Connection Festival

Piscinas Naturales del Río Gévora
La Codosera - Badajoz

Connection Festival is... Workshops, visuals, chill-out, main floor and a wide range of activities will be performed through these magical days of connection.

Festival details

(Info from the organizer)

CONNECTION FESTIVAL returns this year with the soul growing thanks to all of you !!

After being reborn last year humbly, not without making mistakes, this year we started to grow again learning each year and each day of them, trying to make everything easier and comfortable for the vibration to remain. Thanks to all those who believe in magic ... Thanks to you Connection Festival was reborn (not without difficulties), and this year will begin again to take its first steps in the Natural Pools of La Codosera, along the sacred river GEVORA !!

This year we go a little later in September: September 17 to 24: Right at the autumn equinox, dancing to give entrance to the new season: when the sun is at its zenith and the day has the same duration as the night ... Enjoying also those days still warm from the Natural Pools, the places and the corners and waterfalls of the GEVORA River as it passes through the festival ... And all accompanied by the best live performances at the Oldshool Temple: this year only and exclusively the Goatrance will have a place in the Oldshool Temple !! In our Black Dust Altechnative relaxed at chill rhythms or with the best Techno, or in the Psytrance area: this year we open the doors to the most recent psychedelic and dark sounds and give them their place in Connection Festival !!

Our meeting will take place in our place of rebirth: The Natural Pools of La Codosera: Some magical Natural Pools on the course of the river GEVORA, in a magical forest environment that is completely flat! With more than enough space to camp, park with your car or caravan, access roads up to 50 meters from the Main Stage! And all the amenities we seek !!!

Drinkable water, shade and a great geographical location being only 3 hours from Madrid, 2 from Lisbon or 3 from Seville !! In the province of Badajoz, Spain.

La Codosera is a friendly town of about 2000 people, a small town with a big heart! Where foreigners await you, as you know, full of enthusiasm and excited to meet people of all nationalities and cultures, and give them all the services they need: shops, bars, accommodation in houses and / or hotels ... In an Extremadura environment with the best gastronomy and also unbeatable homemade distillates and wines !! With many hiking trails that can be done as an alternative to the music of the festival, and much to know!

We have capacity for up to 5000 people !!! The Main Stage has enough dimension to be able to jump and dance all much more comfortable in our beloved "Oldschool Temple" !! And above all remember that this work team is working excited to grow and continue to show that our mistakes of the past can be improved only by and for you!

This year we will have three spaces:
PsyTrance Area!
Black Dust Altechnative Stage !!
Oldschool Temple !!!

Being in such a privileged situation we will have shuttle bus from Lisbon and Madrid, so that you can arrive from any of these airports comfortably until the festival.

The website will be available on November 1: with all the information related to the festival and the promotion tickets for sale at only 80 euros!

Connection Festival 2019 awaits you ... We begin to grow with you !!

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Dates: September 17 to 24, 2019

Location: Natural Pools of La Codosera (Badajoz, Spain)

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We keep the same prices as last year !!!!!!!!!

EARLY BIRD PROMO TICKETS: € 80 (plus € 5 management fee): 150 tickets from November 1 to December 15 or SOLD OUT

1 PHASE: € 90 (plus € 5 management fees)

2 PHASE: € 100 (plus € 5 management fees)

3 PHASE: € 110 (plus € 5 management fees)

4 PHASE: € 120 (plus € 5 management fees)

DOOR: € 140

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Connection Festival (2016 Review)

From the depths of a forest clearing, classic Goa shakes the soil. The smell of changa lingers in the air. Hidden in the arid, rugged landscape that surrounds Seville lies the goasis that is Connection festival – a dance floor surrounded by trickling rivers and lush Spanish forest. And boy does it go off!

Connection Festival: Living Up to its Name

Connection, is a sanctuary of spirituality and sick psy sets. For over a week, hard hitting vintage psy-trance and Goa blasts day and night from a tower of speakers. Last year’s highlights included Man With No Name and Electric Universe, who delivered powerful and tweaky sounds that sent the crowd into a frenzy.

