FreeMental Festival - Delta Edition

Cres Island

We are happy to present the FREEMENTAL Festival, founded by longtime friends, trancers and organizers of Saso Mange Soundsystem and Hypnodelix collective.

Festival details

(Info from the organizer)

Psychedelic beach festival
Psytrance, Full On, Progressive, Psychedelic Nighttime, Progressive, Psytechno/Techno, Psychill, Downtempo, Ambiental, Dub
28th of July - 1st of August 2021
Tarej, Cres Island, Croatia

WORLD: 115 € (ticket per person including administrative tax)
EX-YU: 100 € (contact
Island of Cres welcomes us next July for our 4th edition: five days of serious soundquakes and full week of camping, in deep shade and comfort of Tarej forest.
Prepare yourself for finest psy, dub, techno & chill artists from all universes on three floors, full days of workshops and bodywork area in the last untouched gem of the Adriatic sea.
We invite you to join us next year in an even bigger and stronger edition, until then gather your energy and craziness!!
Join us in building a worldwide tribe, dedicated to love, wisdom,
transformation, and personal freedom.
As we develop and emancipate, our spirit evolves. In delta edition we are celebrating leaving the realm of childhood, to acknowledge, celebrate, and remind us that we are a part of a perpetual process. Freemental is an attitude: to grow we have to face our darkness and sacrifice old patterns.
Powered by: Saso Mange Soundsystem
Deco: TBA
VJ: Dimension Tricks
3lowbeat (CRO, Hypnodelix / FreeMental festival) DJ set
Allan (CRO, KaosLab/TAMAN) DJ set
Anthill (MK/SLO, Forestdelic Records) LIVE
Asimilon (UK, Bom Shanka Music) LIVE
Asimilon & Neurosystem LIVE + DJ set
Bocara (BRA, Bom Shanka) DJ set
Chris Rich (UK, Bom Shanka Music) LIVE
Damzah (BiH, Forestdelic Records) DJ set
Daksinamurti (GER, Sangoma Records) DJ set
Dirty Saffi (UK, Bom Shanka Music) LIVE
Dr. Space (HUN, Forestdelic Records) DJ set
Duke & Gonzo (GER, Maharetta Records) LIVE
Egon's Embrace (SRB/USA, Sangoma Records) LIVE
Fantazma (SLO, Forestdelic Records) LIVE
Flooting Grooves (SA, Peak Records) LIVE
Freemental Orchestra (CRO, Independent) LIVE
Ganesh (CRO, Independent) DJ set
Gaspard (CH, Sangoma Records) LIVE
Kala (MK/SLO, Forestdelic Records) LIVE
Neurosystem (CRO, Geomagnetic) LIVE
Nuky (UK, Bom Shanka Music) DJ set
Once upon a time (BL, Blue Hour Sounds) LIVE
Paradigm (USA, Sculpted Sounds Music) DJ set
Pelks (CRO, Raver specimen) DJ set
Pila (CRO, Forestdelic Records) DJ set
Psymmetrix (UK, Bom Shanka) LIVE
Rezonant (SRB, Sangoma Records) LIVE
Sequoya (GER, Sangoma Records) LIVE
Simia (SRB, Hypnotique Recordings) LIVE
The Skeptozoids (CH, Sangoma Records) LIVE – 1st time special
SVN (CRO/UK, Independent) DJ set
Tryptalife (FRA, Sangoma Records) LIVE
UotoU (ITA, Hypnotique recordings / Sarnarschourt Records) LIVE
Winpa (CRO, Insectik Records) DJ set
Yabba Dabba (FRA, Sangoma Records) LIVE
Yesca (BRA, Zero 1 Music) DJ set
Yudhisthira (MK, Forestdelic Records) LIVE
Zmayo (CRO, Pistolero Recordings) DJ set

Powered by: Better Than Yours Soundsystem
Deco: Area51
VJ: LiteMotif & Wild Bronco, Improwizz
1000Arc (HUN, Independent) DJ set
Carnero (CRO, Metz Attack) DJ set
Cassia Tribe (CRO, Independent) LIVE
Dalton Trance Teleport (SRB/CRO, Mystic Sound) LIVE
Dataura (UK, Digital Mind Records) LIVE
DaYes (CRO, Independent) DJ set
Dots (CRO, LED/Beat svega) DJ set
DSK (CRO, Independent) LIVE
Dujo (CRO, River) DJ set
Ecstatic Dance Croatia festival special edition
Egomorph (ITA, Pistolero Recordings/Occultech) LIVE
Flix (CHI, Pistolero Recordings/Padang) LIVE
Foxy (CRO, Blast) DJ set
Fourmi Rouz (LT, Goulash disco) DJ set
Freemental Orchestra (CRO, Independent) LIVE
Gars (CRO, River) DJ set
G-Psy Brothers (CRO, Independent) DJ set
Haktal (CRO, Pistolero Recordings) DJ set
Hand of Damaru (CRO, Independent) LIVE
Herya (CRO, Deep'n'Delicious) DJ set
Hoody-chi (CRO, Independent) DJ set
Indra (CRO, Chillibar/Ecstatic Dance) DJ set
Jarunsky (CRO, L tuneL/Dubokotoplo) DJ set
JFK (CRO, Independent) LIVE
Kirg (CRO, Pistolero Recordings) DJ set
Kiwi in space (CRO, Musica Milliona) DJ set
Klaada (CRO, Mindspring Music/Sunna Records) LIVE
Kliment (BG, Zenon Records) LIVE
M.I.L.E (CRO, Dubokotoplo) DJ set
MJ Suddani (CRO, Cruise Collective) DJ set
Mradar (CRO, Bunar) DJ set
Omnisomnia (ITA, Pistolero Recordings) LIVE
Rea Tas (CRO, Farout) DJ set
Sensitrope vs. Sensidrop (CH, Pistolero Recordings/Zenon Records) LIVE
Soluble Sounds (UK, Pistolero Recordings/TechYES) LIVE
Sretni Edi (CRO, Independent) DJ set
Stikk (CRO, Hartera) DJ set
Sufi's Life (CRO, Altar Records) LIVE
StoryTellers (CRO, RaDost) DJ set
Vedri (CRO, Independent) DJ set
Yves Taquet (CRO, Goulash Disco) DJ set
Zak (CRO, Adriatic coasting) DJ set
Zmayo (CRO, Pistolero Recordings) DJ set
Powered by: Digitron Soundsystem
Deco: TBA
More TBA.
⬢ Bar
⬢ Food
⬢ Craft Beer
⬢ Rakia
⬢ Chai & Coffee shop
⬢ Camping/Hammocks/Vans/Camper vans
⬢ Powercamp
⬢ Bodywork
⬢ Workshops
⬢ Cinema
⬢ Art Performance
⬢ Jam Session floor
⬢ Kids Daycare

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