Goa Gil & Ariane Open Air Germany

Mecklenburg Vorpommern, near Demmin
Flughafenring 31, 17129 Tutow

"Redefining the Ancient Tribal Ritual for the 21st Century"

Festival details

(Info from the organizer)

Das Line up
Let´s dance and create a mega energy wave full of love, humility and laughter!
Modular Monkey
Urk Garurk
Kinetik Flux
Magnetik Sadhu
Vox Fabri
Strix Aluco
The Shines
Fractal Spin
Felix Viertel

It is time to give something back. We were all allowed to have our very own experiences, got exactly what we needed to become who we are now, dance step by dance step. Gil connected all of our worlds, spun a network, brought us together as a community. He has dedicated his life to this task of inspiring a redefinition of ancient tribal rituals for the 21st century, through which we can stay connected to our ancestors and thus to the whole universe. This connection is both a connection to the past and at the same time a connection to the future of all of us. Actually, there is always only now. Dancing as active meditation expands our consciousness, expanded consciousness means evolution. An evolution towards a connection between all that is. Now we have to find a way to bundle our experiences into energy.
As you can see from his statement, Gil is ill. His tour to Europe is cancelled. In order to get healthy again, his only chance is an appropriate medical treatment. This means a high financial burden in the USA. In addition, the cancellation of the tour also means the loss of income. We would like to help Gil and have discussed with him our idea to transform the Goa Gil & Ariane Open Air Germany 2023 into a festival that supports him financially. We are still processing and looking over the situation ourselves. Our idea is to bring together people to whom Gil has given a lot for many years, through his sets, his love for music and the related support of countless artists, and through his message that everything is one and one is everything. Accordingly, we will design the line up accordingly. It is important for us to communicate honestly and transparently with you. How it will continue and what exactly will develop now, needs planning. We will share our thoughts with you and keep you informed. For us, this situation, with all the uncertainty, is a way to give something back. We would not be us without this task, which was given to us, to organize the 24 hour ritual. We have grown, practiced humility, argued, laughed, danced, cried and would do it all again. Through you, the most wonderful guests we could ask for, we have experienced what it feels like to do what you love and pass on that love, which truly fulfills us. Previously, we also attended this event year after year as guests, there we experienced what it took to be able to pass on and continue living these experiences.
Above all, we learned: it is what it is!
Gil also sees it that way, he faces things and goes on his way.
We are grateful for any feedback.
Inquiries can basically be sent to
With love,
Your Goa Gil Crew aka Soundviecher aka Mutterschiff e.V.

It is a family gathering and is based on a need that is as old as humanity itself: Gathering for music and dance, honoring the tribe and life in the process. What is integrated in the cultures of all primitive peoples of the world until today as a fixed ritual, seems long forgotten "in the West". In place of the security in collectives, which collectively master the crises of individuals, isolation and competition take their place in the ego society. The word "culture" serves almost only to market trends and has long since ceased to have anything to do with its actual meaning and word origin, namely, "to dwell, to cultivate, to worship, to till the field" (Latin "colere").
We are motivated to promote the current cultural awareness of our environment under the motto "The Mission Is The Message Is Sound". We are determined to use the universal medium "music" in a targeted way to actively meet the basic need for belonging to a community and being connected to the environment. With our events we want to create spaces for the fulfillment of these instinctive desires. We are convinced of a positive influence on society that comes from the maintenance of such "tribal rituals", as individuals regain their integrity through such rituals.
Goa Gil himself refers to it simply as "Redefining the ancient tribal ritual for the 21st century."
There will be taps on the grounds with drinking water.
Please no dogs and no children!!! This is a 24hr dance ritual!!!

Some informations how to arrive at the festival:
You have to go by train to trainstation " Demmin ", from friday 11:00AM the shuttle to the location is available. Here´s the phone number of the shuttle: 0172/942 956 9
Attention: the train isn´t running during the night time. Check out your connection here:
To come by car isn´t a problem at all. It´s possible to camp at your car this time..

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