Experience Festival

Magic Mountain
Ban Ko Tao, Chumphon

Thailand's annual Psychedelic Trance Festival, held since 2008 on the tiny paradise turtle Island (Koh Tao).

Festival details

(Info from the organizer)

MAGIC PHANGAN PRODUCTIONS are pleased to announce our
on Koh Tao (Turtle Island) in the Gulf of Thailand.

Join us on this Tropical Paradise Island from
Sunday 30th December 2018 to Wednesday 2nd January 2019
for Four Days of Psychedelic Trance Music... 74 hours Non-stop!

Brought to you by a Line-up of more than Fifty International Artists...


2012LIVE (Antu Records) Brazil
CHACRUNA (Antu / Maharetta Records) Chile / Spain
CONTINEUM (Mutagen / Trick Records) UK
DUST (Looney Moon Records) Italy
ECTIMA (TesseracTstudio) Serbia
ESCAPE (Twenty4Seven Records) UK
FILTERHEADS (Wildthings Records) Austria / Sweden
FRANGIPANI (Geomagnetic Records) Japan
HUMAN GROOVE (Flow EV Records) Austria
HYPNOISE (Sacred Technology / Maharetta Records) Spain
ITAL (Antu Records) Chile
K.i.M (Zero1 Music) Sweden
MIDDLE MODE (Digital Om) Serbia
MIROK (Grasshopper Records) Japan
MUTALIENS (Looney Moon Records) UK
NOTE (Magic Phangan Records) Thailand
NUKLEALL (Blacklite Records) Italy
PARASENSE (Boom Shanka Music) Russia
REVERSED LOGIC (Digital Om) Serbia
SHINOUDA (Savva Records) Switzerland
SOUTHWILD (Wildthings Records) Germany
STARLAB (Digital Om) India
TRIPICAL (Prog On Syndicate Records) Thailand
ZYCE (TesseracTstudio) Serbia

APNEA (Magic Phangan / Maharetta Records) Belgium
DAKSINAMURTI (Sangoma Records) Germany
DAMNEDGE (Epic Tribe) UK
GOA GUMMY (Psyhead Community) Thailand
HANABI (Mosaico Records) Japan
HATTA (Grasshopper Records) Japan
HUGO NATION (Twenty4Seven Records) UK
IRY (Grasshopper Records) Japan
Jo MOONTRIBE (Magic Phangan / Antu Records) Malta
JORG (Magic Phangan Records) Thailand
K-ISUMA (Landmark Recordings) Germany
K.O.B. (Magic Phangan Records) Thailand
LARS LEE (Magic Phangan Records) Germany
LEUNG (Magic Phangan Records) Thailand
PRAVAH (Ex-Dragon Loops Org.) Germany
RADZY (Epic Tribe) Malaysia
RIKAM (TechSafari Records) Canada
SCOTTY (Planet VuuV) Germany
SEBIDELICA (Mutagen Records) Belgium
SONIYA (Moon Fairy Project) Taiwan
SSONGG (Playground) S.Korea
TUNE RAIDER (Twenty4Seven Records) South Africa
YGRIEGA (Oui-R1 Tribe) Canada
YUYA (Antu Records) Japan
ZIG (Magic Phangan Records) Israel


BY THE RAIN (Epic Tribe) Turkey
NAURE SAD (Oreades Prod) France

BABURS (Epic Tribe / Trimurti Records) Malaysia
DNY (Magic Phangan Records) Belgium
LOGIC SKY (Blue Moon) Thailand
M-PHANGAN (Blue Moon) Thailand
MAGIC (Ban Sabaii) Thailand
PSYCHOTIK (Playground) Thailand
SONIYA (Moon Fairy Project) Taiwan
SSONGG (Playground) S.Korea
TIPSY GIPSY (Epic Tribe / Art of Nabura) Maldives
ZEIDGEIZ (Malaysia)

Please do not send us any more Artists' Requests!

SKY (Switzerland)

CARIN DICKSON (Artescape) South Africa

at BAN SABAII (Koh Phangan)


PHASE 1: From Tuesday 1st May until Friday 31st August @ 2,900 THB.
(This Price does not include the PayPal Charges for Online Tickets).
Available online from

PHASE 2: From Saturday 1st September until Thursday 27th December (19:00 Local Time) @ 3,200 THB.
Available Online and also from a few designated Outlets on Koh Tao and Koh Phangan that will be named later.

PHASE 3: From Friday 28th December @ 3,500 THB.
Available ONLY from the Festival Gate (Open at 12 noon).

Please Note that we DO NOT sell DAY PASSES - Tickets are Available only for the Four Full Event Days!

Free Clean Toilet and Shower Facilities.
Free Parking Grounds.
Free 24h Shuttle Service to / from Venue / Parking Grounds (near the Main Road between Mae Haad and Chalok Ban Kao).

Thai & Western Food Market (24 hours)
Clothing & Jewelry Shop Stands.

Festival Gates will be Open from Noon on 28th December until Noon on 3rd January.

The Camping Site & Facilities can be used throughout this whole time.


For more Information about Travel, Accommodation and much more, please visit our website:

A R E Y O U E X P E R I E N C E D ?

10 years Experience Festival in Koh Tao – where the heart beats every New Years Eve in Thailand!

