15.08.2022 - 22.08.2022

ZNA Gathering

near Ponte de Sor
Montargil Lake

A psychedelic Experience for young and old - ZNA is the Zeoxyribonucleic Acid.

Festival details

(Info from the organizer)

❖ Line Up Main Stage❖
► CYDONIA (Dino Psaras + Steve Ronan) - Atomic Rec,UK
► COSMOSIS - Transient Rec, UK
► GUS TILL- Flying Rhino, AU
► MAN WITH NO NAME - Perfecto Rec, UK
► NOMA - Spiral Trax Rec, SWE
► SPACE TRIBE - Spirit Zone Rec, UK
► SYNCHRO - Liquid Audio Sounds, NL
► TECHNOSSOMY (James Monro & Matt Evans) - Flying Rhino Rec, UK
► PARASENSE - Acidance Rec, RU
► PRANA (full band) - Matsuri Rec, UK
► ZEN PARADOX - Psy-Harmonics Rec, OZ
Next artist to be announced: 04 January 2021

❖ Line Up Goa Guardians special editon❖
► DIOGO - Hyperflow Rec, PT
► FERRO - Hipnose, PT
► FLUXO - Quest4Goa, PT
► MIGAS - Wirikuta Rec, PT
► PAULO LOPES - Free Flow Movement, PT
► PENA - Flow Rec, PT
► PSARA - Cronomi Rec, PT
► TJAK - Flow Rec, PT

An event where energy and communication flow in a retro-futuristic way.
In an idyllic location, under the shade of trees, in the middle of Nature surrounded by a refreshing lake, built with love by dancers for dancers.
While we all wait for more info we invite you to watch and share the following videos:
❖ZNA 2019 official movie - bit.ly/2LAuYNG
❖ZNA 2017 official movie - http://bit.ly/2tDAclS
❖ZNA 2015 official movie - http://bit.ly/2PIcuxy

ZNA Gathering

Old spirit, new vibes

The real treasure of the scene: That’s how they refer to the people of the Psytrance community, that’s why this Portuguese team puts a strong focus on creating a family vibe, and that’s why they call their retro-futuristic celebration a gathering, rather than a festival.

Who is the ZNA crew?
People who started partying in Goa in the early nineties and who brought this movement to Portugal in those years. A good part of the original Boom crew is involved in this project. All of us have been active in the scene for more than 20 years.

Tell us about the vision behind your gathering!
We feel the scene has split into several. We need to bridge that gap, and re-connect the different generations of Trancers. We do this by getting all the old-school musicians, artists and dancers to come back to the majestic ZNA land to play and dance with the same enthusiasm they had back in the good old days. The futurism is that none of us is the same anymore, it’s all different again, better, more exciting. And we pass the culture down to the newer generations, learning and sharing along the way to a great future. We feel the people are the key. Many things have changed in the Trance world, but our unity as community, and our communication make us who we are. This is the real treasure of the scene.

Where does your festival happen?
A place that is raw and untouched, which is something really rare nowadays, with ancestral trees, providing tons of natural shade, surrounding a beautiful lake that gives us the feeling of arriving in a real-life garden of Eden. The dance floor is located on a peninsula and has amazing 180º views to the lake, also there’s many old cork and pine trees that make this natural place unique.

Why is ZNA Gathering held only every 2 years?
The reason is that we want to keep it as special and unique as possible. We have been fighting against the “new way” of promoting a festival, even if that means we keep struggling for financial sustainability. The ZNA Gathering happens because we share a passion and we want to offer an event where the main goals are the outcome and the experience of the dancers. A festival that offers something that no one else offers in terms of music and performances. We really believe you cannot reproduce the ZNA experience anywhere else.


ZNA is the Zeoxyribonucleic Acid. ZNA is a strand that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all Zambu living organisms. It´s similar to what you may know as DNA or Deoxyribonucleic Acid. But there is a slight difference. Some of us have been exposed to huge amounts of psychedelic emotions back in the nineties, many of us in the famous “fluoresta do Zambujal”, where countless parties, and the 3 first editions of the Boom festival took place. These people are referred to as “ZambujAliens” or “Zambu”. In this magic place and situation, many of us re-activated this extra link in our molecular sequence, and nothing was the same, ever again. The Zambu share a ritual in which dancers are the main ingredients, and where it is all about the collective experience influencing the perception of the self and generating Love trough Art, Dance and togetherness. The ZNA is the specific genetic code of the Zambu people. The bearers of this genetic mutation have a special type of awareness and vibration. This gene has passed on to many others, by direct contact with the special Zambu vibrational pattern. The worldwide expansion of this genetic sequence has been the case for many studies. Some ancient astronaut theorists believe this gene has come to us from outer space. It has been with us before in ancient times, in all the rituals of trance dance known to ancient Man. It was laying dormant for a few centuries, but it found us again…
This whole theory is what inspired us to breathe life into this concept, turning into a reality. – Let us all reawaken our ZNA!

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