13.07.2023 - 17.07.2023

Yaga Gathering Festival


taking place in a lakeside surround by forests - a unity of performance, installation, video and music

Festival details

(Info from the organizer)

The Earth has finished twenty trips around the Sun since the Yaga tribe gathered for the first time. The primordial powers of the universe have set a date for the next odyssey.
Technicolour adventures, wicked dances, tears, laughs, experiments and lucid dreams have been leading our cosmic journey for two decades. A myriad of reflections, impressions, rituals, friends, lovers, smells and places have passed in an instant. Endless more are patiently waiting. The gate is open. Embrace your radiance, accept your darkness, reflect on the past and touch the future. Welcome the unknown and delve into the multiverse of supernatural delights.
Let’s gather to discover and connect, to celebrate nature, art and friendship!

Yaga Gathering Festival

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