Goazilla & Tante Darkmar


15–16 years ago I met Bernd for the first time at the famous Huttschenthal parties. Ever since, the Goazilla always bumped into my path. More recently also as Tante Darkmar, which does not leave me cold.

Circles are meant to be closed

dj-goazillaSince he moved to the Hanse city a few years ago, he has progressed enormously, played many gigs and cannot be imagined off the scene any more. Psy Prog, and now Darkpsy? Bernd is relaxedly disposed towards that, had always been interested in harder sound, but at first he established the golden ProgPsy cage. Two years ago he has extended this circle with Tante Darkmar. He calls maturing, hehe.

At the time the Goageflüster needed him for the dark floor and as he was there already….At any rate, he is enjoying himself and has fallen in love again with mixing, urged by more acoustically sophisticated sounds, he has upgraded his mix style towards perfection. The circle grew larger. With USB sticks he does his mix rounds too, like at the Cosmo In Space Party at the Juice Club, he feels mighty honoured to be allowed to play on the “hammer-hard rave-about” with Hitech giant Cosmo.
Whether Goazilla or Tante Darkmar, it must be psychedelic. The circle is closed.



Dj GOAZILLA on Facebook

More about Dj GOAZILLA you can find on the Dj GOAZILLA Facebook page.

4 days ago

dj GOAZILLA [official fanpage]

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4 days ago

dj GOAZILLA [official fanpage]

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3 weeks ago

dj GOAZILLA [official fanpage]

Next Zilla Blast @ this Festival ,on Saturday@Main Floor..... Also on sunday Tante Darkmar play on darkstage ..have a nice time in this wunderfull Nature location ,on a river... C u there my dear fraggels <3 😉 3ö

Orange SUN Festival 2017Jul 6, 7:00pmOrange SUN OA*** SHOPANFRAGEN,ARTIST´S,HELFER,FREIGEIST***
Bei fragen wende dich an uns: orange-sun-festival@gmx.de

Am 1200 Jahre alten Burgwall in Menkendorf (Nähe Ludwigslust), in einer teilweise rekonstruierten Slawenburg mitten im Wald, direkt am Flüsschen "Rögnitz", umgeben von Teichen, Bächen und verwunschenen Lichtungen, werden wir unsere bunten Lager aufschlagen.

Seid gespannt und sichert Euch das Datum. (und viel wichtiger: ein Ticket)

---------------------------- PSYCASTLE ---------------------------------

( Psychedelic Trance, Fullon, Offbeat, Dirty, Night Fullon Oldscool )

************************************* LIVE *****************************************

Undercover ( Solar Tech Records ) ISRAEL
Page: www.facebook.com/undercoverisrael/

Ranji ( Blue Tunes Records ) ISRAEL
Page: www.facebook.com/RANJI.OFFICIAL/

LsDirty ( Anubis Records ) ITALY
Page: www.facebook.com/LsDirty/

Class A ( Blue Tunes Records ) ISRAEL
Page: www.facebook.com/ranvladA/

Perfect Tone ( Solar Tech Records ) ISRAEL
Page: www.facebook.com/PerfecToneIL/

Symphonix ( Blue Tunes Records ) Germany
Page: www.facebook.com/symphonixmusic/

Slackjoint ( Amplidudes ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/slackjoint/

Arkomo ( Mosaico Records ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/ArkoMoLive/

Si moon ( iDirty Records ) SCHWEIZ
Page: www.facebook.com/simoonmusic/

Analog Pussy ( Jigamusic ) DANMARK
Page: www.facebook.com/Analog-Pussy-24150778574/

Necmi ( iDirty Records ) GERMANY )
Page: www.facebook.com/NecmiOfficial/

Kleysky ( iDirty Records ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/KleySky.music/

Zottel ( Mystic Vision / Orange Sun ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/zottelartist/

Brox ( Spintiwist Records ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/DJBROX/

Pribe ( Question of Prog ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/pribe.official/

Chrizzlix ( Sun Department Records ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/chrizzlix.music/

Critical Taste ( PHI Records ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/Critical-Taste-364976803532586/

Alex Carroll ( Roll in Groove Rec. ) ENGLAND
Page: www.facebook.com/AlexCarrollMusic/

