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Psy trance in Croatia is still somewhat of an underground movement. Croatia is a small country situated on the eastern shores of the Adriatic sea, with prestine nature landscapes and beautiful seashores.

Our economy is not on par with the beauty of our nature, so we can say there is no large profit in the organisation of psy trance festivals. The scene is relatevly small, if we compare it with other, larger countries. The scene is being led by enthusiasts from Osijek, Zagreb, Rijeka and Pula. Somewhere in the middle of the nineties new djs appeared on the scene (Marino, Ganesh, Val Vashar, Kobayagi, Bifel,Nesho,…) bearing gifts in form of psy sounds. Some of the major productions of that time were Mokk, Shuma, Vox and Parrket. Several years later, new names appeared and the developing scene, namely Plasma Corp, Psilocybian, Hotep, Deimos, Koorie, Neonsky, Riodario and others.

The first psytrance festival was Media Mediterranea which was held in sites around the city of Pula (Barbariga, Marlera, Levan Island) whose driving force and main organiser was Dj Marino, the reveared founder of the Psytrance scene in these regions.Later came festivals as Future Nature (also in Pula), Free Spirit (the island of Cres), Underwater Overground (Šibenik, Hvar, Pula – RIP brother Sheky), Life Celebration (Pula), Lost Theory (Deringaj), Modem (Primišlje), as well as some smaller festivals in Osijek, Knin, Rijeka (Mune), between those named before. The organisers of the oldest ongoing festival in Croatia, Future Nature, decided to take a break this year, and the other major 3 festivals are held one after the other in the following order: Life Celebration festival, from 10. to 14. July (with Cosmosis, Quantica, Zyce, Aes Dana, Journey, Sonic Wave Control, Vertex, etc.)… it takes about 200km and 1 and half day to the start of Modem festival, starting 15. and finishing 21. July (with EVP, Reality Grid, Tron, Grouch, Malice In Wonderland, etc.), and about 100km and 1 day till the start of Lost Theory festival, which lasts from 22. to 28. July (with Koxbox, Rastaliens, Laughing Buddha, Hux Flux, Ajja, Braincell, Earthling, etc.).

When we’re talking about Croatia’s club scene in the last 20 years, we can say party events are fairly regular. We must a knowledge Rijeka’s young and growing psy trance scene, as in the last couple of years we’ve seen a rise in psy trance Dj’s and events.

Text by:
Rio & Zeko (Riodario,N.S.,LCF,..)

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