24.08.2022 - 28.08.2022

Psy-Fi Festival

De Groene Ster, Groninger Straatweg,

Psy-Fi is a Psychedelic music and arts festival in the Netherlands created through passion, love and unity

Festival Info

Dear Visitors of Psy-Fi festival,
Firstly, we hope that you are all doing well and that you are in good health.
We’ve spent our past year preparing for Psy-Fi 2021, in the hope that we could all meet once again on our beautiful venue. It’s been a tough year, full of uncertainty but full of hope and desire to dance, connect and hug like we used to do.
With full anticipation we’ve been waiting for news from our government regarding the development around the covid 19 situation. The terms and conditions for all festivals in the Netherlands are now still not 100% clear but the government has made a statement of what we can expect. Unfortunately those terms and conditions make it very risky, if not impossible for us to deliver a festival that has core values such as freedom, close connections, high quality decoration and music delivery. As we wish to give you the experience you deserve, we have decided not to produce a festival in 2021. Instead we are going to focus fully on 2022. We trust that by then life is back to normal and that we are able to all do what we love to do so much.
We realize the whole pandemic is a very tough situation for all of us. Nevertheless those of you that hold a 2020 ticket have been very generous and patient with us by accepting a voucher or even by (partially) donating the ticket. Not only are we still here because of that, those acts of kindness in such hard times have raised our spirits tremendously. We will not give up. We will do anything to keep the Psy-Fi spirit alive so that one day we will meet again on the dance floor.
We realize we already asked so much of you but the reality is we need to do so again. Only with your support we can make our mutual dreams reality again.
If you have a voucher for the 2021 festival, you will receive an email shortly with all your ticket options. Those that have requested a refund don’t have to do anything and will be refunded in September this year as promised.
Thank you all once more for your patience, love and support! You are all very dear to our hearts and we wish for nothing more than to gather once again.
With love and respect, the Psy-Fi team.

More Info`s follow soon

Psy-Fi Festival 2022


Seit einigen Jahren pilgern im Spätsommer tausende Menschen in die Niederlande, genauer gesagt nach Leeuwarden. Dann ist wieder Psy-Fi Zeit, zum sechsten Geburtstag werfen wir einen genaueren Blick auf dieses Festival.

Vier Floors und unglaublich viel zu entdecken

Neben dem Mainfloor gibt es noch einen Alternative Floor auf dem Freunde schnellerer Musik voll auf ihre Kosten kommen dürften. Der große Chill Out, der in jedem Jahr Festival etwas gewachsen ist, bietet ein wirklich gut zusammengestelltes Lineup. Neben drei psychedelischen Floors gibt es zudem noch das Global Theatre, in dem neben Drum`n`Bass, Balkan Beats und weitere nicht psychedelische Genres laufen.
Neben Musik auch Platz für Kunst
Das Gelände beinhaltet auch einen Art Space, dort werden auf 600 Quadratmetern verschiedene Kunstwerke von Künstlern aus aller Welt ausgestellt. Zudem wird es auf dem Festival eine Vielzahl von Aufführungen geben, von Theater über Feuershows bis hin zu Live Painting.

Schamanen und Djs aus aller Welt eingeladen

Auf den verschiedenen Floors des Festival werden einige der renommiertesten Psytrance Künstler zu hören sein, so unter anderem Atmos, Raja Ram, Cosmo und Oxidakasi. Aufgrund des Festivalthemas Shamanism hat die Festivalleitung zudem Schamanen aus aller Welt eingeladen, um die jahrhundertealte Tradition der Trance wieder mehr im Psytrance zu etablieren.

For several years now, thousands of people have been making pilgrimages to ­Leeuwarden­ in late summer. It is Psy-Fi time again. For its sixth birthday we take a closer look at this festival

Four floors and an incredible amount to discover

Besides the main floor, there is an alternative floor on which friends of faster music should get their first taste. The big chill-out which has grown every year offers a really well arranged lineup. Besides the three psychedelic floors, there is also the Global Theatre where Drum’n’Bass, Balkan beats and other non psychedelic genres are played.

In addition to music, there is also room for art

The area also includes an Art Space, where various works of art by artists from all over the world are exhibited on 600 square metres. There will also be a variety of performances at the festival, from theatre to fire shows and live painting.

Shamans and Djs from all over the world were invited.
The various floors of the festival will feature some of the most prestigious Psytrance artists, including Atmos, Raja Ram, Cosmo and Oxidakasi. So there is something for every music taste. Due to the festival theme shamanism, the festival management has invited shamans from all over the world to re-establish the century-old tradition of trance in Psytrance.

Psy-Fi Festival - Seed of Science

28.08. - 01.09.2019 / Netherlands

“It's all in the details now” There's really only one downside if you organize one of the most popular festivals of the European summer: You're facing very high expectations, from your visitors and from your own team. Psy-Fi is a perfect example for this scenario. We had a chat with co-organizer Rob. Exactly how do you measure the satisfaction of your audience? Obviously it's a good sign to see huge smiles on a packed dancefloor. But that's just a snapshot and not fully representative. For instance, Social Media feedback can differ greatly from those nice dancefloor shots... Many times a year we come together as a team and discuss all the things that went well and all the things that need improvement. We read all the emails and Facebook comments of our visitors and listen to what is important to them. That way we keep adjusting the festival to meet their needs as good as we can. This is now our 7th edition and we do feel that we are getting stronger as a team and that the festival improves by that every year. We also believe that we are never done learning and never done improving, there is no such thing as a perfect festival, but we try to get as close as possible. Exactly how close did you get this year? I can truly say that our program for this year is the best we ever had. Musically the line-up is very well balanced on all stages and personally I think it is the best line-up we've ever had. Art-wise, the same: More, better quality, new teams and super interesting visual eye candy everywhere. The spiritual program on our sacred island got a good upgrade since last year, we clearly noticed a big growth of the audience. That resulted in bigger lecture and workshop spaces and an even better program. As for sound quality, we also have an upgrade using the latest technology. It's all in the details now. Psy-Fi has seen a stellar rise in popularity, on all 5 continents. It's fair to say that it reached to upper league of the European festival season. Nonetheless you keep your festival at a relatively small scale. Why? We never strived to be the biggest festival and attract as many visitors as possible. Instead, we think that quality is way more important than quantity. That is one of the reasons why we have limited ticket sales to 13.000. We try to offer a program that is as complete as possible varying from a great musical line-up to an extended spiritual program to a broad spectrum of visual arts. Last question: For many people the Netherlands are synonymous with a very liberal drug policy. Any comments on that? Well, we do have quite a friendly government who welcomes our visitors and lifestyle with open arms into their community, and that is a good feeling. I do think there is a common misunderstanding that people have about the Netherlands and its drug policy. It is liberal, yes, but not everything is allowed, of course, just like in most other countries.

The Festival on the map

Psy-Fi festival is about a lot more then music. It’s about connecting people form all over the world. No matter gender, race, religion or color we come together as one.
We offer extensive learning programs on our sacred island covering topics such as Psychedelics, Psychology, society, religion, permaculture, sustainability, ancient cultures, Shamanism and dance.

Our dance floors are sacred spaces meant for self-expression and personal growth. This is where people connect as one living organism with the music being the binding factor. As soon as you step onto it you can feel that you enter an energy that is an entity on it’s own.

Another binding factor is our mutual love for visionary art, you’ll find it all over the festival in several art galleries, forests and on the dance floors.

Timothy Leary said “Find the others”, this is where you’ll find them.

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