Psy-Fi Festival

De Groene Ster, Groninger Straatweg,

Psy-Fi is a Psychedelic music and arts festival in the Netherlands created through passion, love and unity

Festival details

(Info from the organizer)

Dear Visitors of Psy-Fi festival,
Firstly, we hope that you are all doing well and that you are in good health.
We’ve spent our past year preparing for Psy-Fi 2021, in the hope that we could all meet once again on our beautiful venue. It’s been a tough year, full of uncertainty but full of hope and desire to dance, connect and hug like we used to do.
With full anticipation we’ve been waiting for news from our government regarding the development around the covid 19 situation. The terms and conditions for all festivals in the Netherlands are now still not 100% clear but the government has made a statement of what we can expect. Unfortunately those terms and conditions make it very risky, if not impossible for us to deliver a festival that has core values such as freedom, close connections, high quality decoration and music delivery. As we wish to give you the experience you deserve, we have decided not to produce a festival in 2021. Instead we are going to focus fully on 2022. We trust that by then life is back to normal and that we are able to all do what we love to do so much.
We realize the whole pandemic is a very tough situation for all of us. Nevertheless those of you that hold a 2020 ticket have been very generous and patient with us by accepting a voucher or even by (partially) donating the ticket. Not only are we still here because of that, those acts of kindness in such hard times have raised our spirits tremendously. We will not give up. We will do anything to keep the Psy-Fi spirit alive so that one day we will meet again on the dance floor.
We realize we already asked so much of you but the reality is we need to do so again. Only with your support we can make our mutual dreams reality again.
If you have a voucher for the 2021 festival, you will receive an email shortly with all your ticket options. Those that have requested a refund don’t have to do anything and will be refunded in September this year as promised.
Thank you all once more for your patience, love and support! You are all very dear to our hearts and we wish for nothing more than to gather once again.
With love and respect, the Psy-Fi team.

More Info`s follow soon

Psy-Fi festival is about a lot more then music. It’s about connecting people form all over the world. No matter gender, race, religion or color we come together as one.
We offer extensive learning programs on our sacred island covering topics such as Psychedelics, Psychology, society, religion, permaculture, sustainability, ancient cultures, Shamanism and dance.

Our dance floors are sacred spaces meant for self-expression and personal growth. This is where people connect as one living organism with the music being the binding factor. As soon as you step onto it you can feel that you enter an energy that is an entity on it’s own.

Another binding factor is our mutual love for visionary art, you’ll find it all over the festival in several art galleries, forests and on the dance floors.

Timothy Leary said “Find the others”, this is where you’ll find them.

Psy-Fi Festival (2019)- Seed of Science

Psy-Fi Festival_2019-title

28.08. – 01.09.2019 / Netherlands

“It’s all in the details now”

There’s really only one downside if you organize one of the most popular festivals of the European summer:
You’re facing very high expectations, from your visitors and from your own team. Psy-Fi is a perfect example for this scenario. We had a chat with co-organizer Rob.

Exactly how do you measure the satisfaction of your audience?
Obviously it’s a good sign to see huge smiles on a packed dancefloor. But that’s just a snapshot and not fully representative. For instance, Social Media feedback can differ greatly from those nice dancefloor shots…

Many times a year we come together as a team and discuss all the things that went well and all the things that need improvement. We read all the emails and Facebook comments of our visitors and listen to what is important to them. That way we keep adjusting the festival to meet their needs as good as we can. This is now our 7th edition and we do feel that we are getting stronger as a team and that the festival improves by that every year. We also believe that we are never done learning and never done improving, there is no such thing as a perfect festival, but we try to get as close as possible.

Exactly how close did you get this year?

