Triplicity Festival 2019 - United Kingdom

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23.05.2019 - 27.05.2019

Triplicity Tribe Crew

United Kingdom

Triplicity 2019:​ 100+ artists from all over Europe showcasing the finest in Electronic Psychedelic Bass Music, Psy-Trance, Psy Dub, Psy Breaks, Techno & more

Triplicity 2019

Triplicity is a fully immersive psychedelic music and arts festival taking place in the UK. The event was born in 2012 and was the brain child of 3 close friends who had a passion for electronic music since the 90’s. In the early days we organised underground free parties in the mountains and forests of Wales.

Taking inspiration from the european festival scene in 2012 the first event was helt in Wales. The Triplicity tribe has grown over the last few years and the core founders are still pushing forward to create an unforgettable psychedelic experience .

With over a decade of events and experience behind the festival orga and the wonderful people that they have met on their journey they are confident that they can excel when it comes exceeding your expectations at every event. They take pride in their gatherings and believe that quality production is essential for creating that special vibe, but what makes Triplicity so special are the magical people that make up the crew and attend the events, so come join the Triplicity family.

The Triplicity Tribe includes the positive energy of a number of nomadic souls, organisations and psytrance communities from across the UK and Europe. This loving, respectful and spiritual family is forever expanding. With decades of events experience between them, the organisers have created a unique and memorable addition to the UK festival scene.

The core ethos is to provide great music that’s played by passionate and talented artists, delivered through quality sound engineering. Add to this stunning decor, an immersive psychedelic environment, and positive, friendly vibes and you will find a place where you can celebrate, spin stories, love, laugh, and be happy with friends new and old.

The festival on the map

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More about Triplicity Tribe Crew

Triplicity 2019 preparations are kicking into gear after a super inspirational summer of epic!!

There has been such high grade production at every event we've attended this year, the bar has been raised beyond all expectations!!

Epic vibes have been created in conjunction with this relentless level of awesome resulting in some turbo inspiration!

All things Triplicity are in for an upgrade once again; music, art, love, visuals, sound, collectiveness, sharing, caring, friendship, unity and blast!!

Bring on a celebratory gathering of big time dugga at the spiritual home of the psychedliec underground in the UK:

Triplicity Music & Arts Festival 2019!!


- A full international line-up of; Psy-Trance, Forest, Dark Prog, Prog, Techno, Hi-Tech, Glitch, Breaks, Dub, PsyDub, Psybient, Drum & Bass & Weird Ass Bass Musics.

- High definition audio excellence.

- Lush decor, land art, visuals, projection mapping, art, sculptures & performance (We have epic plans to upgrade all of the above - watch this space)

- Immersive talks, workshops & classes to nourish you inside & out.

- Yummy food, drinks and booze.

- A totally trash free, tidy, environmentally concious environment.

- More lovely people than you can shake your wizards stick at.

- Oh and so much more!!!

More info incoming shortly.. Updated website, new videos and all kinds of excitement are en route as you read this!

Keen Bean (Super Early Bird) Tickets are available now!! So get in quick to grab yourself a bangin bargin.

Ticket prices as follows:

The Kean Bean = £70 +bf
(Limited to 100 or the 1st October)

The Organised Hippy = £85 +bf
(Limited to 150 or the 1st December)

The Normaloid = £95 +bf
(Limited to 150 or the 1st February)

The Normaloid Plus = £105 +bf
(Limited to 150 or the 1st April)

The Hero Ticket = £115 +bf
(Limited to 150 or the 23rd May)

Each tier is available until the date stated above or tickets are sold out, at which point prices will move up to the next tier.

Live in Vehicle (Space Ship Pass) - £20 +bf

Available from our trusted sellers:


Save the date,
May Bank Holiday
24th May - 27th May 2019

- You Are Our Energy -
For more info visit the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE
Triplicity 2017 Aftermovie

Awesome video showing Triplicity 2017, 1st - 5th June , at an epic location in Mid-Wales, UK!!Music: Monkey Puzzle - Squid Beak, &, Fighting Shadows - Cosmic VitriolVideo: Jonti Allinson EppsThings a brewing up nicely for 2018 stay connected at:https://www.triplicityfestival.com You Are Our Energy -xXx

Gepostet von Triplicity Festival am Donnerstag, 31. August 2017

Triplicity Tribe Crew on Facebook

Click here to visit the Facebook Page

3 weeks ago

Triplicity Festival

Our current main focus for Triplicity 2019 is on the relentless search for a new home, with several awesome options opening up we’re deciding which will be the best on all accounts - remoteness, beautiful nature, easy access, late night entertainment & all other things we need to throw a slammin shindig! Watch this space!!

From Wales to Herefordshire to Devon to Wales to Wiltshire it’s been an incredible journey: let’s crack on and find our home!!!

If any of you know anywhere stunningly beautiful & suitable plese don't hesitate to hit us up - all options considered and discussed.. Maybe even a finders fee of fee of Triplicity tickets for life would be in order if things work out :O
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Comment on Facebook

Maybe some places in Norfolk that would suit your needs will get some info ASAP for you 😉

😮Kelly Harrison anywhere down here? Although I love Wales Wales beautiful Wales!

If I tell you military training camps are of public domain !? It will help ?

3 weeks ago

Triplicity Festival

A major focus for Triplicity Music & Arts Festival 2019 is on our eco values - what can we do to to reduce Triplicitys environmental impact, or in fact increase our environmentally positive attitude!! We’ve come up with a lot of great ideas and plans to put into motion. One such being “zero single use plastics on site”. Let’s get eco, lets not be a part of the trash wave & instead lead by example - recycling is not the answer, it’s not a solution to this massive problem…

“...if we all just get a few containers and separate out our waste, it will be taken by some nice people who will magically make it go away without any negative consequences. Recycling is the grown-up version of squeezing our eyes shut, sticking our fingers in our ears and shouting “lalalalalala!”.”

You know it makes sense, let’s do like Gandhi (without the flip flops) & be this change we wanna see in the world :) so let’s actually walk the talk and show em how it’s done, because we can be the change! and Subscribe for more videos!
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Video image


Comment on Facebook

Special mention to all those dog walkers that scoop up their dogs muck and then fling the plastic bags into really inaccessible hedgerows trees and other unsocial places , and smokers too. Think before you throw!

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