Kosmos Festival

Hietanen Fi-52510 near Ylä Kuomio Lake

Kosmos is the Gathering of Electronic Tribes. With the hypnotic freaky Suomi-sound.Located in the beautiful Finnish countryside.

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(Info from the organizer)


Dear Kosmonauts,
With heavy hearts, we have decided to move Kosmos Festival 2021 to next year. There are several reasons that lead to this decision. The most important one is that we want to give all our dear Kosmonauts a top-notch festival experience, which is impossible with the current level of knowledge we have regarding the ability to organize events this summer in Finland.
You can keep your tickets and use them in Kosmos Festival 2022 without any action needed. If you wish to return your ticket, you can do so in Tiketti through this link: but please note that you must do it before the 2nd of August.
Kosmos Festival 2022 is planned to be held from 7th to 10th of July in our beautiful and familiar neck of woods in Ristiina. We are extremely happy for your continued trust in our organization and the magical gathering we all wish to share!
If you have any questions, we will do our best to reply to your messages through the usual channels!

Quick answers:
- New date will be 7th -10th July 2022.
- Lineup in 2022 will follow the 2020/2021 plan as close as possible.
- Tickets purchased for Kosmos Festival 2020/2021 will be valid for Kosmos Festival 2022.
- Tickets can also be refunded during 1st June and 2nd August in Tiketti through this link:

Check that "Kosmos Festival" is the only organiser for this event. If any other organiser / organisations are mentioned, you're probably looking at a fake event so be aware

The Gathering Of Electronic Tribes 2022
7.-10.7.2022 Närhilä, Ristiina Finland
Welcome to the 7th edition of Kosmos Festival!
Tickets - more info to be announced

"Always look on the bright side of life"

Kosmos Festival 2019

Kosmos Festival is inviting people to a psychedelic journey to Finland.

It’s all about dancing deep in the dense forest to Suomisoundi, all forms of Psytrance, Techno,
Hard Dance, Drum‘n‘Bass, Psychedelic Rock and Chill Music.

Kosmos has more than 200 performing artists and hundreds of volunteers, who come together as a community to turn the sixth Kosmos Festival edition into an unforgettable journey. Visionary souls from all over the world are invited to provide their creative power to make the festival even more exciting.

Guests can join the circus stage for learning new skills with professionals or take part in interesting discussions in various workshops. In 2019, Kosmos Festival presents new stages dedicated especially to suomisoundi and psychedelic rock, while renovating some of the existing stages – each being unique in style. Dancers can enjoy stages with 3D video mapping projections and get inspired by galleries and live art projects everywhere in the forest. The basic infrastructure, like walking paths, toilets, camping grounds and shopping bazaar are being improved each year. And naturally there is a sauna next to a lake.

Half of the pre-sale tickets are already sold:
The crew recommends getting a ticket soon! Pack your bikinis, speedos and a warm pullover – and get ready to enter Kosmos Festival in the beautiful Finnish forest!

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