27.12.2022 - 03.01.2023

Universo Paralello

near Ituberá
Praia de Pratigi 45435

Have a fantastic exotic festival near the equator and celebrate the new years eve on psychedelic brazilian style. This festival could change your life!

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Let's create together!

The UP 2022/2023 festival we start to invent now and we need you to come with us, because we are already taking care of the whole structure and the best surprises.

This 16th edition will be the most beautiful exaltation of the sacred, in the sound that comes from the stars, in the body that dances, in the unity with nature and in the loving coexistence of tribes.


1st promotional lot, only for Brazilians.

- Information:

Half Ticket 1st lot - R$ 770,00
SOLIDARITY ticket 1st lot - R$ 770,00
Full Ticket 1st lot - R$ 1540,00

- Sales ONLINE:

*The value of the ticket of the first lot for the half entrance, or for the solidarity ticket, which is valid upon the donation of 1 kg of non-perishable food, is R$ 770.00 (seven hundred and seventy reais) in addition to the fees charged by the digital box office. The food collected at the entrance of the event will be donated to communities and social projects in the region where the Festival will be held. The duration of this lot is from 13/09/2020 at 16:20 hours, to 13/10/2020, or until the 1,500 (one thousand and five hundred) tickets available for the period mentioned are sold out.

- Information:

Website: www.universoparalello.org
E-mail: info@universoparalello.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/universoparalelloofficial
Instagram: @universoparalello

Welcome to Universo Paralello 16

Have a fantastic exotic festival near the equator and celebrate the new years eve on psychedelic brazilian style. This festival could change your life!

Universo Paralello 2017/2018 – Upgrade your Passion for Psytrance

15 years ago a small New Year´s Eve party happened in the mountains of Brazilian Planalto Central. Responding the call, a few hundred people came from all over the country and gathered to build what would be the first Universo Paralello Festival.
And 3 editions were held in the magic lands of Chapada dos Veadeiros. Three epic events, amazingly challenging, for the crowd who faced the non-stopping rain that marks this time of the year there, as well as for the organizers.

Right after this 3rd edition, which has become last at Chapada, Swarup decides Bahia could be a nice way. A more friendly basis, with sheltering beaches and winds, open minded and happy people, the Brazilian Trance scene cradle. And so, as gypsies, we set up a got on the road.
Fourth Universo Paralello Edition was a breakthrough, a turning point in Brazilian electronic music scene. One of those rare moments where existence has conspired for everything to work out, with no objections. An unforgettable experience for the almost 2000 privileged dancers, who were there to witness this magic moment.

From then on a lot has gone through, a well kept secret may now be revealed. After the many difficulties of 10th year celebration, for its unexpected local change and internal adversities, we were sure about one only thing: no matter what happened, we would make it to UP#14. Even though we had to get back to our original format. This was our destiny!

The path was intense. Making the right choices, where everything fit precisely as a compasses/measure, interspersed with many challenges, adversities of nature and ideological conflicts, but even so we rode on.
Thus, between right and wrong hits, putting all our energy on it, a 16 years learning experience for building this celebration space, and here we are now announcing the 14th edition of our festival, which brings to us a very special meaning.

The Festival on the map

Universo Paralello #15 (2019)

universo paralello 15

20 years of parallel reality, transforming our planet with the powerful weapons music and art, celebrating a rare and special experience for a diversity of people.

Amidst one of the most beautiful states in Brazil the Universo Paralello is a dive into a parallel reality. True to its belief that music and art are powerful weapons to transform people the UP let you transform into a better human being, and the magical Pratigi beach will help in this process. Whereas in the beginning the UP featured but two stages and 300 people, now it boasts six stages, 20.000 people, and more than 1.000 artists during eight days. A fantastic line-up will create a universe of music on these six stages. Which universe will be supported by further performances, artistic shows, clowns, fire shows, therapeutic massages, planting workshops, reiki, chats, cinema, plus many surprises. The festival also contributes to the economy of a needy region and recycles the festival’s garbage while even donating books to the region’s schools. Everything is set to celebrate 20 years of Universo Paralello and thereby help to transform our planet. Come with an open heart to new experiences.

Universo Paralello (2013)

Universo Paralello

Universo Paralello

A palm-lined beach with white sand and crystal blue water, inhabited by beautiful, half-naked people from all around the world, just dancing, laughing, having fun… Universo Paralello makes a psychedelic postcard fantasy come true.

Despite its great success the Brazilian New Year’s Eve festival did not take place last year. Now it is back, pronouncing the biggest and most multifaceted edition ever. We had a chat with Alok and Ekanta from the organization team.

After the last UP festival you took a break. I guess you drew new strength and got some new inspirations?

Indeed, we did! The time had come for a break, as the festival had grown exponentially during the last editions. Of course we love to see this development – but at the same time we felt like maxing out our capacities. We set a high standard for the festival and we were afraid to lose this standard. So we took a year off and re-defined our formula.