I can truly say that our program for this year is the best we ever had. Musically the line-up is very well balanced on all stages and personally I think it is the best line-up we’ve ever had. Art-wise, the same: More, better quality, new teams and super interesting visual eye candy everywhere. The spiritual program on our sacred island got a good upgrade since last year, we clearly noticed a big growth of the audience. That resulted in bigger lecture and workshop spaces and an even better program. As for sound quality, we also have an upgrade using the latest technology. It’s all in the details now.

Psy-Fi has seen a stellar rise in popularity, on all 5 continents. It’s fair to say that it reached to upper league of the European festival season. Nonetheless you keep your festival at a relatively small scale. Why?

We never strived to be the biggest festival and attract as many visitors as possible. Instead, we think that quality is way more important than quantity. That is one of the reasons why we have limited ticket sales to 13.000. We try to offer a program that is as complete as possible varying from a great musical line-up to an extended spiritual program to a broad spectrum of visual arts.

Last question: For many people the Netherlands are synonymous with a very liberal drug policy. Any comments on that?

Well, we do have quite a friendly government who welcomes our visitors and lifestyle with open arms into their community, and that is a good feeling. I do think there is a common misunderstanding that people have about the Netherlands and its drug policy. It is liberal, yes, but not everything is allowed, of course, just like in most other countries.

Psy-Fi Festival (2016)

psy-fi festival 2016
What if everything — all of us, the world, the universe — was not real? What then is the definition of “real”? What if everything we are, know and do was really just someone’s computer simulation? What if Psy-Fi festival 2016 — is real?

Psy–Fi Festival 2016: Holographic Universe

from 24. August 2016
to 28. August 2016
in Leeuwarden, Netherlands


In der Freiluftsaison 2015 gehörte das niederländische Psy-Fi Festival zweifelsohne zu den schillerndsten Aufsteigern. Der Trend scheint sich auch dieses Jahr fortzusetzen.

psy-fi festival 2016

Waren es die Luftaufnahmen der Location, die wie Bilder aus einem Fantasy-Streifen wirken? Das durchweg amtliche Lineup? Die liberale Gesetzeslage der Niederlande?
Wie dem auch sei, die letzte Psy-Fi war großartig. Deshalb ist sie jetzt nicht nur auf der To-Do-Liste vieler Festival-Enthusiasten, sondern auch bei internationalen Künstlern sehr beliebt. Astrix erwähnt sie beispielsweise im Interview hier im Heft.

Psy-Fi Festival 2016: Es soll noch besser werden

Angesichts dieses Erfolges ist es sympathisch zu sehen, dass die Veranstalter nicht nur ein Auge für die Sonnenseite des Events haben: „Dieses Jahr wollen wir alles etwas komfortabler machen als bei den letzten Festivals, z.B. mehr und sauberere Toiletten, mehr Platz im Camping, ein besseres Verkehrssystem für kürzere Wartezeiten am Einlass.“
Neben diesen Optimierungen der Infrastruktur will man offenbar auch in Sachen Partyspaß nichts unversucht lassen: „Es gibt mehr Live-Shows, z.B. Juno Reactor, Eat Static, Kaya Project, Ott und The All Seeing I. Tagsüber und abends werden wir volles Programm Tanzmusik fahren, nachts wird es etwas abgedeckelter, wir wollen uns z.B. mehr auf Meditation besinnen. Wir haben ein neues Deko-Team für die Hauptbühne und freuen uns gewaltig, dieses Jahr mit Artescape aus Südafrika zusammen zu arbeiten. Sie gestalten die großartigsten Bühnen und Dancefloors, die wir jemals gesehen haben!“

Quite a phenomenon: Psy-Fi didn‘t appear out of nowhere, but the sudden rise in popularity of the Dutch festival during the 2015 open air season can best be described as explosive.

psy-fi festival 2016

Were it the aerial shots of the venue which showed an island world that looks like from a fantasy movie? The thoroughly solid lineup? The liberal laws of the Netherlands?
Be that as it may, the last edition of Psy-Fi was a blast. In consequence, it‘s now ranking high on the bucket lists of Psy punters and has a great reputation among international artists like e.g. Astrix, who mentions the open air in the interview we ran with him for this issue.

