06.09.2023 - 11.09.2023

Own Spirit Festival

North Spain, Aragon
22571 Baldellou, Santa Ana Reservoir

5 DAYS of No Stop Music, Art, Nature & Spirituality at a mind blowing landspace. 3 Areas Psytrance, Progressive, Forest, Darkspy, Goatrance ...

Festival details

(Info from the organizer)

Own Spirit is a visionary festival that combines music and psychedelic culture, sense of community, spiritual growth and dance as an expression of being.

At Own Spirit Festival we celebrate life, inviting people of all ages, including families and children, to take part in this process of transformation and gain of mindfulness.

We offer two stages, the Dancefloor and the Temple of Frequencies, where national and international djs from the psytrance scene and psychedelic electronic music will play 24 hours non-stop.

And the Holistic Zone entirely dedicated to spiritual healing practices and to the development of our potential as human beings through workshops, performances, talks and concerts.

Also, Own Spirit aims to be a sustainable festival. The Santa Anna Reservoir is a very energetic and powerful place, thanks to its beautiful nature, and we are convinced that nature is our Mother and Teacher.

Therefore, we want to transmit these values to our participants trying to be ourselves an example of respect, love and care for everything around us.

Own Spirit Festival

We have found our home, a place where the waters bathe a lush land furrowed by the sun and where the winds blow whispering to the rocks and to the animals inhabiting it.
Here nature is still abundant and uncontaminated, and with wisdom she teaches us to love, respect and learn from her. She is our teacher. It is the spirit that is in all things and inside ourselves.
This is where we have put our roots and where we have started this new path, to create the OS experience, where through music, art, dance, laughter, joy and union, our souls connect, grow and learn how to be in full harmony, as a unique being. We go back to the source.
We are One Spirit!

The Festival on the map

Own Spirit Festival (2016) – review

own spirit festival


erfahre das Potential
sammle den Spirit
die echte Manifestation des lebenden Bewusstseins im Detail

April 16–18, 2016 • Barcelona, Spain
ein Nachbericht über das Own Spirit Festival von DJane Gaby

own spirit festival djane gaby


own spirit festival

Recht selten hören wir von grösseren Partys und Festivals in Spanien, aber die wenigen sind voller Liebe und Leidenschaft.

Ich war sehr glücklich als ich für das OWN SPIRIT FESTIVAL gebucht wurde, da es eines meiner Lieblingsfestivals ist. Ich fühlte etwas, was ich längere Zeit nicht gefühlt und sogar vermisst hatte, etwas was ich schlicht THE SPIRIT nenne.

Dort fühlte ich wieder das Potential, in dem wir vor Jahren an einem Platz tief in ONE UNITY verbunden waren. Wir alle lieben es zu tanzen, zu lächeln und durchzudrehen, was im normalen Leben unmöglich ist. OWN SPIRIT liess mich spüren wie es sein könnte. Eine Party, wo Du zuhause bist, mit einer Familie tanzt und wo immer Du hingehst, ein Lächeln bekommst.

Die Organisation hat die Vision des letzten Jahres sogar mit mehr Details, mehr Einsatz und mehr Liebe erweitert. Entweder waren es die Dekoration oder die Vibes, welche es wieder zu einem außerordentlichen Festival machten. Die echte Manifestation des lebenden Bewusstseins im Detail. Setzt dieses Festival unbedingt auf Eure Liste und ich bin mir sicher, Ihr werdet fühlen, was ich fühlte.

Liebe und Einheit auf allen Ebenen 🙂

experience the potential
garner the spirit
the real manifestation of the living consciousness in details

April 16–18, 2016 • Barcelona, Spain
a review of Own Spirit Festival by DJane Gaby

own spirit festival djane gaby


own spirit festival

It‘s quite seldom that we hear from bigger parties and festivals in Spain, but those few which are happening, are full of Love & Passion.

I was very happy when I was booked for the OWN SPIRIT FESTIVAL, as it is one of my favorite festivals. I felt something I hadn‘t felt for a while and even started to miss at other festivals which I simply call THE SPIRIT.

There I again felt the potential we had many years back when in one place all people could get deeply connected into ONE UNITY. We all love to dance, smile, and get wild, what we maybe can‘t do in normal life. This place really let me feel how it could be. A party, where you feel at home, dance with One Family and get smiles wherever you walk around.

The organization even expanded the vision of last year, with more details, more effort, and more love. Either it was the decoration or just the vibes which again turned it into a very special festival. The real manifestation of the living consciousness in details. Have this festival strongly on your list and I am sure you will feel what I felt.

Love & Unity on all levels 🙂

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