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Well known for his project Genuine among lovers of sophisticated Chill Out, Chris Zippel is a true jack of all trades. Successfully producing electronic music under numerous monikers since the early nineties, he is looking back on a remarkable rich background as a musician.

You are a successful producer, in the field of Downbeat and Ambient as well as in the field of Electronic Dance Music. What is the difference between these two roles?

My Electronica projects are solo projects, which is to say they are very personal and the songs can unfold in a more emotional and melancholic way. It always becomes a balancing act to create something literally ‘Genuine‘ without becoming too much autobiographic or overly pretentious. My Dance and Pop titles often are co-productions (like Alphawezen on Mole Listening Pearls), so I am working together with other producers and of course we have something like an agreement with regard to the structure and the finalization of a track.

How do you assess the current Chill Out culture in Germany, in general and in the Psy Trance scene in particular?

Like quite everywhere, also the German Chill Out culture is struggling with the ‘Loung(e)ification‘ and dilution through loop-collection tracks and compilations. Many songs do have groove and sound quite well, but in fact they are very stereotypical and therefore trivial and replaceable. Whereas in Psy Chill, Leftfield or Dub, there still is a lot of interesting development going on, obviously there is more passion, devotion and more innovative potential.

Which Ambient and Electronica projects do you like at the moment?

I am listening to a lot of meditative and therapeutic music at the moment, like B. Ashra or Ishq, for instance. Abstract stuff like Tim Hecker or Apparat or Kryptic Minds, but also newcomers like Aiora from Greece or Vakuum Sounds aka P. Laoss, with whom I am cooperating, too. Also, I really enjoy listening to Jazz from the Esbjörn Svensson Trio, Wesseltoft and more and more soundtracks, which are definitely underrated as a genre.

What are you current projects?

I just finished a new album called ‘The Backdrop Chambers‘ together with the fabulous Pianist Marcus Loeber. It includes experimental titles with very intense atmospheres. Furthermore I am co-producing the new Alphawezen Album, to be released on Mole Listening Pearls, and I am on a remix for the American Love poet ‘Jen‘, coming on Stereo Deluxe. Another exciting project is the Sci-Fi movie ‘The Creator‘ by Martin Romijn, I am currently creating some first layouts. Finally also the next Genuine album is already in progress, it will feature wonderful singers like the Danish Sophie Tusnelda and Berlin based S. Baschin. This work will also be released on Mole. The production of a concept album together with the eclectic photographer Yoram Roth is starting soon, too.

You have been the stage manager for the Chill Out at last year’s Antaris festival. How did that happen?

By chance, I met the promoter Uwe last year in Ibiza and we found out that we actually have many friends in common. When I told about my projects, we soon developed the mutual vision of a new Chill Out area at Antaris. Through my live gigs at Aurora Festival, but also because of my ‘Genuine Horizon‘ promo tour in Japan I was highly inspired to service and take care about this kind of electronic event. Beside myself and DJ Ohm-G from Ibiza, we had about 12 DJs for 4 days of party.

At the festival, we shared a huge tent with the organic food shop ‘Earth Heart‘ from the UK. There was no big stage, but a really great sound system and lots of space for proper chill out. The ambient area was a first tryout and was really appreciated by the festival visitors. For some people it became actually their homebase for the entire festival. I am really looking forward for the next Antaris!


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