Psy-Fi Festival 2016: And even more awesomness

In face of this success it‘s refreshing to see how the promoters are still aware of the light and the shadow, and how they react to it: „This year, our focus is on making it a more comfortable experience compared to the last editions, for example more and cleaner toilets, more space on the campsites, better traffic control to avoid long waits at the gates.“
Apart from these infrastructural improvements Psy-Fi wants to keep up its reputation as a very special experience: „There‘s more live shows, like Juno Reactor, Eat Static, Kaya Project, Ott and The All Seeing I. In the day and evenings we are fully blasting and focussing on dance, in the nights we are focussing more on meditation and integrating the day. We changed the main stage deco team and we are very excited to work with Artescape from South Africa this year. They produce the most amazing stages and dance floors we‘ve ever seen!“

Psy-Fi Festival (2015)

psy-Fi Festival_2015_Netherlands
27.08. – 31.08.2015 – Leeuwaarden • Netherlands

The guardians of Psy-Fi land are on the verge of blasting open the gates to psychedelic nirvana. The festival grounds located in Leeuwarden, Netherlands showcases the most spectacular goodies offered by mother earth; lush forests, carpets of green meadows, honey-hued beaches and islands.

A mind boggling number of guests – 15.000 are expected to attend…prepare to dance yourself into liquid bliss under the influence of music belted out by the finest line-ups of the summer. Expect only the best Artists and Djs from a wide range of psychedelic genres.

As one of the most anticipated festivals of this season, tickets are sure to be sold out before the event starts. The healing area is bigger and naturally better this year. Plus there’s going to be plenty of fascinating lectures, talented healers, and informative workshops on a number of topics, all spread out across the Sacred Island.

A note to green-spirits looking for some ganja-gold, Leeuwarden is home to “Repelsteeltje” one of the best coffee shops, be sure to check this place out. Repelsteeltje is also setting up a headshop at the festival itself…the good news never ends. AND there’ll be art installations, magic forests, a masquerade ball, an international market street and tons of super deco…it’s going to be an insane trip! Don’t miss this flight.


Die Wächter des Psy-Fi Landes sind dabei die Tore zum psychedelischen Nirvana weit zu öffnen. Das Festivalplatz bei Leeuwarden (NL) bietet spektakulärste Vorzüge: üppige Wälder, grasige Hügelteppiche, honigfarbene Strände und Inseln.

Mit bis zu 15000 erwarteteten Gästen könnt ihr euch unter dem Einfluss der Musik, herausgeschmettert vom geilsten Line-up des Sommers, in flüssige Glückseligkeit tanzen. Euch erwarten nur die besten Künstler und Djs einer breiten Palette psychedelischer Genres.

Für eines, der am meisten ersehnten Festivals der Saison sind die Tickets sicher vor dem Start vergriffen. Die Healing Area ist dieses Jahr grösser und selbstredend besser; jede Menge faszinierende Vorlesungen, talentierte Heiler und informative Workshops zu einer Reihe von Themen, alle verteilt auf dem Sacred Island.

Ein Hinweis für grüne Geister auf der Suche nach Ganja-Gold, Leeuwarden ist Sitz des “Repelsteeltje”, einer der besten Coffeeshops und haben auch einen Stand auf dem Gelände…kein Ende an guten Nachrichten. UND es gibt Kunstinstallationen, Zauberwälder, ein Maskenball, einen internationalen Markt und krass viel Superdeko…es wird ein heftiger Trip! Verpasse diesen Flug nicht.

Exploring the soul of the Psy-Fi Festival(2014)

Psy Fi Festival 2014

DSC01368The Psy-Fi Festival 2014- stirred up quite a tornado of excitement with its ‘Inside the Vortex’ edition. And though the weather was a bit on the gloomy side over the lands of Leeuwarden, Netherlands, the rain-gods were somewhat kind and the colossal energy of the music kept the people moving. Perhaps the people were performing a stop-the-rain dance?

