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Apsara Festival is a psytrance festival, focusing on old and modern goa-trance, hosted by Suntrip Rec

Festival details

(Info from the organizer)

Dear Apsarians!
Since our last edition in 2018, we kept getting that question: "when will be the next Apsara?". Now you know! And as last time, you will get the best of melodic, acidic, experimental, dark & euphoric goa-trance! Yes, ONLY goa-trance!
As you can see we moved to a new venue. A beautiful valley in Hungary, 1 hour from Budapest, where everything is available! Some people will know the location from past S.U.N. Festival editions!
Gates open: Tuesday 8th august 16h
Music starts: Wednesday 9th august 13h
Music stops: Sunday 13th august 20h
Gates close: Monday 14th august 16h
Main stage line up:
* Artifact303 (Suntrip Records) - ROM
* Battle of the Future Buddhas (Suntrip Records) - SWE
* Celestial Intelligence (Suntrip Records) - MAC
* Cosmoon/Twisted Travellers (Boom! Records/Flying Rhino) - NL
* Cosmosis (Transient/Holophonic) - UK
* Dimension 5 (Suntrip Records) - UK
* Dreamweaver (Tsunami/Classic Goa Trax) - SWE
* Ethereal (Tranceform Records) - SWE
* Filteria (Suntrip Records) - SWE
* Hunab Ku (Blue Moon Productions) - UK
* Hypnoxock (Suntrip Records) - SPA
* JIS (Timewarp Records) - Hun
* Ka-Sol (Suntrip/Schlabbaduerst) - SWE
* KOB (Suntrip Records) - SWE
* MFG (Phonokol Records) - ISR
* Mindfield (Phantasm Records) - UK
* Morphic Resonance (Suntrip Records) - SPA
* Nick Taylor (Matsuri/Psy Harmonics) - AUS
* Nervasystem (Matsuri) - UK
* Roy Sason (Zion604) - ISR
* Sienis (Gi'iwa Records) - SWE
* Steptime/Spindrift (Stoneage Records) - SWE
* SUN Project (Classic Goa Trax) - GER
* Texas Faggott (Psy Harmonics/Exogenic) - FIN
* Triquetra (Suntrip Records) - BEL
* Underhead (Classic Goa Trax) - FRA
* Virtuart (Classic Goa Trax) - FRA
And many more!
(3 announcements per week from now on)
Chill Out line up:
Presale info: Max 1000 people allowed!
Early Bird: 145 euro + 3,5% admin fee – 250 tickets - SOLD OUT
Middle Bird: 165 euro + 3,5% admin fee – 300 tickets available or until 31/05/2023
185 euro + 3,5% admin fee – 450 tickets available
Gate: 200 euro if available.
Ticket policy:
* Tickets are not refundable, but they are transferable to others.
* The organisation is not responsible for tickets bought from anyone else then our direct ticketing partner Paylogic.
* Age: 18+
Minor policy:
** Between 13-17 years old: We don’t advise to bring minors to the festival. However, if you bring your minor kids (-18), then you are fully responsible. You have to sign a contract at the entry where you take the full responsability of the minor at the festival. Between 13-17 you have to buy a normal ticket.
** For 0-12 years old kids: We don’t advise to bring your kids to the festival. If you decide to do so, you also have to sign a contract at the entry where you take the full responsability of your kid at the festival. We also have a mandatory wristband with the parents contact data on it. Last but not least you are obligated to go the the quiet family camping. For reservation of such a spot: please mail to . For -12 years old the festival is free.
Presale link:
Ambassador info:
For Serbians who don't have an international credit card:
* E- Mail:
* Phone: +381645822434 (Viber / WhatsApp)
* FB:
For other questions:
Chris, Jos, Alex & Benho.

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