Fear & Blade ( Undercover Records ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/Blade-331886313513843/

Dual Effect ( Psy Tropic Records ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/Dual-Effect-Psy-tropic-Records-260428403971203/

********************************** DJ`S ***************************************

Goazilla ( OV-Silence Music ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/djGOAZILLA.music/

Johan ( Solar Tech Records ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/johansolartech/

Der Loth ( Triptonite Records ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/DjDerLoth/

Taranis ( Landmark Records ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/Taranismusic/

Mr. Tree & Mr. Jeans (YSE/Klangkontakt) GERMANY
Page: www.klangkontact.com

Arkadius & Lil`momo ( Mosaico Records ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/ArkoMoLive/

Zottel ( Landmark Records ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/zottelartist/

Triton ( Sodom & Gomorra / PGS Records ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/TriTon-318303321652223/

Finndus ( Klangkontakt )
page: www.facebook.com/finnduspsy/

Psyleik ( Sun Department Records ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/psyleik/

Possebility BERLIN
Page: www.facebook.com/Possebility-263521520521444/

--------------------------- River Beach Floor -----------------------------

( Techno, House, Minimal, Newscool, Deephouse )

@[147156465300091:274:Smash tv] (@[21675578336:274:Get Physical Music] | Berlin)
FB Page: www.facebook.com/SmashTVofc/

@[115457448488083:274:Ruede Hagelstein] (@[112061282243724:274:Watergate Records] | Berlin)
FB Page: www.facebook.com/RuedeHagelstein/

@[163668163684079:274:Gunnar Stiller] (@[172151745122:274:Upon You Records] | Berlin)
FB Page: www.facebook.com/gunnar.stiller/

*********************************** LIVE ***************************************
@[430325067037664:274:Saite Zwei] (@[696999900409531:274:Cepage Music])
FB Page: www.facebook.com/SaiteZwei/
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/saite-zwei

@[942102175851938:274:Flo Sebastian] (Hamburg)
FB Page: www.facebook.com/flosebastianmusic
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/flosebastian

@[805676139469986:274:BRINGIT & ZINSKI] (@[1634792446772774:274:Live und in Farbe])
FB Page: www.facebook.com/bringit.zinski/
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/bringit-zinski

@[194548223977605:274:fumus & nebula] (@[192435718602:274:Karmakosmetix Records])
FB Page: www.facebook.com/fumusundnebula/
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/fumus-nebula

*********************************** DJ`S **************************************

@[441350499393178:274:Daniel Ledwa Music]: (Vögeln mit Freunden)
Page: www.facebook.com/DanielLedwaMusic/

@[171318416268902:274:Florian Neubauer [official\]]: (Vögeln mit Freunden)
Page: www.facebook.com/dj.florian.neubauer/

@[349225818524481:274:Karl Kirschmayer]: (Vögeln mit Freunden)
Page: www.facebook.com/karl.kirschmayer/

@[902817926502407:274:Annika Borchert] (P.AN)
Page: www.facebook.com/annikaborchertsmusic/

@[1393919420902894:274:Michael Noack] (Spielwiese 7)
Page: www.facebook.com/Michael-Noack-1393919420902894/

MuteEnd (Vornehme Bässe)
Page: soundcloud.com/muteend

@[1524456711151788:274:Felix Wehden] ( Hardwandler Rec. )
Page: www.facebook.com/felixwehden/

Moin Moin ( MoinMoinMUsic )
Page: www.facebook.com/moinmoinmusic/

Minimalfreak ( Freude am Hören )
Page: www.facebook.com/minimalfreak99

Sven Hanka ( Glow Festival )
Page: www.facebook.com/sven.hanka/

100 Morgen ( 100 Morgen )
Page: www.facebook.com/100Morgen/

Mommsen ( Lauter als Licht )
Page: www.facebook.com/mommsenofficial/

Oliver & Mathias ( Land & Leute )
Page: www.facebook.com/Oliver-und-Mathias-1443649059299324/

