Dimension Festival

New Zealand
near Auckland
1207 Waimatenui East Rd, Waipoua 0474

Visit this stunning waterside location for three nights to raise your consciousness through this incredible celebration of Music & Art.

Festival Info

Forget the Ordinary
4 Day Electronic Music and Arts Festival
5 - 8 February 2021
Northland NZ
Leave the ordinary behind and discover the freedom and transcendent wonder of an authentic psychedelic festival experience.
Our theme is Forget the Ordinary – we want you to feel entirely unencumbered by your daily hassles and grind. Dress up, go wild, lose yourself to the music, discover the unusual - be yourself and nobody else!
The festival Main Stage puts on an all-encompassing audio, visual, and light experience to uplift your senses - with custom visuals providing a full HD landscape - it's an endless universe for you to ‘fall in’ to.
And with our art team in full swing, we create a psychedelic playground for you to paint, draw, play, and express yourself. A place to collaborate and explore with your new-found festival tribe.
To create the ideal wonderland, Dimension is set in one of the most beautiful locations in New Zealand, with an idyllic river for swimming and lush spots to camp under trees. Our festival’s home is an absolute paradise on earth.
Due to the worldwide challenges of Covid-19, we have decided to limit the tickets this year to only 500 people. That way, the festival can stay focused on our shared psychedelic adventure through the main stage, collaborations, art, workshops and spaces where we support our community.
All tickets include vehicle access to the main campground. No additional car passes will be needed this year.
Leave the ordinary behind and let yourself be fully immersed with us in a new DIMENSION!
- All tickets include free camping and vehicle access to the campground. Camp freely, build the ultimate festie hub and do it all with your friends right there. No reserved spaces.
- Free drinking water + showers
- Access to all stages, interactive zones, creative areas and workshops included.

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