Mushroom Magazine asked the organizers, the Koh Phangan Family, how the festival evolved, progressed and how the 10th anniversary will be celebrated.

The famous island Koh Phangan in Thailand is one of the birth places of Psytrance, almost equal to Goa itself. The scene started in the 90’s and almost all important DJs and producers were playing there and enjoying the white-sand beaches of the beloved party island.
Tom Rom
It has been a while since the last big New Year Festival Green Spirit near Ao Nang on the other side of the Thai peninsula ended. It didn’t take long for the Koh Phangan Family to found a new festival that is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017/18. The Experience Festival is held annually from 30th December until 2nd January on the Tropical, Paradise Island of Koh Tao, situated in the Gulf of Thailand – 4 days of nonstop music on a beautiful hill not far away from the pier in Koh Tao. It has been going since 2007, hence, this year will be the 10th anniversary. The purpose of the family is to bring, more or less, 2,000 beautiful people from all over the globe to dance to Psychedelic Trance sounds through the New Year together for 4 whole days. And even after the festival it’s not over – parties on the neighbouring island of Koh Phangan go on, almost every day.
The venue is located on a mountain top surrounded by tropical jungle and beaches, which provide the most beautiful, natural ‘backdrops’ for a mind-blowing venue with the best views to the nearby beaches, just a few minutes away. From the dance floor, being situated on this small mountain top, one can see stunning sunrise and sunset views, with the Dj booth right in between. Over the last ten years Experience has evolved by starting with around 800 people to 2,300 people during the last edition in 2016. Together with Universo Paralello in Brazil, Experience is one of the best locations in the world to spend a real Psytrance-change-of-the-year!

Experience Festival is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year. How will you and your team celebrate this event in 2017/18?
We plan to celebrate our 10th year anniversary together with all our guests and making sure that each and every one of them has a fantastic, loving and peaceful time celebrating the New Year days here with us in Thailand.

Experience is one of the most beautiful NYE Psytrance festivals in the world. What makes Experience so special?
Thank you for saying that. We have never looked at ourselves as being one of the best around the world. Probably what makes it so special is the fact that we are located on such a beautiful, tropical, tiny Island, which caters for tourists and backpackers all year round, so this makes it so much easier for our guests to travel to and around. Koh Tao is a very small island, and has a number of beautiful beaches, bungalow resorts, restaurants, and all kinds of facilities you can imagine. Making it a fun place to be, even when our Guests want to take a few hours break from partying, everything is within a few minutes reach. We are also blessed with the fact that the guests who have been attending our Festival since 2007, have all been super wonderful and loving people. Nothing pleases us more other than seeing 2,000 people becoming friends by the time the event has ended.

Experience takes place in Koh Tao but it’s organized by the Ko Phangan Psytrance family. Who is part of this family involved in the organization?
The Festival is organized by Magic Phangan Productions, who are also the organizers of Ban Sabaii, where, since 2004, they hold two free Psytrance parties every week, and Blackmoon Culture, located at Mac’s Bay resort in Ban Tai, which, since 1999 is held monthly, both located on Koh Phangan. The organization also has its own Magic Phangan Record Label.

What will the fraggles‘ experience be at Experience 2017/18?
Apart from the amazing international line-up that we have chosen for this year’s edition, which we always try to do every year as best as we can with our budgets, for this occasion we will be focus more on the decoration, which we are already well known for. As we have been doing for the past 9 editions, we will be ordering our deco from Artescape (South Africa), which is the creation of Carin Dickson, who is already well known all over the planet for making the decorations for some of the world’s biggest festivals. For this special occasion we have invited Carin to come over herself and create something special for us. Normally we give her a different theme each year and she designs the deco specifically for us according to the theme we have chosen for each particular year. But this year we have given her no theme to work with so that she can create whatever her beautiful imagination can come up with, knowing Carin this will be something spectacular that we are also curious to see!

Do you have any future plans with Experience?
Who knows what the future has in store for us? The only thing that we aim for is to keep our festival going strong, keep our good reputation and not making it any bigger in numbers, we are all about quality not quantity!

How long is the festival scheduled this year?
As always the music on the main floor will start at 4 p.m. on 30th December and will keep blasting for 74 hours, non-stop, until 6 p.m. on 2nd January. The Music on the chill out floor will end at 11pm on 2nd January, allowing people to come down nicely and chill for a few hours.

Are there any after events in Koh Phangan after Experience?
Yes, as always, we will have a free after party on the 5th January at Ban Sabaii, which is our own home venue located on Ban Tai beach on Koh Phangan.

Where can people get more information and which are the best links to videos of Experience?
On our Experience Festival facebook page people can find all the Information they need about the event, ticket sales and also videos. Our website is: where people can also find the information about the event and they can also find very useful tips and links about travelling to Koh Tao, info about the island itself, accommodation and much more….

Mushroom Magazine travel advice
How to get to Experience Festival: Fly to Bangkok – get some guest house in or around Kao San Road and have some fun there – go to any travel agency (or even take public bus) and take a bus directly from Kao San Road overnight. You’ll arrive in the morning in Chumphon and get the ferry there. Mostly the bus tickets include the ferry boat/speed boat to Koh Tao and in the late morning you are in Koh Tao. It is very advisable to book accomodation in Koh Tao and also in Koh Phangan in advance – especially because the Full Moon Party takes place on New Year Eve and this year also on 2nd January 2018.

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