17.08.2023 - 22.08.2023

WAO Festival

San Venanzo, 05010

Experience a week of psychedelic arts and culture in the breathtaking frame of the MAB Unesco Biosphere Reserve of Monte Peglia in Central Italy.

Festival details

(Info from the organizer)

WAO is more than a music festival. Experience a week of psychedelic arts and culture in the breathtaking frame of the MAB Unesco Biosphere Reserve of Monte Peglia in Central Italy.
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We Are One, this is the principle underlying the Festival’s philosophy: dissolution of individuality, rediscovery and exploration of the deep connections that make us part of this world, part of a lively and vibrant community
At WAO Festival the Nature acts as Great Priestess embracing us all in her wood and leaves scented arms, where we can forget about the stressy bustle of everyday-life in order to abandon ourselves in a dimension that seems to be outside the time
A vast and varied line-up, to enjoy at both Alternative and Main stages, will entertain us 24h with live shows and dj-sets, during which we will have also the chance to walk into jugglers’ and performers’ shows, for a real fest for the eyes (and for the ears too!)
During WAO Festival you will also be able to take part in workshops, seminars and laboratories, to enrich your Knowledge and to open your Doors of Perception Moreover, the Sacred Space and the treatment zone are at your disposal for particular remedies, good for both Body and Soul
The dance floor is the place where the consciousness converges, the hearts beat as one, the spirit rises. Souls, music and architecture melts up, fed by rousing bpm along with mesmerising soundscapes.
Dark-psy, Full-on, Forest, Twilight e Progressive and all the possible shades of Psytrance.
On the top of the mountain there is a magical place, the circle where we meet as a new tribe, sharing a vibrant connection of souls, in a melting pot of emotions and low frequencies.
Chillout/Downtempo/Techno/Cumbia/Fusion/World/Acoustic concerts and many more non-conventional sounds
Cultural Area
Creative Lab
Kids Area
Healing Area
Sacred Space
Live Painting & Body Painting
Free Tent Camping included with any Festival Pass
Caravan Pitches - limited spots available at 80 €
Glamping Area - limited spots available, more info soon
Fre Shuttle Bus rides to/from Orvieto Railway Station for all the ticket holders
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WAO Festival

A festival with a strong focus on quality music, and an equally strong focus on all the non-musical aspects that make the psychedelic scene groundbreaking and unique. Even to get there looks like quite an experience.

Actually who is WAO Festival?
The WAO Festival team was born with the aim to spread environmental awareness, eco-architecture and sustainable lifestyles through cultural events that could be appealing for the new generations. Inspired by the main transformational festivals around the world, we have tried since the beginning to apply the principles of permaculture to the organization of a festival focused on the cultural aspects and, of course, our beloved Psytrance.

Please complete this sentence: WAO is perfect for festival-goers who…
…are looking for a meaningful experience that blends together a cutting-edge Psytrance lineup with a breathtaking natural landscape, almighty bamboo structures and decorations, a very special Alternative Stage and well developed Cultural & Healing Areas.

What are musical highlights for you?
We are very much looking forward to the performances of Kalya Scintilla, ­Electrypnose­ and Eat Static: These are three of the main acts of our dance playground and the quality of their performances is known all around the globe – as well as Merkaba, Sonic Species, Parasense, Southwild and many more included in the lineup of WAO 2020.
Apparently even the journey to WAO is quite spectacular…
Yes! The journey to WAO Festival through Italy is literally sprinkled with beautiful places that we are advising our participants to visit. You can find the list of these wonderlands both on our website and social media as WAO Places, and we highly recommend everyone who’s in love with natural environment, art and history to take some time for these before or after the event, as a completion of the experience that WAO Festival has to offer.

Anything else the scene should know?
WAO Festival aims to be an example of how our psychedelic scene can be a powerful tool to make a real change in the world, bringing benefits to the local communities that host our events and the environment itself. We strive to provide our participants with a memorable experience made of both fun and reflective times, with the hope to bring a positive impact on their life and the world around them.


The Festival on the map

An Environmental Awareness event is the most effective way to offer to the younger generation a concrete example of how to live a life while respecting the environment and the creatures that inhabit it. Permaculture is an excellent tool that offers a deep understanding of life cycle’s and the human being placement in it while turning it this into a practice.

WAO orga will implement the project integrating the festival, its participants and the natural environment by using permaculture principles and ideas. The entire project here presented is a place to share Visonary Art, Eco Architecture principles, Conscious Nutrition, Organic Food Production and Sustainable Energy. We Are One is a festival inspired by the principles of unity, peace, creativity and sustainability; a place where participant, through active participation, can experience existential transformation in the body and spirit, while experiencing an alternative life style and witness the culture of sustainability development potential.

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