Aur. ( Mobile Disco )
page: www.facebook.com/mobilediscoaur/

Danny Dynamic ( Mobile Disco )
page: www.facebook.com/dannydynamic/

Aubachmusic ( Mobile Disco )
page: www.facebook.com/mobileminusdiscodotnet/

To-Bo ( Shit Noise Rec. )
Page: www.facebook.com/pg/tobonoise

Neupi ( Niemandsland )
Page: www.facebook.com/bastian.neuperdt

TBA ( Lübtheen )
page: www.facebook.com/T-BA-1736349973362343/

------------------------------- Darkstage ---------------------------------

( Dark-psy, High Tech, Dark Tech, Horrordelic, Psycore )
************************************** LIVE ****************************************

Acid Combo (Anesthetica Records)
Page: www.facebook.com/AcidCombo/

Haryashvas (Quantum Digits Rec., Visionary shamanics Rec.,
Forest Spirit Rec., Shunyata Rec.)
Page: www.facebook.com/Haryashvas/

Medical drop (Straight Outta Schacht Records)
Page: www.facebook.com/MedicalDrop/

Place of error (Straight Outta Schacht Records)
Page: www.facebook.com/PlaceOfError/

Psypnotika (Higher Voltage Rec. - Luminati Rec.)
Page: www.facebook.com/psypnotika.highervoltage.luminati/

Sadhu ( Mind Modulation Records)
Page: www.facebook.com/Sadhu-1425594144415568/

Sun Source (PsychoSource)
Page: www.facebook.com/Sun-Source-119200654872431/

Delta Force (Higher Volltage Rec, Straight Outta Schacht Rec.)

Error in Dimension (Alice D Rec., Zeakon Rec., Andean Tribe)
Page: www.facebook.com/Error.in.Dimension/

************************************ DJ´s **************************************

Iztam (Horrordelic Rec. - Scared Evil Rec. - Straight Outta Schacht Rec.)
Page: www.facebook.com/Iztam-201814766670889/

Psyckobrain (Black Out Records, Anesthetica Records)
Page: www.facebook.com/Psyckobrain/

Sayagata ( Straight Outta Schacht Rec., Sodom und Gomora)
page: www.facebook.com/SayagatA-123597318189695/

Darkgomätrix ( Shamatha Music )
page: www.facebook.com/Darkgom%C3%A4trix-694608900549674/

Kopfklopfer (Palim Palum Crew)

------------------------- FORGOTTEN CIRCUS ------------------------

( Chill, Ambient, Art, Workshop, Lectures )

Space in Time ( Straight Outta Schacht )

Kai Tschi ( open Mind )
page: soundcloud.com/user-102574583

Mile Lichtkontakt ( Hamburg )
page: www.facebook.com/mile.martens

Dj C.U.L.T. ( idirty rec. )
Page: www.facebook.com/DJC.U.L.T.iDirtyRecords/

Dea Venera (
page: www.facebook.com/DeaVenera28/

Naschak ( Sodom & Gomorra )
page: www.facebook.com/Naschak-206910619384892/

Los Pollos ( Orange Sun Festival )
page: www.facebook.com/LosPollosHofmannos/

Mutant X ( Delicatek Records ) GERMANY
Page: www.facebook.com/DJMutantX

Mystixx (Undervoice Rec.)
page: www.facebook.com/djanemystixx.germany
soundcloud.com/djanemystixx_2/ [soundcloud.com/djanemystixx_2/&h=atnxinsl467utgttmzivx_zdfh_arfoaadi-sa_nm1kipft38y_vwasx8lh61mjx...]

Kili ( Sodom & Gomorra )

Acid & Guelle ( Tanzaro )
page: www.facebook.com/Tanzaro-324673307670743/

page: www.facebook.com/sebastian.kolasa.71

Butshi ( Freiklang Kiel )
page: www.facebook.com/DjButshi/

Miramaxel ( Strictly Raw Edition FKK )
page: www.facebook.com/Miramaxel/

---------------------- SILENCE AND ART AREA ------------------------

( Plays, Workshops, Relaxing, Lectures )

----------------------------- DECORATION -------------------------------
Blacklightnature ( Psycastle )
page: www.facebook.com/Free-Optics-125907780857403/