DSC01395There was a massive line-up featuring some of the big-wig’s of the scene.  Besides the awesome stages, there were tons of things to do, see and touch…A sacred Island, a Magical Market, a Cinema and much more! For those curious about the touching, you could’ve probably touched some of the artwork.

DSC01375The motive behind the festival is quite noble, especially in times where money is the king. The organizers state, “We have been part of the psy-trance family for many years and traveled all over the world to visit gatherings and festivals. Now we feel it’s time for us to organize our own.  We as an organization are not about making money, we organize with all of our heart and soul, full of passion and love for the scene. All the money made from selling tickets, is directly invested into the next festival. That way we can keep our entrée fee very low (about half the price of other festivals) and you as visitor know that you are investing in the scene yourself.”

That’s quite inspiring… so if you missed it this year, be sure to head down next year!

Psy-Fi Festival (2015): Out of the Void

psy-fi Festival 2015
“The void is a place in space and time where there is absolutely nothing but total darkness… Except for one thing, unlimited potential for anything to come into existence. With our consciousness and imagination we can manifest anything out of the void. A new world, new ideas and new ways, art, anything you want. Think of the big bang theory, how there once was nothing and now here we are.”

Psy-Fi Festival will run for five days and four nights, starting from 27th. August, to 31st. August, 2015 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Over 12,000 ravers from around 55 countries came together to connect in for the festival’s 2014 edition named “Inside the Vortex.” The Festival for 2015  is slotted to be better and bigger than this year’s! The line-up is yet to be finalized, the lists will open at the start of the next year.

The crew states: “Out of the darkness came the light. The time for change is here. We are an ever growing and strong global family of peaceful souls. Our wish is to inform, inspire and awaken people of all nations and cultures to get together for a week of music, arts and spiritual awakening. Lets unite as one as an example to the rest of the world. Join us on this wonderful journey.”

10616075_266874833506410_7644383553816453347_nExpect the following:

6 Beaches
5 Stages
2 Islands
Swim lakes
Outdoor open 24/7
Free camping on the lake side
Huge international market street on the beach
300m2 Art gallery displaying the worlds finest Psychedelic art
Wood fired hot-tubs
Flea market
post office
Healing garden
Lecture program
Ambient forest
1557527_201704026690158_161425782_nArt installations
Open air cinema
Head shops
Massive international line-up
Campfires on the beach
Dinner on the beach
Sweat lodge
Laser shows
3d Projections
Mushroom ceremonies
Fire performances
Lots and lots of nature
and a lot of new additions

Psy-Fi “Inside The Vortex” • 28.08.-01.09.2014 • Netherlands

Ein Bild sagt oft mehr als 1000 Worte. Und so ist es eine Luftaufnahme der Psy-Fi Location, die für Aufsehen unter Festival-Begeisterten sorgt. Sie zeigt blaue Badeseen, gesäumt von Sandstränden, saftig grüne Wiesen und Wald. Aber nicht nur dieser Austragungsort macht das Psy-Fi Festival zu etwas Besonderem, sondern auch das Land, wo es stattfindet: Niederlande. „Die Gesetze sind sehr freundlich, was psychedelisches Treiben angeht“, sagt einer der Veranstalter mit einem Zwinkern. Und so gibt es neben spektakulärem Musikprogramm, Workshops und Vorträgen sogar einen offiziellen Festival-Headshop auf dem Gelände! Ausführliche Infos findest du auf der gut gemachten Webseite oder auf Facebook.

Something big is brewing in the Netherlands:
A festival that has several beaches, a cutting-edge music program, and even an official headshop.

