Boom Festival 2020 – Portugal – 28.07.2020


28.07.2020 - 04.08.2020

Boom Festival

Idanha-a-Nova lake

Boom Festival is a state of mind. Inspired by the principles of Oneness, Peace, Creativity, Sustainability, Transcendence, Alternative Culture...

Boom Festival

Boom Festival is stepping into the potential of what human existence can be. It is a week of love, sharing, alternative culture, music and conscious living with people from all over the world… literally.

For first-time Boomers, the experience means stepping into another dimension, calling “home” a formerly unknown land, embracing a new family. Regular Boomers will tell you how this gathering changed their life, the joy they feel at every edition, knowing that they are coming back to something that holds a whole community together – shared values, shared ideals, shared ambitions for the future.

We live in uncertain and anxious times, we’re all looking for answers. More than ever in the recent history of mankind is important that we stay connected, understanding the other. There is a lot of light and wisdom in the world!

And Boom Festival goes way beyond a mere festival. It is a state of mind. It connects thousands of contrasting cultures and living beings, giving them a time and a place where they have the freedom to, not only hope about a more peaceful and united world, but also to actually do something to achieve it.

A true cultural melting pot, the gathering of the tribes where we embody and steer the tip of the arrow of evolution of human consciousness in a collective celebration that forwards us to a higher dimension of love, well-being and of simply being human.

See you at the Boomland!

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Dear Boomers,

Here in the Iberian Peninsula, we say goodbye to autumn and prepare for winter as life at Boomland returns to its natural pace...

It’s been three full moons since our collective celebration of Boom’s 12th edition. So as we close that chapter, we open another with the announcement of some spine-tingling news...

On the auspice of today’s full moon, we are super excited to announce that the 13th edition of Boom Festival will take place from 28 July until 4 August 2020 - so that’s 21 full moons away from now!

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For now, the multiverse that is Boom has gone into hibernation as it channels in the vision for the upcoming edition.

Stay inspired for the meantime by plugging into the “Boom Festival 20 Years” official documentary at or check out the book, “Boom Festival 20 Years: A Visual and Oral History” at - two pieces we’ve put together to mark the festival’s 20 year anniversary.

Thank you for being you - let’s keep on Booming!

Cultivate Freedom & Love
Boom Team
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On Tuesdays we often address environmental and social topics. For Boom 2020, as Anthropocene calls for immediate action ✊, some new projects are under way while others mature.

Find them on

Take a look 👀 to get the full picture of what our sustainability paradigm entails.

Thank you Boomers for contributing to a nurtured planet Earth.
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hello how can i get in touch with you? I already sent an email and message on the instragram. Thank you! 😁

Sylvie Wartèn Raya Razsolkova


The duality of the Anthropocene truly converges at the Dance Temple, where we come together to celebrate what it means to be human. 🎉🙌

Astounding arquitecture, mesmerising video art, deco & art installations, state of the art sound system and a meticulous music curatorship come together to hold this sacred space. 🙏

The concepts have been designed to take you on a transformative journey. They are invitations into the archetypal and boundless world that is unveiled through psychedelic trance dance.

Remember to leave your ego at the door as you enter into the temple. The Dance Temple is a place for awakening, celebrating and become more aware of yourself and what is around you. We Are One. 💜

Dive deeper by going on

Tune in with to know more about this topic.

✨ Selfie sticks, mobile phones and national flags are not transcendental or psychedelic - just the opposite. They represent the dark side of the Anthropocene, as they disrupt the flow of Here & Now and interfere with the state of One#boomfestivalF#BoomFestival2020i#BoomlandB#Boom2020Anthropocener#dancetempleceTemple
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Dear Boom, I fucking love you and can't wait to dive head first back into your wonderful world again! But as charming as those Music Concepts are, please tell me you guys are also eventually gonna post the line up, yeah ? I get the message you are delivering by not doing it but there are still sets some of us really don't want to miss... Would you at least post the line-up after the festival ? So we can find the artists we discovered and liked ?

No selfie stick! OMG, but I can’t go anywhere without my self stick 😢😢 🤪 (That this even needs to be said is deeply concerning)

Hope Borderless Psychedelic Trance doesn't mean all day long ace ventura

For me Boom is Dance Temple 😁😁😁 ❤ trance trance trance, never loose the concept of it at Dance Temple. Ps: put the phones away in the dance floor.

Daue Gee very nice

Adenise Schwarz, road trip this year, gang of us, if Craig Richards and prYmary colours are playing?

Eks tahaks jälle minna..nädal rõõmsat vabadust

Franziska Jackels Kenny Jaiser Sebastian Beus Lars Brückweh here we go :-)

Any hints at the lineup Boom Festival Official?

Alex Canarinho

Já tô com roupa de ir 🤣🤣😽

Kevin da Silva this look like a summer school camp ,tbh

No ticket 😥

Wishkah Etalbert John Bourney Antoine Daniaud 👍

Mateo Bailly Tiphaine Bidot Pablo Garcia day 2 Goaaaa 😍😍


Felix Scharfenberg



Emily Sassen Felitia de Baat

Pietro D'Arca 😍 Stefano Cristian Di Benedetto ❤️ Chiara Giacomelli 🤩

Bruno Madaleno

Jana Burkhardt ❤

Abhishek Yadav

Janiel Arianne 🤩


Ready, set, dance! 💃🕺

Its ancestor can be traced back to 2000 as the Journeys Area, later renamed Groovy Beach in 2008 and metamorphosing into Alchemy Circle in 2012.

Honoring that edition’s theme, the Alchemy Circle has established itself since then as Boom's heart of dance music fusion, displaying the multifaceted nature of the psychedelic soundscapes. 🎵🌈

Fun, experimental, mind-blowing 🤯 visuals and deco, astonishing architecture, a superb funky vibe, surrounded by gardens 🌵🌼 and art installations… There's no place like it at Boomland.

It’s all right here on

The rationale behind Boom’s 2020 program concepts is made clear on

See you in seven full moons time.🌕💛

#BoomFestival #Boomland #BoomFestival2020 #Boom2020Anthropocene #AlchemyCircle
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the best stage!!!!

Can’t wait!

Alchemy with just 5 days of Music???

Boom Shaka Laka 🌴⚔️⚓️ #teamserene #thinkserene

Ill swim over the lake

Manu Brown J'ai pas particulièrement envie de retourner au Boom mais j'avoue que présenté comme ça ça donne envie, surtout le jours 3.

Luca Dm chaque jour sur la scène alternative ils vont proposé une sélection musicale techno différente et bien stylé. Ça promet mon grand 🦶🏼

Lani Anna tooooo good

Hamish Kidd I mean, surely this tho

Anna Carolina Paulino Ivone Esther de Lima Samuel Carvalho Marília Cremaschi John Jin Gyo

Pierrot Ldy

Andrew Macdonald Lisa Grace Mitton Lissy Morris Dave MorrisMorrisEd Deathwish Higgins

Jamie XxX


Theo Rapanos Gertsch dude😳

Jana Burkhardt

Mark Benfeldt Kjær, Nicky Pedersen, Mike Pedersen, Sylvester Rishoj Jensen, Aidin Etemadi Yamchi 💪🏻☝🏻

Tomas Eelkema, 4

Pedro Mendes está aqui a tua casa <3

Bruno Madaleno

Roman Shterenberg מקים אוהל ברחבה בימים 3 ו-4

Oleeeeeeeeeeeee ❤😍

Moe Itz wäre iwenn au nomol en plan anscheinend

Joshua Bongo das klingt alles richtig nice 😍

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