What will be the biggest differences between the last UP in 2011 and the next festival in December 2013?
One of the big changes will be the separation of the Chill Out and the Palco Paralello, which shared the same space last year. The Palco Paralello was introduced in 2006 as a stage for large live concerts with many people on stage. As this area became more and more popular among the visitors with more and more great bands playing, we decided to make it an independent stage. A second thing is that we are paying more and more attention to the environmental aspects of the festival and its sustainability. That‘s why we improved our whole infrastructure, the water system, the human waste and garbage recycling. This recycling generates an income we can invest in social projects and workshops for the local population.

Speaking about the local population: How do you include traditional Brazilian culture in the festival?
Well, Brazilian culture is full of the joys of life, essentially Brazilian culture is a party culture. We realized that travellers arriving from far-away countries are looking for a „complete Brazil experience”, with all the tropical and exotic aspects. During the next festival we want to take it to the next level. For instance there will be an off-season “psychedelic carnival”, something very typical for the region of Bahia. There will be native Indian groups, Capoeira sessions at the beach, and so on.

How did you re-define the music formula of UP?The Psytrance floor remains the heart of Universo Paralello. For those looking for an amazing Trance experience at a tropical beach, we will deliver the goods. Many of the artists were asked to play longer sets, to really get into telling stories to the dancers. However, if you are curious for more there is much to discover. We expanded the musical bandwidth from 4 to 6 floors. We put lots of effort in creating something like six festivals in one, a perfect blend of contrast and harmony – from Trance to Chillout, from live bands to urban grooves, from well-known sounds to new discoveries. Have a peek at our website to find out about the different areas!

UP is well-known as a very international event, many visitors arrive from far-away places. Any travel tips?
As a matter of fact, this is another aspect of our new formula! As we love travelling ourselves we know how hard it can be to arrive in a foreign country, especially if you don’t speak the language. So we got our own travel department running, we can provide all the logistics for international travellers. In this way, we are able to provide fair prices, English-speaking staff, easy-going travel. If you arrive at Salvador airport, the best place to arrive for the festival, just look out for our info stand! As we know that many international travellers and even Brazilian visitors would like to see more of Brazil than just UP, we also offer guided tours after the festival. You can get all information at a special tent on the venue. In this way, you will have great company also for your journey through beautiful Bahia.


Festival watch: Universo Parallelo (2013/14)

universo paralello_14-15

Enter the Parallel Universe
“The crooked lines of life lead us to the most unpredictable and beautiful ways” This festival has the right vibes! Location: Beautiful Brazil.

Universo Paralello (2012)

Universo Paralello_2014_5In order to preserve the paradise, the mainfloor was moved to the interior, leaving the beach with the sound of the Prog floor, the Chill Out and the 303 Floor, the place for new talents.

Despite the fact that flights from Europe are rather long and expensive, there were quite a lot of European faces around in this huge garden full of coconut trees. Besides the breathtaking scenery, there were countless performances this year. A first-class show by the Circo Loko and others could be watched in the middle of the mainfloor during NYE and the last night of the festival.

Universo Paralello_2012_4 While DJs and live acts came and left in a never-ending stream hour after hour, there were artistic tricks of such stunning elegance that it really felt like being in a “Cirque do Soleil on Psy Trance”.

In terms of music there was a very large spectrum, reaching from Ambient to Tech House, from Progressive to Psytrance and Dark, everything changing in the typical rhythm of day and night. Really weird: The whole mainfloor was filled with camping chairs brought by the braslians. This is something like a tradition over there. Sometimes you really have to be carefully not to crash into one of these chairs. And that’s why the somewhat stressed out dancers had a new motto: “Fucking Chairs Move Your Ass!”

Universo Paralello_2012_3Thumbs up for the overall performance of the Universo Paralello! Especially in terms of toilets, showers, and performance this open air was state of the art. In terms of music it would be probably a good idea to downgrade a little, so the single artists have more time. Also money could be saved in this way, to decrease the prizes which where high even for European standards.

In two years, I’m in again– without chair…

Alle zwei Jahre zum Jahreswechsel ist das Universo Paralello mit seinen kilometerlangen Stränden und vier Dancefloors von Ambient über Tech House, Progressive und Psytrance bis bis Darkpsy eines der weltweit angesagtesten Ziele der Psytrance-Welt.

Universo Paralello-2012_2

Universio paralello _2012_1

Trotz der langen und teuren Interkontinentalflüge fanden sich trotzdem recht viele Europäer in dem riesigen Kokosnusspalmengarten ein. Neben der schon wahnsinnigen Natur haben die Veranstalter diesmal auf kleine und große Performances sowie professionellen Zirkusartisten gesetzt.Und selbstverständlich wieder ein Wahnsinns Line Up mit stündlich abwechselnden internationalen Top Acts.

Eine besondere Tradition scheint es zu sein Campingstühle mit auf den Mainfloor zu schleppen. Dies führte zum Aushang des Schildes „Fucking Chairs, Move Your Ass!”

Daumen hoch für die Gesamtperformance. An vielen Stellen wie zum Beispiel bei den Toiletten und Duschen stieg die Qualität. Preislich ist das Festival aber leider mit Kursen über europäischem Niveau etwas überzogen. Trotz alledem: In zwei Jahren bin ich gerne wieder dabei.

Mat Mushroom

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