Paraoptix ( Psycastle Stage )
page: www.facebook.com/ParaOptixBuehnenbilder/

Mystic Vision Project ( Forgotten Circus & River Beach Floor )
page: www.facebook.com/Mystic-Vision-Project-260952070670720/?fref=ts

Palim Palum ( Darkstage )
page: www.facebook.com/Palim-Palum-Dekoration-622811321069076/?fref=ts

Brudingo ( Forgotten Circus )
page: www.facebook.com/BrudingoDeko/

The Village ( River Beach Floor )
page: www.facebook.com/thevillagegrebs/?fref=ts

Sodeko ( Forgotten Circus )
page: www.facebook.com/ॐ-Sodeko-Crew-ॐ-1546719462315464/?fref=ts

Mile ( Forgotten Circus )
page: www.facebook.com/mile.martens

-------------------------------- SPECIALS --------------------------------

special friday night opening show

pre - party at thursday night with an amazing lineup

yoga workshop

circus workshop


food and shop area

great fire places under the starry sky

nice powerfull and clear soundsystems on all floors

special light and laser show

unique atmosphere in the middle of nowhere - enjoy the summer - enjoy #OrangeSun2017


schamanisches Reisen (mit Trommel) in Anderswelt, für die Krafttiersuche.

all floors with a powerfull soundsystems by Rent FX

*** 4 Days – 5 Floors ***
River Beach Floor. Techno – Techhouse – Electro – Minimal
Psycastle: Psychedelic – Fullon – Progressiv – Offbeat
Darkstag: Darkpsy – Hightech and faster sounds
Forgotten Circus: Chillout – Ambient – Expermiental
Silence and Art Area: No Music only Frequency of Nature

------------------------------- LOCATION --------------------------------

Burgwall Menkendorf ( 19294 Grebs )

by car:
highway A24 from Hamburg to Berlin -> Exit Ludwigslust
GOOGLE MAPS: bit.ly/1XCPE5x [bit.ly/1xcpe5x&h=atoob6q02frltidmoy2y18dd6fwlfwynl7rxd_zjnfgwm095fgh71hiliqzcttcxrqau3cp7froianbv...]

from Ludwigslust towards Dömitz / Dannenberg
at Malliß depart right to Grebs / Menkendorf ---> follow the beat

by train
station Ludwigslust --> take our Pick up Service directly to our event area (just for a little money)

Pick Up Servie:

Shuttle Frank // +49 173 8190286

------------------------------- TICKETS -----------------------------------

Ab sofort habt Ihr die Möglichkeit Euch Euer Ticket für die ORANGE SUN 2017 zu sichern. Unsere Ticketpreise sind gestaffelt und werden sich monatlich anpassen:

(secure your ticket for the ORANGE SUN 2017 now - our ticket prices are staggered and will adjust every month)

bit.ly/1qQmOUw [bit.ly/1qqmouw&h=atnaublcfv-c6dmvn9um4tnv0_x3jqvjtznjilb4gdqwzgjvy1d90sihmekhzspsw9bumzfty1buqi3x...]

Also schnappt Euch das Mega-Schnäppchen im April:

- second Dancer ( Aktuell ) Ticket II 50.00 €
- third Dancer 1.5.-31.5. 60.00€
- final dancer 1.6. - 30.6. 65.00€
- Abendkasse (box office) 70.00 €

Preisstaffelungen der Abendkasse!
Do. 6.7. ab 12 Uhr 60€
Fr. 7.7. ab 12 uhr 70€
Sa. 8.7. ab 08 uhr 60€
Sa. 8.7. ab 18 uhr 50€
So. 9.7. ab 08 uhr 30€

Alle Preise verstehen sich inkl. 19% MwSt.
Um den Platz sauber zu halten verwenden wir ein Müllpfandsystem. d.h. am Ende des Festivals bekommt Ihr die 5€ Müllpfand gegen Abgabe eines vollen Müllsacks sowie der Müllpfandmarke zurück.

(All prices incl. 19% VAT. 5 € garbage deposit. To keep the place clean, we use a garbage deposit system. i.e. at the end of the festival, you will get back 5 € garbage deposit against delivery of a full garbage bag)
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Orange SUN Festival 2017
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