28.06.2023 - 03.07.2023

Las Festival

near Liberec
Paczyn, 58-420

LAS Festival is a musical gathering for all open-minded people. We create space where various musica

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There's still a lot of time left, but put it in your calendars already - at the end of June the magical LΛS will return, using the help of the best vibrations and the most sincere of smiles to bring our souls closer together
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LΛS is a unique event that brings together subcultures and musical genres that typically function in isolation from one another. It features five distinct sound systems, five separate booking teams, and five different deco teams. In essence, LΛS is five festivals combined - held together by an all-encompassing cosmic force that transcends all barriers

Las Festival

Las project is the music gathering in the wild (amongst nature). We do not stick to one place but every time try to find something more suitable, some sun-kissed, sweet-smelling, awe-inspiring place. We are preparing great ideas for the whole year, so you could spend 4 days dancing, meeting people and enjoying workshops. We are the biggest electronic open air music festival in Lower Silesia and one of the biggest underground projects in Poland.

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