Psy-Fi Festival FlyerOften a picture says more than a thousand words, and that is why an aerial photo of the Psy-Fi Festival location put the event straight on top of the European festival agenda. It shows large blue swimming lakes lined by sandy beaches, lush forest, and green planes. The open air was held last year already, now the promoters are eager to unleash their creative energy and experience on a much larger scale: “Psy-Fi is becoming really big, really fast, so the main challenge is to make sure everything runs smoothly for our guests and to make sure that there is so much to do that even 5 days will not be enough to see everything!” Over a million square meters provide quite a decent playground for 12 renowned deco teams from all over Europe… However, it’s not only the remarkable venue, but also the country where it is located: “The laws in the Netherlands are very friendly towards psychedelics” one of the promoters says with a wink. “That might be one of the factors why we have such a strong, euphoric Psy community here.” There will even be an official smart shop at the festival, this being the Netherlands, it’s 100% legal, of course! Dr. Dennis McKenna was invited to hold a daily lecture among various other speakers. As for the visual aspects of the festival, a live painting session and workshops with Anderson Debernardi have been announced as well as many great talents from the psychedelic and visionary art scene. If you want to find out more about the extensive party and culture program, check out the nice website of Psy-Fi Festival or find it on Facebook. Looks like this event chose quite an appropriate slogan: “See you inside the Vortex!”

  • 6 BeachesPsy-Fi Location
  • 5 Stages
  • 2 Islands
  • Swim lakes
  • Outdoor open 24/7
  • Free camping on the lake side
  • Camping supermarket
  • Huge international market street on the beach
  • 300m2 Art gallery displaying the worlds finest Psychedelic art
  • Wood fired hot-tubsPsy-Fi Location
  • Flea market
  • Healing garden
  • Lecture program
  • Workshops
  • Ambient forest
  • Art installations
  • Open air cinema
  • Head shops
  • Massive international line-up
  • Campfires on the beach
  • Dinner on the beach
  • Sweat lodgePsy-Fi Festival Location
  • Showers
  • Massage
  • Laser shows
  • 3d Projections
  • Mushroom ceremonies
  • Fire performances
  • Lots and lots of nature

 Psy-Fi Festival Location




Main Stage

  • ACE VENTURA – Iboga Records
  • COSMOSIS – Holophonic Records
  • ZEN MECHANICS – Sourcecode transmissions
  • SENSIENT – Zenon
  • ATMOS – Iboga Records
  • FILTERIA – Suntrip Records
  • TRISTAN – Nano Records
  • SHANE GOBI- Alchemy Records
  • PERFECT STRANGER – Iboga Records
  • EGORYTHMIA – Iono Music
  • E-CLIP – Iono Music
  • BEHIND BLUE EYES – Iboga Records
  • ITAL – Antu Records
  • U-RECKEN – Dacru records
  • GAUDIUM – Iboga Records
  • PROTONICA – Iono Music
  • LAUGHING BUDDHA- Nano Records
  • DIGICULT – Dacru records
  • BURN IN NOISE – Alchemy Records
  • EARTHLING – Zero One Music
  • TALAMASCA – Dacru records
  • SONIC SPECIES – Alchemy Records
  • BITKIT – Dacru records
  • EPHEDRIX – Dacru records
  • SAAF – Sourcecode Transmissions
  • TANIANTA – Levitation Elements records
  • Q’ALLIT – Quality sounds / Multiplex Records
  • COMSAT – Fractal Records
  • AVALON – Nano Records
  • LIQUID SOUL – Iboga rec.
  • KILLERWATTS – Nano Records
  • DAKSINAMURTI – Timecode rec.
  • VIKASH – Friendly music
  • AUDIO TERRORIST – 3rd BIT Events
  • ELECTROCUTE – Triptonite rec.
  • MANTRA FLOW – Flying Carpet/Panzar Rac.
  • REASON FREAKS – California Sun Prod/Global Aura
  • PARA HALU – Psylife Records
  • ELECTRIC UNIVERSE -Dacru Records
  • TALPA – Sundance
  • AJJA – Peak rec.


