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15–16 years ago I met Bernd for the first time at the famous Huttschenthal parties. Ever since, the Goazilla always bumped into my path. More recently also as Tante Darkmar, which does not leave me cold.

Circles are meant to be closed

dj-goazillaSince he moved to the Hanse city a few years ago, he has progressed enormously, played many gigs and cannot be imagined off the scene any more. Psy Prog, and now Darkpsy? Bernd is relaxedly disposed towards that, had always been interested in harder sound, but at first he established the golden ProgPsy cage. Two years ago he has extended this circle with Tante Darkmar. He calls maturing, hehe.

At the time the Goageflüster needed him for the dark floor and as he was there already….At any rate, he is enjoying himself and has fallen in love again with mixing, urged by more acoustically sophisticated sounds, he has upgraded his mix style towards perfection. The circle grew larger. With USB sticks he does his mix rounds too, like at the Cosmo In Space Party at the Juice Club, he feels mighty honoured to be allowed to play on the “hammer-hard rave-about” with Hitech giant Cosmo.
Whether Goazilla or Tante Darkmar, it must be psychedelic. The circle is closed.



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More about Dj GOAZILLA you can find on the Dj GOAZILLA Facebook page.
orange sun

1 month ago

dj GOAZILLA [official fanpage]

Next stop :

Psylent Society: VedantaJan 20, 11:00pmStellwerk HamburgWir starten mit voller Kraft und neuem Elan ins Jahr 2018. Ines hat ihren Ehrentag und diesen ganz besonderen Anlass wollen wir gebührend mit euch feiern. Musikalisch geht es auf eine Reise durch die Vielfältigkeit des Psytrance, beginnend bei fluffigem Psy über Hi-Tech bis hin zu Dark. Je später die Nacht, desto düsterer die Klänge. Auch visuell wird es ein Genuss; für gute Optik wird gesorgt.

Mit von der Partie sind:

@[232605870086688:274:Antagon] (@[305921328831:274:Damaru Records])

@[193502827356681:274:dj GOAZILLA [official fanpage\]] (@[141099882683384:274:ov-silence Music]/ Landmark Rec.)

@[920754024642303:274:DjaneJen] (@[259197894154116:274:Human Revolution Productions] / Goageflüster)

Alberto Darko & John (@[133258540627653:274:Psylent Society] / @[657863587648182:274:Northern Experience])

Mosh (Psylent Society)

Es wird dieses Mal auch wieder ein kleines Rahmenprogramm von uns geben:
* @[1292962757420776:274:Feder-Strick-Designs]
* Chai- und Food-Stand
* Bodypainting von @[309446232900495:274:RiColour]

Spaßgebühr: Bis 1 Uhr 8 €, danach 10 €

RassistInnen, SexistInnen und andere Menschenfeinde sind explizit ausgeladen!
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Psylent Society: Vedanta
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