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Visit our Facebook Event for mushroom tour Hamburg (08.03.2014)

Kularis_02As the new millenium begun Alex Golz aka Kularis started to built his first studio. After several years of DJing in the late 90`s it was time to bring up his own tracks which were released in 2003 on Spintwist Records. His first album got released in the 2005 and became the starting point of the international career. Dozens of single-releases came up on different labels, followed by international tours and the second album was in progress for release in 2008 and the third followed in 2013. Nowadays Alex´s mesh up of different music styles keeps his music in touch with the latest trends without loosing the typical Kularis-sound. Monotone beats will lead into surprising horizonts of melodies. Try to catch one of his hypnotic shows around the globe.

Mariana Faria from Belo Horizonte had an interview with Kularis in Brazil:

* About the past: Have you had any contact with music when younger? Does your family have a musical background? Did you use to go to e-music events before starting DJing/producing? Did you ever think you could do music for living?

-I started playing instruments when I was six years old. I was really annoying my parents with this. First I learned piano, than saxophone and guitar. At the age of 16 I joined the band Matutin for around 3 years as rhythm-guitarist. We got a lot of gigs but later the DJ-career went so fast forward that I decided to quit the band. My first contact with trance-events was in 1995, when friends of me took me to my first so called “Goa-party”.

* What instruments do you play?

-I´ve learened six instruments. But most of them just for one or two years: piano, saxophone, guitar, organ, drums and didgeridoo

* Your first project was Mullekular, which began in 1998, right? What’s the meaning of the name, what’s the style of it? Was it solo or with someone else? Do you continue playing it?

-Mullekular is my DJ-name that was given to me by a good friend. As my nickname is Mulle, he told me that if I start playing with audience there is a need for a DJ-name. I´m still playing DJ-sets and I love it ☺

* After Mullekular you began playing as Kularis. I found distinct date informations saying it was on 2003 and 2004. When was it and what inspired you for this change?

-In 2000 friends of mine built a small studio in my district. After several sessions there I decided to built my own and started with the first trance-productions. My first live-gig was in 2003 and gave me the motivation to go on. In 2005 my first album got released on Spintwist Records and was the catapult for the international career.

* Besides Mullekular and Kularis, you’ve also played in N.E.A (with DJ Tamahuka), Salaris (with DJ Sangeet) and Aerokularis (with Aerospace). Any others? When were those projects founded and what are the styles of them? Also, do you still play them?

-Aerokularis was a one-shot project with Aerospace and had just one release in 2007 which was called “Feel good”. Salaris was the most successful project next to Kularis in the past. The work with DJ Sangeet was full of great ideas and a very unique style. The fusion of oldschool-trance with modern progressive beats was a refreshing style. We had around eight releases before we splitted and concentrated on our main projects. The N.E.A.-project was the most complicated project and also the reason why I love it to work alone. The album was closed to finish in 2008 and than personal problems of Tamahuka have been the reason why we didn´t continue.

* If so, how do you conciliate all those projects? Is Kularis the one you concentrate the most energy on?

-Yes, the Kularis is the main project. All other co-operations have been add-ons to this. It´s great to have different creative minds in the studio to work with, but if you have an idea by yourself, you won´t be faster with more people. For me producing music is like holidays for the mind. It´s my hobby….

* I’ve read that you were influenced by the “typical Hamburg sound”. Is that so? Can you describe it? What are your other musical references inside and outside e-music?

-In 2000 the trance-scene in northern-germany changed. There where new projects coming up like Ouija, El Audio or Intact Instinct with this offbeat-sound. It was totally fresh and catchy. People freaked out when I played this new sound of the scene in my DJ-sets and very fast there where most of the Hamburg-guys going the same way. Also most of those producers were based in Hamburg, so we had the pockets full of this special style. At least when Neelix started in 2001 his first tracks the Hamburg-direction got more than popular. If you take a look on the market you will see that most of the top-offbeat-artists, like Day.Din, Fabio, Neelix, are from Hamburg… What are the odds….

* I read that your project can be classified as psy-progressive trance. Is that right? If so, why did you choose this style? How do you describe it and your sound (main characteristics of basslines, instruments, beats…)? Do you ever plan on changing to another style? What do you think will be the future of it and of e-music in general?
-It´s not that easy to discribe my musical style. I love the off-beat but that´s just a bass. In the last 10 years I´ve been inspired by many artists also non-trance. I like the fusion of old components, like 303-synths with modern stuff like dubstep-cuts or electrohouse-chords. The main principe is: If it sounds good, it sounds good. I´m also working as a mixing-engineer for jazz-productions,theatre and musicals. This work gives also sometimes good inspiration for new tracks, especially for cheese melodies ☺ Lets see what happens in the next years… I will be surprised and open minded.

* What do you consider being the first song (Kularis) that took you to the top? Can you give me the name, release date, label and description of it?

-Mmmmh, not that easy. I think my second album gave the main impulse. “Technical progress” released in 2008 on Spintwist Records was a good push for me. After this release the international bookings became more and more.

* How about your biggest moments of all times?

-There have been many moments in my career that I will never forget. For example 2010 at “After Boom Utopia” in Portugal when I was supposed to play one hour of live- and 1 hour of DJ-set. I started with 200 people on the floor and stopped after two hours of extratime (thanks to the promoters) with around 1200 people and also the whole crew dancing.
It´s always great if I see people dancing and loving my idea of trancemusic.

* You’ve had releases on labels such as Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Planet B.E.N, Synergetic and Spintwist. Is that right? Any others? Is Spintwist the one you’re releasing the most on nowadays?

-Hannes of Spintwist is a good friend since more than 10 years and I really love working with him, because he is always critical with every artist. If you see his releaselist and the artists in his agency you will find out, that it is an honour to release at Spintwist Records. I saw this label from the beginning in 2005 and had my first releases on SPNCD001… No reason to change.

* How do you see and analyze the evolution of your work from the beginning to now?

-Technics have changed, new skills came. But the person behind the project is the same.

* What are your plans for the future?

-Always being open minded to new musical influences and ideas. Lets see what the future brings…

* How can people get in contact with you?

-Pretty simple: Visit a live-performance or take a look down

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