07.05.2024 - 14.05.2024

Transition Festival

Doñana Natural Park
21730 Almonte, Huelva

Make Your Transition - Fullmoon Open Air Trance Experience - Natural Park Doñana, South Spain

Festival details

(Info from the organizer)

Transition Festival is a psychedelic trance experience in the magical forest of Doñana during a holy week, under the influence of the first full moon after the Spring Ecquinox

Transition Festival is dedicated to explore the existential limits and is open to all kind of public, but specially to people really interested in their spiritual growth and human development. Help yourself to confront your life, to heal old bleeding hurts, and find your place in the world.

Transition: Psychedelic Trance Festival – Found your spiritual Limit

Transition is a powerful shamanic experience in a magical location under the second full moon of Spring season. It is an initiation into the dance trance and a new door into another dimension with a constructive intuitive intention: to expand human consciousness and the relation between the soul, the body, and its center of power. Transition comes from latin transitio (“tránsito”): change of position, estate, or concept to another.

The Transition experience takes a whole week in the forest, guided by the Spirits of Nature with love and passion. Camp in a priviledge area in the Andalusian forest with your friends and save some amazing days full of magic, love, and tribal celebration. The experience pushes to all participants (even the crew) to an ego disolution, helping to discover the proper place where each of us is blocked in our lives. It is open to all kind of public, but specially to people really interested in their spiritual growth and human development. Transition Festival is an actual underground rave coming from a free party in 2007 under a total full moon eclipse. The result is a “temporary autonomous zone” (TAZ) in the middle of the forest.

Transition Festival 2015

Transition Festival 2015

“Transition Crew invites you to make your transition to the next level of vibration, meeting yourself in a deep trance experience guided by experienced shamans. Be yourself and feel the freedom to stay … in Transition!”


The Transition Festival will celebrate its seventh edition from 30th April to 4th May, 2015, in the National Park of Doñana, Almonte (Spain). There’s also a pre-party which will open on 29th April, 2015. The Festival’s core philosophy centers around the transition from the egoistic self to the true self.  The organizers state, “The natural mind is property of the Universe. Being conscious that we are alive and we can enjoy earthly pleasures is only the beginning of being here and now.”

The festival’s Main Floor is the heart of the festival, this is the source of the magick that envelopes the trancers. For the coming edition, there’s going to be a number of additions to the Transition sound concept, which, the organizers claim is guaranteed to make you transition into another dimension. The complete system has 14 EVXSub plus 12 XLCDVX Line-Array for mid and highs, a total of 58.000 watts…imagine what that will sound like!

What’s more; the dance floor is built around 9 beautiful pine trees, forming a natural circle, which amplifies the sound, so you’ll feel like you are dancing Mother Nature’s womb. The Line-up has not be announced as yet, but it’s sure to be nothing short of spectacular.

The Alternative Floor, will be the area where you can chill-out, recharge at the food stalls and get ready for another round of feet breaking dancing. This floor will soothe you will slower rhythms, that will ease your mind, body and soul.

The Deco will be carried out by the Frogz, a team that will morph the earthy area into a mystical landscape fit for dreamers and dancers. The Market place will have loads of wares on sale, ranging from clothes to decoration pieces.

The Festival is family friendly, it’s got a designated play area for children, and what’s more kids below the age of 16, as well as elders over 60 can attend the festival without purchasing a ticket.

The presale tickets can be purchased online. The festival will be hosting about 2,000 people, and the early bird tickets are also on sale, don’t miss out on them: http://www.transitionfestival.org/index.php/en/tickets-en


Transition Festival 2014 • Review

Transition_Spain_Final (Photo by Boom Shankar)

One of the best-kept secrets of the European festival scene.

“When half the dance floor consists of old friends and you consider the other half new friends a couple of hours later, you know you are at the ‘right’ party” says co-organizer Boom Shankar with a huge smile on his face. It’s Monday afternoon at Transition Festival. The golden light reflects on half-naked bodies, dancing among the pine trees to the beautiful groove that just keeps pumping from the sound system.

There’s been a lot of amazing music so far, the sets by Radzy from Malaysia and Tsubi from Hungary, the 3-hour retro set by Atmos, Boom Shankar’s sunrise trancedance on Saturday, and the main floor closing set by Hell Blau are just some highlights. We had loads of fun on the dance floor, and a great time in the beautiful Chill Out that seems like it has grown as a part of the surrounding nature. There’s about 1.000 people here, and it seems like this is just the perfect size for a summer festival. By now, after 4 days of party, we know quite everybody and there is a wonderful family vibe with smiling faces everywhere. Yes, here in Spain the Psytrance underground is still alive!

Check out www.transitionfestival.org & www.BMSS.eu

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