Popol Vuh "Space Mother Ship"

29960 Palenque

Spring Equinox Gathering - 4 days in the Mayan jungle - Live music gathering in the open air - Plant a tree - Limited availability

Festival details

(Info from the organizer)

"Popol Vuh " Nahual-Can Music + Arts Equinox Gathering 2022 "
J u n g l e Gathering
17-20 March 2023
Nahual-Can Eco Village
Open Air Live Music Gathering
Tickets Available
Planta un Arbol (Plant a Tree)
Cupo Limited
Event Limited to 200 People...
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Ancestors, true bloodline, I ask for your guidance.
Bring me your peace and your intelligence.
Blessed Mother, come to me in my dreams with the wish of the Gods for my future.
Blessed Father, watch over my race beneath the stars.
Let them use the land and the water and keep them safe until my return.
Whisper to them in their dreams that I live only to embrace them again and all else is dust and air.
Ancestors, true stones, I honor you and I will try to live with the dignity that you have taught me.
No demon can prevent your awakening, over all the dead of the Xibalbá Underworld and the ship uternia matures the moment, with the flaming nozzles of life, towards the terrestrial sky, towards the paradise of time. And at the top the Southern Cross guides the navigator, towards the destiny next to the cacao, guava and zapote, sacred energy of ancient and present man. Flower of alchemy, snail, corn and galactic race, from the crypt in Xibalbá, Pakal immortal traveler on nine symbolic steps of gestation, along the path of the Sun to the west, then to the east ready for the birth and descent of the space being.
The time has come, awaken in the world Pakal !!!!!!
Fourth Edition Of Our Commemorated Event "Nahual Can" in the Mayan Eco Village Nahual Can ".
in the Mayan Eco Village Nahual Can located 2.5 Km from the Mayan temples of Palenque ...
All the funds generated in this event are used to continue to evolve the project "Nahual Can Eco Village".

Arnold Spoiler
Akbal- Ho (Burrow)
Anali OG (Opro ,Hikuri Recs)
Bankai (Total Destruction)
Bolon Yokte (Label manager Popol Vuh Records).
Bowzer (Supernova)
Ancestral Consciousness ( Popol Vuh Records )
Cimi - Ka (Synergy / Burrow)
Darkman (Kesuene Records)
Fischmehl (Hunabku Recs)
Hasso Hitech (Popol Vuh Records)
Josh McVomit (Gordo Beatz)
Kailash ( Total Destruction/ Popol Vuh Recs)
Molectone (Merkaba Music /Ibidelyc Recs)
Molectone (Merkaba Music /Ibidelyc Recs)
Coretexx (Popol Vuh Recs)
Kamikaze (Psycrislab)údez/
Kalifish ( Hunab Ku Recs)
Lucid Senses (Opro ,Hikuri Recs)
Olokun ( Ibidelyc Recs)
Putz'il (Enki Lab)
Space Lord ( Total Destruction / Popol Vuh Recs)
Triptofun (Fenix Festival,Kamasutra)
Trinidad Tecnologica (Old School Goa Set)
YukNoom (Popol Vuh Records)
Visuals / Deco Team / Performance
Imix Jaguar.
Hasso Tri-Tech

Prohibited Access
* Alcoholic Beverages
*People who disturb the order or are in bad condition.
*Do not dispose of batteries (they are super pollutants for the Earth).
*No Weapons
*No Drugs
* No Littering
* We are not responsible for any lost objects.
* If You Smoke Throw Your Butts in the Ashtrays
*No Plastic, Bring Your Thermos, Purified Water Refill will be available

Buy your Ticket Online at The Hive ----->
To Reserve your Ticket via OXXO Deposit or Bank Deposit
1.- Make a deposit via OXXO with HSBC Card Number 4213 1661 2963 4477
2.- Send proof of deposit
3.- Contact ➜ Popol Vuh Records
4.- Your name is automatically integrated into the system and you will be given an Access Code.
5.- The access code will be exchanged at the box office for your access code.
NOTA ➜ very important to confirm the process by sending the deposit receipt and full name to add you to the access list that will be kept at the entrance.

Cupo Limited - 200 people
Quality No Quantity
Presale Legalize - 420 mx pesos ( Limited to 50 Tickets)
Presale Kabbalah - 777 MX Pesos
Cosmic Gate - 999 MX Pesos

More Info Via Inbox to Popol Vuh Records Page

to Whatsapp +5219999 980818

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