara?". Now you know! And as last time, you will get the best of melodic, acidic, experimental, dark & euphoric goa-trance! Yes, ONLY goa-trance!
As you can see we moved to a new venue. A beautiful valley in Hungary, 1 hour from Budapest, where everything is available! Some people will know the location from past S.U.N. Festival editions!
Gates open: Tuesday 8th august 16h
Music starts: Wednesday 9th august 13h
Music stops: Sunday 13th august 20h
Gates close: Monday 14th august 16h
Main stage line up:
* Artifact303 (Suntrip Records) - ROM
* Battle of the Future Buddhas (Suntrip Records) - SWE
* Celestial Intelligence (Suntrip Records) - MAC
* Cosmoon/Twisted Travellers (Boom! Records/Flying Rhino) - NL
* Cosmosis (Transient/Holophonic) - UK
* Dimension 5 (Suntrip Records) - UK
* Dreamweaver (Tsunami/Classic Goa Trax) - SWE
* Ethereal (Tranceform Records) - SWE
* Filteria (Suntrip Records) - SWE
* Hunab Ku (Blue Moon Productions) - UK
* Hypnoxock (Suntrip Records) - SPA
* JIS (Timewarp Records) - Hun
* Ka-Sol (Suntrip/Schlabbaduerst) - SWE
* KOB (Suntrip Records) - SWE
* MFG (Phonokol Records) - ISR
* Mindfield (Phantasm Records) - UK
* Morphic Resonance (Suntrip Records) - SPA
* Nick Taylor (Matsuri/Psy Harmonics) - AUS
* Nervasystem (Matsuri) - UK
* Roy Sason (Zion604) - ISR
* Sienis (Gi'iwa Records) - SWE
* Steptime/Spindrift (Stoneage Records) - SWE
* SUN Project (Classic Goa Trax) - GER
* Texas Faggott (Psy Harmonics/Exogenic) - FIN
* Triquetra (Suntrip Records) - BEL
* Underhead (Classic Goa Trax) - FRA
* Virtuart (Classic Goa Trax) - FRA
And many more!
(3 announcements per week from now on)
Chill Out line up:
Presale info: Max 1000 people allowed!
Early Bird: 145 euro + 3,5% admin fee – 250 tickets - SOLD OUT
Middle Bird: 165 euro + 3,5% admin fee – 300 tickets available or until 31/05/2023
185 euro + 3,5% admin fee – 450 tickets available
Gate: 200 euro if available.
Ticket policy:
* Tickets are not refundable, but they are transferable to others.
* The organisation is not responsible for tickets bought from anyone else then our direct ticketing partner Paylogic.
* Age: 18+
Minor policy:
** Between 13-17 years old: We don’t advise to bring minors to the festival. However, if you bring your minor kids (-18), then you are fully responsible. You have to sign a contract at the entry where you take the full responsability of the minor at the festival. Between 13-17 you have to buy a normal ticket.
** For 0-12 years old kids: We don’t advise to bring your kids to the festival. If you decide to do so, you also have to sign a contract at the entry where you take the full responsability of your kid at the festival. We also have a mandatory wristband with the parents contact data on it. Last but not least you are obligated to go the the quiet family camping. For reservation of such a spot: please mail to apsarafestival@gmail.com . For -12 years old the festival is free.
Presale link:
Ambassador info:
For Serbians who don't have an international credit card:
* E- Mail: dapeace@gmail.com
* Phone: +381645822434 (Viber / WhatsApp)
* FB: https://www.facebook.com/damirscasni/
For other questions:
Chris, Jos, Alex & Benho.

Apsara Festival

The Apsaras are beautiful supernatural beings, youthful celestial Nymphs, incarnation of the Pleasure Principal and superb in the art of dancing.

After 13 years providing music, organizing Suntrip & Old is Gold / Fractal Gate events, Suntrip Records and a part of Transylvaliens are joining forces from the summer of 2020 to let you celebrate the quintessence of psychedelic arts in communion with the astonishing nature scenery of the Transilvanian forest.

A festival, for goa-trance loving people with a psychedelic mindset! Our vision is and was always the same: bring all facets of goa-trance to you! And there is no better way to do it than on a festival!

Away from our hectic urban lives and lousy politics, our radiant family will reunite through 5 days and nights of Goa & Ambient music, meditation and alternative cultures. We will make sure you will hear gazillion of your favorite artists. Some unique, some more well known, some old school, some modern! Ranging from pure melodic goa, to darker night acid-trance! From early forest influenced music to pure euphoria! Each music will have its moment, and we’ll make sure all lovers of this kind of music will reach bliss!

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