20.07.2023 - 23.07.2023

Xyryry Kuaray

Sao Paulo

a unique experience for the ears - joy on the dance floor - visual images burn themselves into the brain - Dark, Hi Tech, Full On, Progressive Trance, Downtempo

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And always everything made with love... always with "heart on the tip of the boot".
To celebrate our party at @aldeiaoutromundo was a huge challenge. The place that offers wonderful comfort for both the production and the audience. However, there was still fear: how to give Xyryry the face of the village? And I think we answered that in the 48 hours we were together!

Dark, Hi Tech, Full On, Progressive Trance, Downtempo, Techno, DnB and Brasilidades have all merged into a lot of good music. DJs and music producers have joined forces to bring a unique experience to our ears. The visual image created by the decor team and visual artists melt our brain. And everything was recorded by the cameras and the attentive eyes of our collective.

In the background of the party are people we trust, who have always helped to realize Xyryry: Bar, boxes, office, sound system, security, concierge, kitchen, cleaning, village staff.... Every sector of the field... Here is our infinite gratitude.

Friends on the dance floor... People who only show up once a year.... @ our xyryry... This little party that started in the Travi ú neighborhood in Jundiai on Indian Day 2003.... And that year after year wins the hearts and souls of all of us! What a joy to live in the Village.... What a joy to share another year of this energy.... After so much time ...

19 editions it was and now we are waiting for you for the twentieth. Always keeping our essence and our love for our audience and psychedelic trance.

A vocês todos que são a Xyryry... nosso eterno agradecimento.

Não deixaremos de celebrar nunca!

Xyryry Kuaray 20 anos - 21, 22 e 23 de julho de 2023

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