09.02.2023 - 12.02.2023

HillTop Festival

Vagator, Bardez Anjuna

HILLTOP FESTIVAL welcomes everyone to this electronic dance music extravaganza to indulge in a sensory overload of music and fabulously funked up concept stages

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Hill Top Festival

And its Back !
The frequencies are lining up and go deeper into the realms of Space and at the same time celebrate our Earth.

CHilltop Festival is an initiative where Chill Out, Ambient & DownTempo frequencies are shown.

This is a gathering for curious minds, chill lovers and music explorers from all around our lovely bobbing blue planet. it is carefully selected, what is quite a diverse selection of psychedelic chill sounds that will keep you smiling and grinning well into the night.

With many years in the making, this festival focuses on the concept of balance within and we definitely hope it matures into a platform for many creative ideas to convert into actual realities. We do feel the worldwide change happening, a shift in consciousness where new ideas are the most powerful tools that can shape our world, our music, our concepts. Our attempt with this Festival is to bring together many tribes and collectively move into the realm of exploration – both inner and outer space.

We invite you to smile, move and groove with us as we bring this 2nd edition into what some call the organic centre of the Psychedelic Mandala – Goa. This is where a lot of us call home and this is where we place our diverse roots deep into the powerful land with our thoughts, music, arts and culture.

This is where we Chill.

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