The crowd? A mix of doofers from all over the world, and almost all freaks. Though largely cosmopolitan, Connection was still uniquely Spanish in flavour. At one point I found myself dancing flamenca with an old Sevilla hippy chick to cha-cha trance while the crowd shouted “Andale! Andale!”, and thinking, only in Spain. Both the old-school tracks and vibe of festival was reminiscent of those first trance parties held on the beaches of Goa back in the nineties. It’s a vibe that sadly many festivals lack. A warm reminder that equality, oneness and connectivity are still held in esteem in the trance scene.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.17.10 PM

So it’s little wonder that Connection lived up to its name – it was more than a week of pure connection between real people. A coexistence between man, his universe and the wonders of trance music. The festival itself was small enough that it felt like family but big enough that there were no less than 400 people on the floor at any time. Aside from the main stage, a chill out tent cranked out a spacey blend of deep house and psybient. Both floors had exceptional audio production, pumping a huge and juicy sound through the trees of the Hueznar river region. The only exception was for a short period when one speaker blew on the main. This didn’t stop the dancing though, and everything was fixed in no time. Oh, and the temperature? Absolutely perfect. The gods of goa smiled sunshine upon Connection.

At only 60 euros (during presale), Connection was considerably cheaper than shorter festivals such as Vuuv and Psy-Fi. If you were there for the pre and after parties, 9 days is how long you would have found yourself in the paradise that is Connection. Facilities included: actual showers (cold), a bathroom (clean), a supply store with food and essential camping supplies, and a restaurant serving tasty Spanish meals to make you move.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.17.22 PM

For 2016, Connection will see the likes of Prana, Astral Projection and Green Nuns of the Revolution on the lineup. These Atomic Armadillos of the psychedelic genre will be sure to keep your Lifeforce strong as they remind us to Trust in Trance. Connection festival is a goa that this writer feels can’t be missed. Nos veremos allí!”

written by Samosir Atherton

Connection Festival (2015)

connection Festival 2015_2

Connection Festival 2015 will throw open its gates from 30th September, to 5th October, 2015 in the mystical  landscape of Seville, Spain. There’s a pre-party on the 29th of September which you cannot miss.

Connection Festival on facebook

Connection Festival part.1 (2015)

”A festival dedicated to the two greatest feelings that make the world go round: love and music. Merging bodies and souls through the sounds you love. These magical encounters make us to live a thousand adventures and experimenting infinity of feelings that will remain in our memories forever … Meet people from different places in the world and enjoy your music in a deep connection.”

Connection Festival 2015 will throw open its gates from 30th September, to 5th October, 2015 in the mystical  landscape of Seville, Spain. There’s a pre-party on the 29th of September which you cannot miss.

There will be two smashing dance floors. The Main Floor will host all the action-packed feet moving beats that will be belted out by international and local veterans from the scene. The Chill Out Floor will pay homage to the soothing sounds, that will give you a chance to catch your breath, after all the hours of ecstatic dancing. Check out the line-up listed below, many more names will soon be added.

To recharge you can get your energy levels back up by feasting at the Spanish restaurant, or you can catch a quick organic shower.  Later you can take a stroll down the market area, and if you have kids, then the Children Area, will be packed with enough amusement to keep your little ones happy. You can participate in workshops, healing sessions, meditations, yoga, etc.

This festival will wash away all the stress of your hectic life, and give you a high dose of psychedelic power that will have you floating on Cloud 9. Join the festival to connect with your higher self, and to enjoy bliss on earth.

Tickets are running out fast, you better get them while you can!

Ticket Sale Structure:

Promo Ticket: 30 € (SOLD OUT)

Early Bird Ticket: 40 € (until 01.01.2015 or sold out)

Presale Phase: 50 € (until 15.04.2015 or sold out)

Presale Last Phase 60€(Until 15.07.2015 or sold out)

At the Gate: 80 €

Sunday Ticket: 40 € (from 5.05.2015, 12:12 am)

Tickets available : Here 

Visit their website: Click Here

For more information:   Facebook




* DIMENSION 5  – Uk.


* ETNICA  -Maurizio Begoti/Italy

* THE MUSES RAPT aka Juan verdera  -Spain

* PLEIADIANS -Maurizio Begotti / ITALY

* POWER SOURCE – Israel.

* MFG -Israel

* ELYSIUM -Denmark

* SHEYBA, KAILASH, UNDERCOVER and KAAYA- (Live Performance)- Denmark



* GOCH –Macedonia

———– More coming soon!

Connection Festival part.2 (2015)


Connection Festival 2015 will throw open its gates from 30th September, to 5th October, 2015 in the mystical  landscape of Seville, Spain. There’s a pre-party on the 29th of September which you cannot miss.

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