08.06.2023 - 12.06.2023

Pulsar Festival

Minas Gerais, near Itabira
Cachoeira Alta Em Ipoema, Bom jesus do Amparo

For 5 days we celebrate the best of psychedelic music amidst the stunning visuals of Cachoeira Alta. The intense psytrance beats rhythmize this track.

Festival details

(Info from the organizer)

Welcome to the Pulsar mothership!
In 2023 we gather for the seventh time to celebrate dance, nature, and the mysteries of the universe. After all the mishaps and obstacles of the pandemic, we are back in full force for an edition that promises to be the most epic yet.
Are you ready? Fasten your seat belts, because the ship is about to take off!

Holy Spirit:
Paula Onnis
31 99501-0750

Rafaela Ágatha
(62) 99616-8837

Minas Gerais:
Márcia Teixeira - Trance Channel
(31) 98736-2797
Mayra Sampaio
(31) 99957-5332

Bianca Ferreira
(91) 98441-5736

Rio de Janeiro:
Cintia Sloboda
(21) 96828-9070
Mariana Jeveaux
(21) 99459-8512

Rio Grande do Sul:
Amanda Rovere
(54) 99910-1298

São Paulo:
Amauri Pasculli
(11) 97633-0044
Aniele Malta
(19) 99165-6753
Flávia Alves
(11) 94883-8833
Monique de Oliveira
(11) 99141-5880
Vitor Dallacqua
(19) 99107-8676

Pulsar Festival

Situated at the foot of the beautiful Upper Waterfall, the festival once again welcomes lovers of music and nature! We are already working hard to make the fourth edition even more memorable than the previous ones!

There will be five days of experiences and workshops of permaculture and arts combined with a unique audiovisual experience.
The line up, as always, is commanded by some of the world’s leading psychedelic avant-garde artists and the decor could easily have been imported from other galaxies.

All this with one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Brazil in the background, in a cozy farm near the village of Ipoema, in Minas Gerais.

Are you ready for Pulsar?

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