PSY Circus Festival

Guadalajara, Jalisco

Celebrate summer with us! PSY Circus Festival 2019 located in Mexico Guadalajara!

Festival details

(Info from the organizer)

Estamos preparando un festival de arte contemporáneo, que será construido para niños de todas las edades, de cero a cien años; diseñado a fin de divertirse a lo grande, nadar en colores, sonidos y luces radicales.:PSY Circus Festival
No se lo pueden perder!


PSY CIRCUS Festival ( Review 2015) : Uplifting Human Spirituality

“Reuniting the best artists in the world of psychedelic music, visual media and deco in scene, circus and acrobatics performances among others, making the difference lifting you only to the next level!! Expose your spirit and soul to a reloaded experience that´ll blow your senses!!!”

The PSY CIRCUS Festival is slotted to run from 22nd May to 24th May, 2015, that’s a three day massive celebration of all the things that make life worth living. The festival will be located on the mystical landscapes of Guadalajara, Mexico.  The psychedelic explosion of sensory inputs, offered by this festival is guaranteed to make you forget all your worries, and rejuvenate your spirit in the magic of collective ecstasy.

This amazing festival is the brain-child of Lisergica 25, a collective of people from a wide range of fields, whose primary goals are to promote the diversity of artistic expression, and assist in the expansion of consciousness. Lisergica 25 wishes to spread the message of spiritual liberation, which will uplift all humanity into a new golden age of peace and love.

582611_403312676383968_384789980_nThere’s going to be three stages: The Future Stage, which will have Top Artists and Dj’s showcasing their new futuristic and ground breaking sounds. The Classic Stage, which has the solid sounds every trancer loves, and finally the Chill-Out Stage, which will put you into a dreamy mood which will carry you away into bliss. The Line-up is to smashing, featuring a list of world-class international and local artists. Check below for the entire list.

Besides the ethereal music, there’ll be the most talented hula hoopers, magicians, acrobats, circus acts and loads of art installations to keep you entertained.  When you can’t dance anymore then you can, participate in traditional ceremonies that take place around exotic altars. Or visit the numerology experts who will reveal your Mayan signs to you, as well as the numbers that rules your density. Indulge yourself in alternative therapies, stretch out your tired limbs with some relaxing yoga, maybe do some reiki, or get a de-stressing massage. You even have the option to get your energy centres lined up, or try some tantra. Maybe you can spend some time in the Temazcal, which will cleanse your mind, body and spirit. After which you can participate in the circle dance, or go back to the stages for another round of non-stop dancing.

The deco will be carried out by a number of skilled teams, who will make you feel as though you have walked right into paradise. You’ll find deco work by Lisergica 25 Collective (Mexico), Psychotropic Crew (Costa Rica), Lisergictropic 25 (MX/CR) and more TBA.

Grab the tickets asap! The sales will work as follows:

  • Special Pre Until 1st February: $ 500
  • Presales special January and February: $ 40 US
  • Presale 1: $ 600,200 tickets
  • Presale 1: US $ 50 200 tickets

Go to this link for more information:

Visit their website:


Line up:


psy circus promo-compressed


Future stage:

  • Cyberhen
  • Giussepe
  • Fractal Gauchos
  • Quantum Mechanica
  • Kindzadza
  • Megalopsy
  • Zigurat
  • Glosolalia
  • Frantic noise
  • Will o Wisp
  • Walpurgishnach
  • Grim
  • Xtraterrestre
  • Xikwri neyrra
  • Audiopathik

Special sets:

  • Will o Wips vs Glosolalia
  • Kindzadza
  • Mezcalito
  • Vensker
  • Mental disease
  • Zykop

Classic stage:

  • Para Halu
  • Hux Flux
  • Kox Box
  • Ocelot
  • Minimal criminal
  • Prog-a-lot
  • Traxon
  • Xom pax
  • Shaolin shuffle
  • Tonal nahual
  • Apaq
  • Mofu
  • Anyer quantum
  • KaLs
  • Pepe Wash
  • Thoranzin


  • Atrium Atlas
  • Para Halu
  • ILLUMINUS (Hux Flux chill sound)
  • Ocelot
  • Prisma (Zigurat chill out sound)
  • Hypnopsy

and more coming soon!


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