  • OTT – Twisted Records

    Psy-Fi Flyer

    Psy-Fi Flyer

  • ENTHEOGENIC – Universal Symbiosis Records
  • COMSAT & PETAR – Fractal Records
  • TRIPSWITCH – Section Records
  • SELDON – Mandms
  • PSYKOXAMAN – Nak-Nacktaktiv
  • MAFCELLO – Independent
  • SPIKY – Ajnavision Records
  • ANAND – 3rd BIT Events
  • ATOM BASED – Metacept rec.
  • RICHARD J-K – Independent
  • WICHURI – 3rd BIT Events
  • KATSA – Psychotria Records
  • BANSHANKRI – SixOfour productions
  • LOOSE-CANNON – Solard records
  • MJERT – 3rd BIT Events
  • SUN PILOT – levitation Elements Rec.
  • AQUATONE – Independent
  • SHX – Solartech
  • BLOWAN – Partysystem Psychonauts
  • KAYRUNCHY – 3rd BIT Events
  • STEELY ROUNDBEAT – Rising high Apollo
  • PSYLATINO – Kosmic fusion
  • PETER PAM – Kosmic fusion
  • ACHILLE-SEHNE – Rootwork records
  • SHIVANKI – 3rd BIT Events
  • RESI BEATS – Solstice/DAF
  • COSMOSONIC – Arkona Creation

Alternative Stage


  • UTU – Popol Vuh Records
  • SHIVANKI – 3rd BIT Events
  • NILEZZ – 3rd BIT Events
  • PETAR – Psychotria Records
  • KASHIS – Kosmic Fusion
  • SHAGGEDELIC – Biijah rec.
  • KALANARMADA- Kosmic Fusion
  • PAUL-B – 3rd BIT Events
  • PSYMAX – 3rd BIT Events
  • MNMLYCH – Another Psyde Records /Insonitus Records
  • MEKANICAL MIND – Urban Antidote Records
  • MISS VERSTÄNDNIS – Polyeidos/FAM Records


  • SEBIDELICA – (Unio Mystica-Mutagen rec)
  • MANDRAQ – 3rd BIT Events
  • Q’ALLIT – Quality Sounds
  • PSYMAX – 3rd BIT Events
  • NORION – Ganja Tree Rec. / Dacru Rec.
  • IMPALA – Independent
  • SEMENTIX – Psychedelic FM


  • ELECTRIC UNIVERSE -Dacru Records
  • GNOME – Amanita Muscaria
  • JAYO – Amanita Muscaria
  • 2NDGEN – Independent
  • MIMICS – Arkona Creation
  • RAMTINTIN – Independent
  • ATTACHAATTA – BP Resonating


  • VIGNESH – PaprikaBeats
  • NOOBJE – TRI, Ohmcore, Wildlife System
  • MINORSETBACK – Sub City Events
  • IDEALCRASH – jungletrain
  • SKITT-B – Subsonik Sound, Therapy Sessions, Big Riddim Rec
  • AGENT ORANGE – FlipSide,Sub City
  • SPERZIEB00N – Deep Cutz
  • POISON YVY – Drop, Subcity

Stay tuned for more…

Main Stage: Psyfi Deko And The Extradimensional Space Agency (Edsa) (Ozora And Sun Festival)
Alternative Island: Spiral Spectrum
Landscape: Mystical Forest, Bhaskara Deco-Art, Opsys Deco, And Hendrik’s Magical Art Installations, Geomatrix
Chill-Out: Mae & Moa
Ambient Forest: Magic Forest Deco

Psy-Fi Deco
VISUALS: Closed Eye Visions, PsyFi Deko and The ExtraDimensional space Agency (EDSA) (Ozora and Sun Festival)

Get your Ticket now or at the gates: 80.00 Euro
More Infos: & Facebook

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