18.07.2023 - 23.07.2023

Chill Out Planet Festival

Pushkinskiye Gory
Pskovskaya Oblast

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Festival details

(Info from the organizer)

First there was light. Then there was music - the language of light. The return of the legendary ChillOutPlanet Festival of Music and Light! Meet us where the sky meets the earth, dreams meet reality, music of the spheres meets spirit and consciousness. On the planet where Love lives!
ChillOutPlanet is the eighth Festival of Music and Light in the open air, as well as a creative platform for self-expression, contemplation and live communication. Event for connoisseurs of high-quality intellectual music and recreation in nature in the circle of like-minded people.
Everything is as usual - a mystical forest, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, a powerful music program, amazing art objects, the sea of activities, camping and all the necessary facilities. Everything you need to go beyond the usual perception and make a flight into the beyond.
We strive to unite different music styles and creative communities into one ecosystem, where all its elements work together for the common good and create new time values. Overcoming all earthly restrictions, the interstellar ark of the ChillOutPlanet will land on the expanses of the picturesque Pushkin mountains on July 12-17, 2022. We invite everyone who can't imagine their life without music and nature!
Peace! Music! Love!
Traditionally at the Festival for your children from 10:00 to 22:00 there will be a Kindergarten, organized by the team of Children Area Alliance. The garden will open for the young guests on July 12. Since July, 14, there will start master classes and opportunity to leave your child in the care of experienced team, ready to entertain your kids with all kinds of activities and take care of them on the territory of the Kindergarten. Chilldren Area schedules and rules will be available on site. There will also be a separate family camping area at the Festival grounds near the Kindergarten.
The Festival Fair is one of the most eye-catching locations. It is a concentration point of original artists, craftsmen, designers and painters. A treasure trove of unique designer items, magical artifacts, authentic bows, rare treats and handmade cosmetics. You can get lost here for a long time, and leave very satisfied and beautiful. Tundra Market opens its hospitable doors on July 12.
Healing is a space for health and self-development with its powerful dynamics and fire. It is an opportunity to slow down and have a vibrant, sensual, transformative experience. You will discover what your body is capable of, discover its hidden resources. You don't need any special skills to do this. The site is based on three basic healing tools: massage, meditation and music. The location will tentatively open on July 12. Welcome to body-oriented practices, lectures, yoga, Qigong, vocal practices, gong meditations and other techniques.
Vivid costumed performances, fire and light shows are an integral part of the festival program. Our artists may appear out of nowhere, but you will remember their images forever. This year unforgettable performances from masters of the genre from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Obninsk and other cities.
Cinema theater
In the cinema "Point in the Endless Universe" we'll watch movies under the stars and then discuss the stories that won't be shown in regular cinemas. Welcome to an open-air movie night!
Food court
Meals will be organized from the first day of the festival. For hungry guests there will be cafes and food courts, as well as bars and cozy tea rooms. The menu will satisfy the tastes of people with different eating habits (veg/non veg). The sale of drinking bottled water will be organized on the territory of the festival.
Info Center
Here you will get answers to all questions about the festival. Here you will also be able to buy drinking water and firewood, learn the schedule of festival transport and find out the order of the artists and the opening hours of the sites. You can also charge your phone and report a lost or found item. This is always an open meeting point, where they will help you.
Baths, showers
For your comfort, the Festival will be equipped with points where you can take a shower or go to the bath. There is Issa river on the territory of the Festival. Its waters more than once gave vivacity and freshness to the tired dancers and cooled down the heat of the sauna lovers.
The medical center
We try to make your rest comfortable and safe. If you get hurt or wounded you will get all necessary aid at any time of the day and night. Please be careful!
There will be two secure parking lots at the festival, a far side and a VIP near side. There will also be a VIP service parking lot for motor homes. Places in the VIP service parking must be reserved in advance. From the parking to the festival site will have to walk a short distance, as this is a natural area, travel by car is prohibited. Parking will be charged as an eco fee.
Transfer .
If you do not have an opportunity to get to the Festival on your own you can use transfer services. There are direct shuttles from Moscow and St. Petersburg on 50 seats buses. Transfers are organized by SpaceTransfer Community of Travelers.
Secured area.

Earth and Sky - a married couple whose love gave birth to all life in the world. One of the main ideas of the Festival is to strengthen the connection between man and nature. Awakening to the feeling of powerful elements. And forgotten knowledge of the need to live in harmony with the Earth, from whose bosom we came, united with the light of heaven. The festival takes place in the most beautiful corner of the Pskov region. The former Holy Mountains and the place of A.S. Pushkin's inspiration. Here the forest horizons neighbor the river valleys and meadows. Storks live in their nests. Stop, look and listen... Become an observer and nature will show you its secrets.
It is strictly forbidden at the Festival:
- Leave garbage in the forest.
- Destroy birds' nests and ant hills.
- To cut down live trees.
- Make bonfires in unequipped places.
- To throw cigarette butts.
- Throwing trash in unequipped places.
Pskov region, Pushkinogorsky district.
Entrance point 56.967815, 28.726235.
Peace! Music! Love!

Chill Out Planet Festival

Chill Out Planet Festival – an event for people who love and appreciate the quality of intellectual music, combined with advanced special effects and modern art proficiency under the canopy of old trees in the famous Russian forest. This is a festival for those who want to plunge into the unique atmosphere woven with love and permeated by vibrations in the subtle levels of perception of the world.

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